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Well, look who voted against the tax amnesty program

It’s just amazing how bad Republican policies are in practice.  Joe Cryan just sent out a great rant pointing out that Republicans were against the tax amnesty program that seems to have saved the property tax rebate program:

“Today is a great day for taxpayers across New Jersey,” said Cryan.  “Governor Corzine’s leadership in keeping the state ahead of the curve during this national economic recession continues to pay off for New Jersey residents.  However, if the Christie Right Wing Republicans had their way the tax amnesty legislation would have never passed.  Christie campaign co-chairs Kean and DeCroce and party Chairman Webber all put politics ahead of helping New Jersey’s taxpayers.  They voted along partisan lines against a measure that was thoughtfully conceived during a national recession to provide added relief to responsible taxpayers by going after those who were delinquent.

These people are the primary supporters of Christie’s right wing agenda that would also see us deny federal money from President Obama’s economic recovery plan for education, job creation, unemployment insurance and the state budget deficit.  We now see clearly what the consequences of Christie’s policies would be: deny any and all proposals put forward to get the state through this national economic recession while continuing to provide the wrong answers for New Jersey, like denying property tax relief for our residents.”

Kean, DeCroce, Webber, and 16 other Republicans voted against the program.

Webber to replace Wilson as GOP State Chair

I’m going to miss Tom Wilson’s leadership:

Gubernatorial candidate Christopher Christie is expected to pick Jay Webber, a freshman Republican Assemblyman from Morris County, as the new GOP State Chairman.  Webber, a strong conservative, would replace Tom Wilson as head of the state party organization.

Webber’s selection, which must be ratified by a vote of the Republican State Committee, will likely please conservatives who made up most of Steven Lonegan’s 42% in Tuesday’s primary election.

So is this Chris “the Moderate” Christie picking the Conservative to lead his party? It’s going to be fun watching him do this conservative/moderate two step. Take note, his first big decisions and he leans right. His next decision will be his choice for running mate.

Republican Assemblymen condemn Chris Christie on Pay-to-Play

The title is true, but sadly only by implication. Assembly Republicans Caroline Casagrande, Declan O’Scanlon, and Jay Webber today complained that the new ethics restrictions for the Lieutenant Governor are not strong enough, stating in their press release:

In contrast to the O’Scanlon/Webber proposal, the bill fails to speak to such topics as: basic anti pay-to-play provisions prohibiting a government contractor who derives over $17,500 or more from the state from making contributions;

Anti pay-to-play provisions of this type are in effect thanks to executive orders by Governors McGreevey and Corzine, and I feel they should certainly also be passed as law.  But Casagrande, O’Scanlon and Webber didn’t notice that Chris Christie is for pay-to-play.

Negative Politics: Pervasive in New Jersey (and Beyond)

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Politics has always had its share of negativity and personal invective.  In the election of 1884, Republicans backing James Blaine for President circulated the phrase “Ma, ma, where's my pa?” referring to an affair Grover Cleveland, the Democratic nominee, had engaged in prior to entering politics.  Unfortunately, such a tactic is tame by today’s standards.  In Hudson County, Democrat Sal Vega, who is running for State Senate against Brian Stack, accuses Stack and his allies of harassing and “paying off” the opposition and “abusing” City employees.  Also in Hudson  County, Assemblyman Manzo and Sandra Bolden Cunningham have unleashed assaults against each other for the right to claim the contested Senate seat there.  On the Republican side of the aisle, Larry Casha and Jay Webber are engaging in a fiercely negative campaign for the District 26 Senate seat, with Webber recently stating that Casha “is proud of his tax and spend record.”