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Christie Fibs about Bridgegate — Again

So, Chris Christie is playing the exoneration card after his appointees and staff were indicted for Bridgegate, but he was not.  It’s a good thing he wasn’t under oath for this statement, though, since it’s a stretch at best:

“Today’s charges make clear that what I’ve said from day one is true, I had no knowledge or involvement in the planning or execution of this act,” Christie said in a statement.

“The moment I first learned of this unacceptable behavior I took action, firing staff believed to be accountable, calling for an outside investigation and agreeing to fully cooperate with all appropriate investigations, which I have done. Now 15 months later it is time to let the justice system do its job.”

The first part of the statement is a clear effort to put his culpability at September 11, 2013, focusing on “planning or execution” as opposed to knowing about it while it was happening (Wildstein claims he did) and completely dismissing it for the subsequent four months.  It’s carefully parsed to be 100 percent true and about 20 percent accurate.

But that brings us to the second part of the statement where he suggests he took action “the moment (he) first learned of this unacceptable behavior.”  

But Democrats in the Assembly announced hearings in October, and held them in November.  They had already discovered a lot of information that there was something untoward, but this was Christie’s response on December 2.

“Just because John Wisniewski and Loretta Weinberg are obsessed with this… it just shows you they really have nothing to do,” Christie said.”

Bridgegate Indictments Coming?

Well, this could be fun:

It has been falsely predicted many times in the last year, but now it seems to be true: The federal investigation into the lane closings at the George Washington Bridge appears to be coming to a head, with an announcement of indictments as early as next week.

In recent weeks, people close to the case say, federal investigators have interviewed members of the Borough Council in Fort Lee, N.J. …

The interviews were said to be largely perfunctory, the kind of t-crossing that investigators would do before wrapping up.

New subpoena looking for evidence Team Christie retaliated against JC Mayor Fulop

Via WSJ, a new federal subpoena issued to the Port Authority shows a focus on Jersey City, looking at claims that Gov. Christie’s administration retaliated against JC’s Democratic mayor Steve Fulop. A source told reporter Ted Mann that this latest subpoena to the PA is a broad request covering correspondence among aides and allies of the Governor’s, and includes David Wildstein and Bill Baroni. WSJ:

The subpoena seeks records from a broad range of former authority officials regarding their interactions with Jersey City, according to a person familiar with the matter, including two Christie allies who resigned from the authority amid the George Washington Bridge lane closure scandal, David Wildstein and Bill Baroni.

Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop has said that the Christie administration punished him when he failed to endorse the governor’s reelection in 2013.

Fulop has reported that key meetings his administration had set up with state commissioners were all abruptly canceled within minutes after he informed the Governor’s office of his decision not to endorse Christie for reelection.

In a group of emails – notable for their political calculation – uncovered and first reported on by The Record is an exchange between Bridget Kelly and Wildstein. She asked if any of Fort Lee Mayor Sokolich’s many calls to Port Authority during the GWB lane closures had been returned. “Radio silence.” Wildstein replied. “His name comes right after mayor Fulop.”

Surfing the dark web with help from CCZAP

2:20 am: (bowl of Stoli vodka over REESE’S Peanut Butter Cups) Tor deployed… ready to roam the dark web … darting through virtual tunnels, distributing packets along a random pathway through several relays, covering my tracks so nobody can tell where my data came from or where it’s going, then erasing footprints … OK … updating my website, and rendezvousing with CCZAP.

3:18 am: (brownies cooked with JL’s DYNAMITE DESTRUCTION) Diving deeper into the web … running along unseen packets from the military, drug dealers, journalists, arms vendors, politicians, law enforcement, activists, and even normal people …. amidst the detritus of failing links, discarded servers, Cyrilic phrases, old spammer centers, and unrequited love… using hashtag directory and encrypted public key.

3:57 am: (JL infused chocolate cake, vodka and whipped cream) AHHH. Getting interesting … using passwords from CCZAP … avoiding bots, spiders, cyberthugs … through a camouflaged door, and I AM IN partially … reading unlinked sentences and fragments (sender and receiver undisclosed):

“You gotta love the Kbros.” … “Tell her to email Wild Guy ‘Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee’. Socko to Soko. Have notified the General and Pretty Boy.” … “Gotta stomp harder on wise-ass reporters. That MK is a prick.” … “Haven’t returned the last 57 calls from KG.” … “Greatest store in NJ? no-brainer: Home Depot” … “May use that bat on her one of these days, and women’s health clinics, fuhgeddaboudit, ditto affordable housing.” … “Don’t give a damn about the Pinelands.” … “Can’t respond now; am dialing for dollars.” … “Planning my next 33 trips with Micky D.” … “Promised a ton of moolah from wealthy Americans in the UK. They want me to fix some U. S. tax problem.” … “Am trying to pull a fast one on the ironworker.”

5:29 am: (B&J ice cream, double chocolate syrup, vodka and Ambien) Am freaked … overload … time to resurface carefully leaving no trace.  

Would Chris Christie mess with F Troop?

Larry Storch F Troop

When killing and fighting get them down

They know their morale can’t droop

As long as they all relax in town

Before they resume with a bang and a boom

F Troop!

The George Washington Bridge opened to traffic October 24, 1931; its lower level in 1962 Fourteen lanes – 8 upper, 6 lower and none of them “dedicated” to Fort Lee, as Chris Christie tried to get you to believe (pants on fire). Since then, gazillions of cars, trucks, ambulances, and police cars have (mostly crawled) across its surface.

And exactly one horse (I think) – this guy.

But at least yesterday, if Gov. Christie messed with your commute you could call out the cavalry. F Troop, that is.