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QoTD: Posse Comitatus

Quote of the Day to Dem political operative Mike Premo, alum of NJ and now chief of staff for Ohio Senate Dems. You’ll recognize the quote. “In future, if you’re wondering, ‘Crime. Boy. I dunno’ is when I decided to…
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QoTD Mejia: The Walker-Christie model

“Scott Walker’s campaign may be dead, but his anti-working family policies live on in the candidacy of Chris Christie. Like Walker, Governor Christie has staked his bid on reflexive hostility to hardworking public servants and wrongheaded opposition to pro-family policies like raising the minimum wage and paid sick days. NJ Working Families will continue to ‘tell it like it is’ about the mess the Walker-Christie model has made of New Jersey’s economy, until Christie joins Scott Walker on the losers bench.”

            – NJ Working Families Exec. Dir. Analilia Mejia

I’m intrigued by the idea that Scott Walker’s now-dead campaign lives on in some ghost-form imprinted on Chris Christie’s, particularly since Walker didn’t get what he wanted from the RGA when Christie ran it. Some nice symmetry to how much these guys have in common and how neither of them can shake the FAILstink of White House dreams nobody else shares.  

Chris Christie: The guy who lives HERE doesn’t think NJ needs affordable housing

Here’s Chris Christie, quoted this morning in the Philadelphia Inquirer, repeating something he’s said before on the radio:

“I also don’t think that we have this overwhelming need for affordable housing in the state, either.”

For the governor who thinks his only responsibilities are for NJ’s already wealthy and moneyed Republicans to float his White House dreams, for the governor who likes his $30,000 luxury hotel weekends, some facts:

New Jersey is the fourth most expensive state in the nation for housing.

What does that mean? Define the Housing Wage as the hourly wage a family needs to earn – working 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year – to be able to afford the rent and utilities for a safe, modest home in the private housing market. For New Jersey, that number is $24.92.

The actual mean wage for a New Jersey renter? That’s $16.34 an hour, below the housing wage for a modest, safe 2-bedroom. At that wage, an individual would have to work 61 hours a week to afford that 2-BR apartment at a fair market rent. Now how about at minimum wage? A minimum wage worker in NJ would have to put in 121 hours a week to afford that 2-BR at fair market rent. Stop now, and consider that that’s about 176,000 of Gov. Christie’s constituents.

The guy who doesn’t think we need affordable housing in NJ? He lives HERE:

christie's house

QoTD: Weatherman

Quote of the Day goes to Gary Szatkowski, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Mt. Holly, 12:46am today:

Szatkowski also apologized via Twitter to “many key decision makers and so many members of the general public.”