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Barack Obama tells me to “Go win an election.” Uh, ok.

So, I just got an email from the Leader of the Free World. He told me to Go win an election.

Well, first of all, Mr. President. I intend to. Three, actually. I intend to see Marie Corfield sworn in to the NJ General Assembly in January, 2014. And Karen Giffen and Noelle O’Donnell become Flemington, NJ’s newest Borough Council members. Thanks for asking.  

And hey, thanks for coming to Asbury Park in May. So cool of you. But it was kind of icky that with all the time you spent buddied up with Gov. Christie, you passed right by Senator Buono, top of our ticket in the party you lead. Didn’t single her out, talk to her, even throw a word of cheer. You walked right by her. I’m a little confused. You say:

In many states across the country, Election Day is next Tuesday. In Virginia, Terry McAuliffe is running to be the state’s next governor against a guy who led the charge to sue to end Obamacare. In New York City, Bill de Blasio is running on a platform of progressive change for America’s largest city. In New Jersey, Barbara Buono and other Democrats are running to build a better future for people in their state. In Texas, in Michigan, and other states across the country, cities are holding municipal elections.

Nice of you to mention Buono, even if it is last behind McAuliffe (VA) and de Blasio (NYC) in an email you sent to me in New Jersey. But it’s cool. I’m pretty sure it’s the first thing you’ve ever done for the Democratic campaign for Governor of New Jersey.

Kind of redefines the concept of the absolute very least that you could do. As you’re asking me to make the magic happen. We’re 85 hours to Election. Thanks. You’re a pal.  

Wite-out & wedding bells: Cities jump to take marriage license applications for gay couples

We’re hearing that mayors in several cities are already issuing applications for marriage licenses for same sex couples. The info is coming in to me fast, so these are yet unconfirmed, but I am hearing that Newark, Jersey City, Asbury Park, Lambertville and Maplewood have begun to take applications for weddings to begin Monday morning at a few seconds past midnight. UPDATE: Red Bank, too – confirmed.

To date, the State of New Jersey has issued no forms for same-sex couples. There is nothing the State has printed up, and NJ hasn’t issued anything.  Forms still say Man and Woman. So the cities have taken this on themselves:

They are using whiteout to correct the forms and make them ready for gay couples.

We’re hearing the mayors in these cities are simply ‘chomping at the bit’ to be first

We’re hearing that the mayors in these towns are “chomping at the bit” to be first, and to provide this service to the gay couples in their towns ready to marry now.

I am thrilled for this. And I’m in some awe at the joy the mayors, elected representatives and municipal staff of these cities are beginning to witness.

Last week, Judge Mary Jacobson denied the state’s request to delay her historic ruling allowing same-sex marriage in New Jersey beginning on October 21, 2013. According to local officials, Jacobson’s ruling allows for marriages on 21st. Since state law requires a 72-hour waiting period, same-sex marriage application need to be issued three-days prior.  

House Scheduled To Take Up Sandy Aid Package Today

A few weeks ago 67 House Republicans voted against the $9.7 billion National Flood Insurance portion of the Sandy aid package, but it was passed into law. The House is now scheduled to take up today the remaining $50 billion part of the aid package for NJ, NY, and CT. Work on the bill may continue until tomorrow. The bill would next have to go to the Senate which is not in session until January 21.

According to WNYC, by late Friday 70 proposed amendments were filed to the bill, many of them generated by Tea Party Republicans who want to leverage the Sandy package to force cuts in unrelated discretionary spending. According to The Hill the Republican-led House Rules Committee late Monday approved a rule that shuts out most GOP proposals to pare back the size of the bill.

The main bill provides $17 billion in relief to rebuild infrastructure directly destroyed by Sandy and an amendment made would add another $33.7 billion to prepare for a future storm – for a total of $50.7 billion. Kerry Young in a Roll Call article predicts, “House conservatives are likely to be frustrated this week in the year’s first test of their drive to cut spending, with the chamber on a path to pass a major Superstorm Sandy recovery package.”

Roll Call indicates the House convenes today at 10 a.m. with a reading of the Constitution. The first votes are expected: 1:30-2 p.m.  You can view activity on the House Floor via C-Span.

The consequences of congressional action on this matter can not be over-estimated. As the Star-Ledger reported on a Rutgers University study, “With an infusion of roughly $25 billion for recovery efforts due to Hurricane Sandy, New Jersey’s economy will fare slightly better in the future than if the storm had never hit the state. But if those funds are not released, New Jersey faces significant financial consequences.” Asbury Park Mayor Ed Johnson told MSNBC his town had already borrowed money to get repairs underway assuming the Federal aid would come through.”We in Asbury Park are already ten million dollars in the deep. We can’t wait for leadership from Washington. The summer season is our bread and butter.”

This is an open thread.

