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The Lorax Diaries Continue….


You just can’t make this stuff up, folks.  My Lorax diaries continue.  The state will now be hearing the case of Robert “The Onceler” Gilman because the Mayor and Council have succeeded in delaying the simple hearing of the ethics board complaint by John Smith (that’s his real name – I swear) against Gilman who voted as a Councilman to approve spending on the PAL complex at the same time he was the President of that organization. Gilman, in his capacity as both Councilman and President of the PAL also ordered trees cut before a Green Acres public hearing, and broke the flood hazard law by building a garage in the riparian buffer of Mezler’s Creek. The Borough is now in violation thanks to Mr. Gilman’s handiwork and the ethics Board, according to my sources was allegedly ruthlessly pressured to leave Mr. Gilman alone.  

Mayors Behaving Badly or The Real Mayors of New Jersey

Thanks to Nick Lento, blogger, activist, and video journalist, I was able to get a YouTube video of just what is going on in Bergenfield regarding the My Lorax Moment diaries.

Here is the video of the meeting where The Mayor finally discusses the unavoidable fact that they don’t have the money to build the Gym. (I hate to say I told them so, but there it is):

Watch how the Mayor talks of “unofficial” quotes for a 1/3 acre building foundation that will cost over $350 k. Mind you, there is NO money set aside to actually erect the steel frame ON the foundation or even finish the inside. This thing will be like a watch you get from a street hustler.  Nothing inside.


For the official newspaper version  look here:


But wait – it gets more interesting.

My Lorax Moment Update #2

Another update on my Lorax story.  Bergenfield is getting more interesting by the minute. Now I understand the Chinese curse – “May you live in interesting times.”

At this moment, residents who have been writing letters in the newspaper opposing the destruction of Whittaker Park by the PAL under the direction of Councilman Gillman, have been subject to “visits” from the police department and also threatening phone calls.  Fortunately, us Bergenfield types don’t scare easy.

Still Waiting for Justice

I am still waiting for justice and getting nowhere. In fact, things in Bergen County are getting worse.  Sanctioned, condoned, and coddled by Jon Corzine for being a good dining companion, Joe Ferriero gets away with everything short of murder here in NJ.  We, the County Commitee who are ignored and disenfranchised at EVERY turn while trying to represent our Democratic voters, have just about had it.  

I don’t CARE if Joe can raise money.  I don’t CARE if he knows which wine to order.  I don’t care if he can be charming or funny at times.  He is a blight on our party.  He is the most horrendous party boss this nation has seen since Tammany Hall.  

I would invite everyone here to DEMAND that the State INVESTIGATE and PROSECUTE to the fullest extent of the law – those responsible for forging the names of the Bergenfield County Committee members in 2005.  Write letters – call.  Do whatever it takes.  

Even the mainstream media is recognizing there is a disconnect here between our Justice Department and true justice.  See yesterday’s column by Mike Kelly.

These people are the ones who are now advocating MERGING municipalities in NJ and consolidating power into a few hands.  We need to make sure they speak for the voters and NOT for the Pay-To-Play players who are so greedy, their lust for money knows no bounds.


We don’t have democracy in the most populated part of the State.  We should not  have to wait for the wheels of justice to finally work when our State Legislature is up for sale to the highest bidder.

Shame on you, Jon Corzine for not making ETHICS the cornerstone of your fight to lower taxes.  For not making prosecution of forgers who would disenfranchise Committee members a top priority.  Are you serious about government ethics reform?  A good start would be investigating your good friend – Joe Ferriero and the machinery of the Bergen County Government and shadow governments that appoint friends to cement their hold on power.

Because ethics is not a priority for this administration, I and my friends in Bergenfield are still waiting for justice, and waiting, and waiting……

The Rebirth of Democracy

Congrats to Mayor Tim Driscoll, the voters of Bergenfield and the Real Bergen Democrats. Promoted from the diaries — Juan

Just got back from the Celebration in Bergenfield, where WWII veteran, and brand new Mayor Tim Driscoll took the reins at his very first Reorganization meeting of the Governing Body of Bergenfield for 2008.  Real Bergen Democrats Barry Doll and Bruce Carlson joined him on the dias.  What a beautiful sight for ethics reform in NJ.

Everyone was there – by that I mean the “Merry Band of Reformers” Real Bergen Democrats, and their supporters including,  Loretta Weinberg, Valerie Vainieri Huttle, Gordon Johnson, Carol Skiba, Paul Eisenmann, Nick Lento as well as all the press.

It was a long meeting, but the best part and most entertaining was watching Councilmen Mulligan and Lodato squirmily adjust to their new roles as the obstinate bullies who have been taken down a peg.  Mulligan couldn't bring himself to vote YES to a different Borough attorney than Oury.  You could see the calculations going on in that shiny head of his, as to how many DOLLARS he would lose for re-election if he voted YES to a Mayor Driscoll's choice, and you could see him calculate how many VOTES he would lose by ticking off the voters with a NO vote.  So what do bullies do, when cornered?  They vote to ABSTAIN. But they always give a speech while doing so.  It reminded me of watching Scooby Doo as a child.  I pictured him saying – “Drat! Foiled again! I would've got away with voting Dennis Oury in again, too – if it weren't for those meddling kids, I mean Real Bergen Democrats, and their ethics reform minded friends in the Assembly and Senate – Weinberg, Johnson and Huttle! ”  But my daydream disappeared in a poof as Mulligan waxed on about how he thinks Dennis Oury is the bestest Borough Attorney in the whole wide world.  I had to resist the urge to cough disrupively into my hand and say “Liar” or break into cackles of hysterical laughter at the absurdity of the moment.  Because Councilwoman Rabbit was absent (scared away perhaps) Lodato knew the writing was on the wall – he did not have enough votes to Vote NO. And with a long speech that seemd to be a public apology for his vote (kissing up to Oury)  he stunned us with a YES vote.  

The Room erupted into thunderous and enthusiastic applause when enough yes votes were taken to send the ubiqitous Mr. Oury packing.  We were cheated of the sight of Oury himself packing his briefcase and making sure the door didn't hit his backside on the way out,  but we got to see Renfield, or whatever the diminutive associate's name was who was filling in for Oury, slink away to the applause of nearly everyone in the room – except Mulligan and Lodato. 

I smiled. It was a very good day in my hometown of Bergenfield.

Mike Kelly Column on Oury losing Borough Attorney job in Bergenfield

Serdar Tumgoren Column on Oury losing Borough Attorney job in Paramus: http://www.northjersey.com/news/bergenpolitics/Politically_connected_lawyer_is_fired_again.html?c=y&page=2


Local Real Bergen Dems

I just got back from Englewood – the Real Bergen Dems HQ where we were drinking champagne with our hot dogs and brownies.  I could not stop laughing with delight at the sweet sweet irony of it all. 

Our Real Bergen Dems won in Englewood and Bergenfield and Tenafly and gave Jack Alter a run for his money in Fort Lee. 

Democracy is catching on here in Bergen County.

Despite repeated attempts to make us doubt our LD37 team’s motives, we prevailed.  I trust them completely.  I trusted them all along.  Sometimes you need a little trust and a lot of faith that the good guys can win. 

The good guys won tonite.  Not all of them, and not everywhere.  But they put the bad guys on notice. 

Like I said, we’re cleaning house.