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Scandal-plagued Gov. Christie picks up endorsement from impeached-any-minute-now Gov. LePage

Fresh off his return to glory days announcement at  Livingston High School, where he once strutted the halls as both class president and a football player (but hardly knew David Wildstein), Christie picked up the GOP primary field’s first endorsement from a seated governor.

And that governor is Paul LePage. LePage is under a pretty dark cloud right now. Like Christie, he’s gotten into trouble inserting himself into situations where he does not belong. Unlike Christie, who retains Bridgegate unindicted co-conspirator status in the minds of many Americans, LePage looks like LePage may not be able to insulate himself from his (alleged, but pretty well-documented) wrongdoing. And he looks pretty friendless right now, so I’m sure he was glad to see even Christie show up.  

The Daily Show – Porks & Habitation

Oh, so that’s why it’s controversial and partisan. Your choice was either listening to the nearly unanimous voice of the people that elected you, or saying Fu¢k them! and kowtowing to a state a thousand miles away in exchange for – really, let’s be honest – the slimmest chance of political gain in a caucus you’re not going to win. Sir, sir – you’re not winning. You could ride into Sioux City riding a tractor made of corn while fu¢king a Field of Dreams DVD. You’re not going to win. I mean, honestly … let the pigs turn around!

                                         – The Daily Show, last night

Christie’s Summer of Failure – And Ours

Promoted by Rosi, who is not as convinced as the writer or the first commenter, of the eventual outcome.

As the dog days of Summer set in (actually, it’s pretty cool out today, now that I think about it), the nearly unbelievable extent of the failures of our strong-willed governor have clearly emerged. Here is a man who was elected to one of the most powerful governorships in the nation, yet, after a full term and then some, he’s achieved nothing.

In infrastructure, he failed us. He vetoed the construction of a long-overdue Trans-Hudson link in his first term. Now he’s illegally shuffling around millions to fund repairs on the Pulaski Highway. Public transit fares remain astronomical, especially for those commuting into New York City. I’d say that all of this is due to his “small government” philosophy, but that’s really the philosophy of the Republican Party. Christie has no philosophy, no guiding set of ideas, no overall goals, at least none that do not relate to his national political career. He does like to yell at people who ask him tough questions  

Where’s Christie Now?

New Jersey is in the midst of an economic crisis, spurred on by the failed Christienomics. New Jersey is the only state economy in the Mideast region – which includes Delaware, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C. – that shrank last year. Our economic output shrank last year, ranking 47th out of all the 50 states in terms of growth and our gross domestic product decreased 0.5 percent in 2011, making New Jersey one of six states that registered a negative rate of growth.

You would think with such dismal economic indicators our Governor would be working fulltime to get New Jersey back on track… You would think…

Instead, Governor Christie is traveling around the country touting his “successes.” According to the Star Ledger, Governor Christie has left New Jersey 54 times in the past eight months and an ABC News political blog notes that Christie is averaging 1.5 days per week outside of the state.  

With such a prolific travel schedule, it is no wonder that New Jersey’s economic troubles have managed to slip the Governor’s mind. It is hard to remember the problems in your own state when you’re out campaigning on behalf of Tea Party darlings and presidential candidates.

The only question I have is: Where’s Christie now?

Governing New Jersey – Making Fundamental Changes in a Sluggish Bureaucracy

The following is an extract from a white paper that I sent to selected New Jersey legislators. A link to the complete paper, including references, is at the end of this post.

Pundits are fond of pontificating that “government should be run like a business.” What they are really saying is that since businesses answer to shareholders and must squeeze out every cent of profit, those who run a successful business must constantly keep their eye on the bottom line. From there, it’s an easy leap to the conclusion that every decision made by a business or government entity should be viewed through a fiscal lens.

Like all simplifications, the pundits’ manifesto has some grain of truth, but upon closer inspection one realizes that the real world is much more complex.

First, running an entity “like a business” is not a recipe for success. Remember Borders? People Express? Enron?

Like running a government, running a business requires the use of continually improving tools and techniques. But tools in and of themselves are not the answer.

Take, for example, Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno’s “Red Tape Commission.” No one can argue that the elimination of red tape is a good thing. Or can they? Some so-called red tape provides the checks and balances necessary to ensure that promoting a good business climate does not have the side effect of destroying the environment or putting unsafe products in the hands of consumers. So while the elimination of unnecessary red tape is a desirable goal, one must wonder if that’s the real impetus behind this commission. The Guadagno Commission is a Band-Aid, not a long-term solution. As we will describe later, the real goal is the elimination of waste, not red tape. There’s a difference.

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