How I Learned to Love Sea Level Rise while New Jersey’s Land Sinks under our feet

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This is the first article for local publication in NJ I wrote after returning from New Orleans as State Communications Director for Repower America. It was published in the TriCityNews on January 21st 2010. TriCityNews only publishes in hard copy, so I reprinted it here, since it’s become suddenly relevant again in the last month. Originally published as: ‘Reshaping Asbury Park: Climate Change, Local Agriculture and Economic Development in a Hazardous World – or How I Learned to Love Sea Level Rise while New Jersey’s Land Sinks under our  feet’

So perhaps I’m crazy.  After a decade in Minnesota where stores sell t-shirts emblazoned with umbrella-carrying penguins and the slogan “Minnesotans for Global Warming” I spent a chunk of 2009 in Louisiana where a football field’s worth of land disappears into the sea every 15 minutes.  

So now I’m finally home in coastal Monmouth County in New Jersey – the Atlantic Coast state most threatened by sea level rise according to Geology, a science journal that reports on such things. New Jersey also happens to be the only eastern seaboard state with the same subsidence problem as Louisiana — the sinking of land due to geologic factors.  Luckily New Jersey doesn’t suffer from the severity of the problem that Louisiana does — destruction of wetlands from oil and gas production and massive losses of land-building sediment from the mighty Mississippi, but New Jersey’s coastal lands are slowly sinking even as overall sea level rises.  

Monmouth Ground Zero

This is really great. I was so glad to see an article pop up (after Roundup) about the rise in political force of Monmouth County’s LGBT community. From the piece, by the Ledger’s Mark Bonamo:

The LGBT community is growing both numerically and politically in Monmouth County. According to the 2010 Census, 24,112 same-sex couples now live in New Jersey – a 45 percent increase from 2000. The sharpest increase was in Asbury Park, which had a 305 percent gain in same-sex couples.

Spirit in the Night: Clarence Clemons, Chris Christie, and the Future of New Jersey

One night we were playing in Asbury Park. I’d heard The Bruce Springsteen Band was nearby at a club called The Student Prince and on a break between sets I walked over there. On-stage, Bruce used to tell different versions of this story but I’m a Baptist, remember, so this is the truth. A rainy, windy night it was, and when I opened the door the whole thing flew off its hinges and blew away down the street. The band were on-stage, but staring at me framed in the doorway. And maybe that did make Bruce a little nervous because I just said, “I want to play with your band,” and he said, “Sure, you do anything you want.” The first song we did was an early version of “Spirit In The Night”. Bruce and I looked at each other and didn’t say anything, we just knew. We knew we were the missing links in each other’s lives. He was what I’d been searching for. In one way he was just a scrawny little kid. But he was a visionary. He wanted to follow his dream. So from then on I was part of history.

– Clarence Clemons

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Important LGBT Outreach Event this Thursday

Hudson Taylor is a competing athlete and Division I college

wrestling coach at Columbia University. He graduated from

the University of Maryland as a Division 1 three-time All-

American wrestler in 2010 and currently ranks among the

top-five pinners in NCAA history. Hudson will soon compete

to qualify for the 2012 Olympic Team.

My Candidacy for State Assembly in the 11th District

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When I saw the new 11th District Map, I decided after years of working behind the scenes, I wanted to place my name on the ballot. The new 11th Legislative District has 36,643 registered Democrats, 26,405 registered Republicans and 68,899 registered unaffiliated voters. The district is home to Asbury Park, Long Branch, Neptune, Red Bank, Freehold Borough, Tinton Falls and many other beautiful Monmouth County municipalities. Of the 18 towns in the district, 11 of those towns have 4,000 or more registered voters. Out of those 11 towns, 9 of them have more registered Democrats than Republicans, most of them overwhelmingly. 9 of the 11 big towns in the district have more registered Democrats than Republicans.

Get where I’m going with this? It is a Democratic district. Basically all the strong Democratic towns in Districts 11 and 12 got merged while all the strong Republican towns, including Wall (goodbye Sean Kean!), Rumson, Millstone, Brielle, Avon, Monmouth Beach, Sea Girt, Englishtown, Fair Haven, Little Silver (sorry Declan O’Scanlon), Manalapan, and Oceanport all got thrown into other legislative districts. It really is remarkable what happened here!

Asbury Park tells visitors to keep their top on

If you were among the people hoping to get a topless beach in Asbury Park, those hopes were dashed tonight:

The idea was the brainchild of a yoga studio owner who has sunbathed without a top in Europe and Miami. She wanted to do it legally here, and last month proposed allowing women to remove their tops while at the Eighth Avenue beach. The council directed its staff to review the idea.

But after city attorney Frederick Raffetto gave a rundown tonight on the municipal laws that prevent topless sunbathing, the council made no comment and took no further action.

Supporters thought the move would help revitalize tourism while opponents thought it would keep people away. For now, they don’t need to worry about who is right.

New Jersey Gay Pride

And plans for next weekend?  Open for suggestions?  New Jersey's annual gay pride event is in Asbury Park next Sunday (the 3rd) from noon 'till 7pm.  Of course the after party will go on all night if you have the longevity for all that.

Anyway, this event will be a good chance for GLTBs and their allies to feel solidarity while having a great time at the beach.  It's also an opportunity to show off your Blue Jersey T-shirt.  

Contrary to the footage you'll see on FOX for such an event, I am pretty sure that chaps are not a requirement.  Although rumor has it, one frontpage Blue Jersey blogger is considering wearing them anyway.