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Dennis: Reach out to the Outdoorsmen and Women

For far too long, out here in The Far Broccoli of The 5th, the Republicans have had a virtual lock, a “death grip” if you will, on the votes and the endorsements of the outdoors, hunting and fishing groups. It does not have to be that way and with a little TLC of these groups and the right message, more than a few of these votes can be turned.

Need Protection From Hunters

Seriously.  I live across the street from state parkland where, even though a township funded bike path runs through it, hunting is permitted. 
On numerous occasions I have had to call either park rangers or township police because the hunters are illegally discharging their weapons or trespassing on my property. Of course, nothing happens since I’m not about to get up close and personal so that I could identify these hunters and by the time any official gets there, they are long gone.
  Sometimes, the police do not even respond to my call for help even when 9-10 hunters are aiming their guns toward the road and firing.  One time, when I called police to report that a hunter had crossed the road onto my side yard and was shooting, the dispatcher told me I needed to post my yard as being a no-hunting zone.  On Saturday mornings, gunshots wake me. 
I’ve left messages for Vernon officials asking why hunting is permitted along our bike path. I’ve asked state officials why the “buffer zone” can’t be made larger since, as it currently stands, hunters can discharge their weapons within 450 feet of my property’s boundaries so long as it is not within 450 feet of my house.
Prior to the bear hunt being approved, I invited the then Governor up for coffee so he could see for himself how these “sportsmen” line themselves up on the road and shoot into the meadow (I’ve been told that so long as they are one foot off the pavement they are allowed to shoot from the roadway).  I never got a response to my emails or calls.
  Frankly, I’m tired of picking up beer cans, coffee cups and bags of household garbage from my front lawn-it’s an outrage that I’m afraid to walk on the road in front of my home-all because of some cheney wannabes getting off on killing.  Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.