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Amazing Race for a Soon to Be Non-Existent 7th District

The 2012 cycle finance numbers are finally out for the second quarter of 2011, and I kniow you all have been waiting with bated breath for the news.

There’s only one race in New Jersey as of right now, and it’s a two-fer.  But before we get to that, let’s look at the rest of the state.

Every incumbent is raising money, though some slower than others. Chris Smith (R-4) and Albio Sires (D-13) each raised less than $100K this quarter, but neither is really in trouble.  There’s little talk that either of them could be districted out next year.  

Scott Garrett (R-5) is the winner, pulling in a whopping $703,681for the quarter first half of the year, outpacing the number two William Pascrell at $489,056 and Frank Lobiondo at $486,271.  Updated: I give you the first half numbers because the FEC pages are not being helpful in parsing things out by quarter yet.end update

Those are the highs and lows, but the real interesting one right now is the 7th.  Most folks out there suspect that the 7th will be the one to disappear.  It’s the weirdest looking district, an easy win for the Republicans most of the time but recently got more Democrats registered than Republicans.  It borders on Democratic districts (6, 10, 12 and 13) and Republican districts (5 and 11) into which it could be subsumed.

The 7th has also never made any sense at all, with the urban and hyper-Democratic east combined with the more rural and hyper-Republican west. more…

Good bye, Edison hacks

As a former Edison resident, and former communications director for the New Jersey Democratic Party, I was thrilled to read the Star Ledger’s June 6 article “Choi's Slate Ousts Incumbents In Edison.” The Democratic Council had ignored the voters' overwhelming mandate for change in the 2005 Democratic primary – thinking that their status as political insiders insulated them from the will of the people.

When politicians become such hacks that they lose sight of their principles and the people they were elected to represent, it is time for them to go – regardless of their political party. Defeated Council President Charles Tomaro proved this point perfectly. Tomaro was “bitter about his loss to a group of political newcomers,” the Ledger reported, and Tomaro said “Three of them I've never seen at council meetings.”

Wow, that says a lot. Choi's ticket included a school principal, a school activist, a technologist, and a doctor. How much of a hack does someone have to be to think that the only people fit to run for office are insiders who spend their lives at Council meetings? Perhaps in his new free time, Tomaro should pick up a copy of Crashing the Gate.

Tomaro cemented his status as a no-longer-fit-for-office political insider when he said, “We were there for three terms, let's see if they serve three terms.”  I am embarrassed to have ever voted for this guy, and if Tomaro ever runs again I promise right now to give money to his opponent. 

At his victory party, Choi provided a nice contrast to Tomaro, putting principles and modesty first: “We are humbled by the overwhelming support for our positive-change agenda for Edison  Township.” I wish Edison's new Democratic leadership team much luck – and hope they continue to stand with the people over political insiders who've lost their way.