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$12.8 Billion to Finish Abbott School Projects

Jeebus! I am not even going to try and figure out how we got here (people get paid for that kind of thing), but 12.8 billion bucks is a ton of money.

However, before Repugnicans can go off and rant away at how this sounds impossible to reconcile, consider the NJ State factsheet from the 2006 Bush Budget:

2006 Budget Good News for New Jersey’s Children

The U.S. Department of Education’s FY 2006 budget provides $56 billion in Federal education funding – an increase of 33 percent since the President took office.

Title I Program funding increases to $13.3 billion for students in high-poverty schools. This is a 52 percent increase over 2001 levels.

Assuming Title I schools are the same schools affected by the Abbott ruling, NO PROBLEM.

So long as Bushie boy and the Repugnicans come through with the money, we don’t have anything to worry about!

Calling all Repugnicans in the Statehouse and Congress. Now is your time to shine!