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A Great Big Thank You!

High-fives, Jeff – Rosi

I’m nearly speechless. Thank you to Rosi, Jay, and most importantly the entire Blue Jersey community for helping to make my campaign’s money bomb an incredible success yesterday.

Together with Democracy for America and BlueAmericaPAC, we raised well over $10,000 from nearly 500 contributors – all online, all in one day. Amazing! And it brings our online fundraising across ActBlue to nearly $15,000 from over 500 individuals. And we’re just getting started! I hope you’ll join my facebook campaign page, and stay engaged as the campaign moves forward.

As the candidate, of course, I am very grateful for the support. Every campaign needs money, and yesterday was a real boost. But, as a member of the progressive community here in New Jersey, more than anything, I am proud. Proud of the strength of the community we have built and continue to build. As I’ve said over and over, this is a people’s campaign, and yesterday’s success was your success.

Thank you all so much!


Money Bomb still ticking and ticking

w00t! – promoted by a fist-pumping Rosi

Wow! When we decided to try this money bomb thing, I confess, I wasn’t exactly sure how it would go. But, I guess there’s something about a primary campaign against a 30-year incumbent that gets the juices flowing, because it has been sensational. Maybe we should do this more often!

Are you ready for this update? As of 6:00pm (with six more hours to go!), here’s the numbers from today:

The Money Bomb ActBlue page: $3,238 from 82 supporters.


DFA’s ActBlue page: $3,176 from 159 supporters.


(Blue) Jersey Jeff Gardner for Senate, money bomb page: $1,165 – 38 supporters.

That’s just from today!

Add in BlueAmerica’s ActBlue page: from yesterday and today ($1,139 from 57 supporters), and some earlier online giving, and you’re looking at:

$11,843 from 385 contributors total, with over $7,000 just today.

Please keep it going. Every dollar counts. Thank you!! 🙂


A People-Powered Campaign

Happily promoted by Rosi

Well, today is the day. I am asking all of my friends and supporters looking to change Trenton to head to my Act Blue page and make a donation to support my campaign.

JeffGardner_headshotThe idea behind a money bomb is simple: it’s a term used to describe a grassroots fundraising effort over a brief, fixed time period – usually to support a candidate for election by dramatically increasing, concentrating, and publicizing fundraising activity during a specific hour or day. In my case, the time is now, the day is here, and the link is this: Jeff Gardner Money Bomb

This money bomb is about showing the strength of the progressive netroots, and the stark difference between Senator Girgenti’s campaign and mine. We’re a people powered campaign.

I’m raising money from normal, everyday people looking for better representation in Trenton. My opponent is raising money from special interests and lobbyists looking for something in return. We need leaders fighting for the people in the State Senate, not just the politically connected.  more below

Good bye, Edison hacks

As a former Edison resident, and former communications director for the New Jersey Democratic Party, I was thrilled to read the Star Ledger’s June 6 article “Choi's Slate Ousts Incumbents In Edison.” The Democratic Council had ignored the voters' overwhelming mandate for change in the 2005 Democratic primary – thinking that their status as political insiders insulated them from the will of the people.

When politicians become such hacks that they lose sight of their principles and the people they were elected to represent, it is time for them to go – regardless of their political party. Defeated Council President Charles Tomaro proved this point perfectly. Tomaro was “bitter about his loss to a group of political newcomers,” the Ledger reported, and Tomaro said “Three of them I've never seen at council meetings.”

Wow, that says a lot. Choi's ticket included a school principal, a school activist, a technologist, and a doctor. How much of a hack does someone have to be to think that the only people fit to run for office are insiders who spend their lives at Council meetings? Perhaps in his new free time, Tomaro should pick up a copy of Crashing the Gate.

Tomaro cemented his status as a no-longer-fit-for-office political insider when he said, “We were there for three terms, let's see if they serve three terms.”  I am embarrassed to have ever voted for this guy, and if Tomaro ever runs again I promise right now to give money to his opponent. 

At his victory party, Choi provided a nice contrast to Tomaro, putting principles and modesty first: “We are humbled by the overwhelming support for our positive-change agenda for Edison  Township.” I wish Edison's new Democratic leadership team much luck – and hope they continue to stand with the people over political insiders who've lost their way.