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9/18/01: Fight the Terrorists by Making America Greater Still

Back in 2001 I had a column on PoliticsNJ.com called Scoundrel’s Refuge.  This was published on September 18, 2001, my reaction one week after the 9/11 attacks.  It’s kind of sad to see that things did not go how I would have wished.

The terrorists who attacked America in New York and Washington D.C. exacted a heavy price on our country. We lost not only some buildings and many, many innocent lives, but also a piece of our national soul. The sight of those buildings collapsing extracted a piece of our core, and we are still searching for what will fill it.

In that search we are finding each other, and our patriotism. We are meeting on street corners with candles, trying desperately to give blood or donate blankets or get permission to dig through the rubble. Flags are flying on homes, cars, street lamps and more. Prayer services are packed, and even Borough Council meetings have a few more people than usual.

This unity is heartening, but it also comes with a hefty obligation to ensure that we are unified in the right direction, that we fill that void with something positive. Many countries have been unified in the past, with disastrous results. I do not believe for a second that we could sink to the depths of a WWII Germany or a 1979 Iran, but the United States has itself been guilty in the past of the improbably terrible act sanctioned by its people.

We must not change for the worse as a people

Following the bombing of Pearl Harbor – the last time we were attacked from the outside and the last time we were so unified – we collected our Japanese-Americans and put them in pens. It did not matter if they were third or fourth generation or despised the Emperor. They were imprisoned anyway, and their property and businesses were stolen.

Get Your Own Mike Ferguson – George Bush Commemorative Pin!

button-bush.png Mike Ferguson is trying to run away from his good friend George Bush (but not his money!), scrubbing every positive mention and picture of the President off his campaign site (we fixed that here).  Unfortunately, Mike Ferguson doesn’t have the power to srub the whole Internet (even if he wants to tear it down).

Just today we found this lovely button commemorating both Ferguson’s and Bush’s swearing in as federal elected officials in 2001.  It’s a nice little keepsake that you can buy yourself for just $10 to remind everyone how these two conservative Repbulicans have been locked at the hip in Washington, D.C.

Mike Ferguson and the White House Avoidance Syndrome

Rep. Mike Ferguson would like to pretend that he is not complicit with the disaster that is the Bush administration.  In fact, he is so eager to run away from his party’s standard bearer that he has scrubbed all photos of himself with President Bush off of his website at http://www.fergusonforcongress.com, and only mentions the President three times.  Once is talking about how Ferguson opposed the President on the Dubai ports deals, and the others are simply saying that the President signed a bill.

But Ferguson can’t run away from his connections to George Bush.  Ferguson voted for the failed Iraq War, the incompetent Department of Homeland Security, the Energy Bill that gives tax breaks to oil companies, the Patriot Act that reduces civil liberties dramatically while making us safe minimally, to interfere in the medical care of a husband and wife in the Terry Schiavo case, and against embryonic stem cell research that will save lives and families’ pain.

And Ferguson is tied in with President Bush’s fundraising apparatus as well, beholden to them for the money he uses to win campaigns.  Not only has he accepted more than a quarter of a million dollars from Tom DeLay’s crowd,  but also $43,900 from the New Jersey branch of Bush’s fundraising team of Pioneers and Rangers alone, which much more coming from out of state. 

Not one of the Pioneers or Rangers below gave to Ferguson in his 1998 or 2000 races, but only after President Bush took over the White House and needed Ferguson’s vote — which he got 91 percent of the time.

NOT Ferguson for Congress

Blue 7th PAC launched a new website today called NOT Ferguson for Congress at http://www.fergusonforcongress.net

The site mirrors the look of the official Ferguson for Congress site but includes different photographs and content.  All photos are undoctored, and the content is linked to source material so readers can check to see that the information is accurate.

NOT Mike Ferguson for CongressThe official Ferguson for Congress website recently underwent a redesign, scrubbed of any pictures and all but three mentions of President George Bush.  Earlier this year pictures of President Bush were on the front page, and Rep. Ferguson proudly brought the President to Westfield to speak to a hand-picked audience as part of the Social Security town meeting tour.

The NOT Ferguson for Congress website is intended to help the voters of New Jersey’s 7th District learn who Re. Ferguson is beholden to, and to clarify his record as a rubber stamp Republican in Washington, D.C.

If you’d like to link to the site, please use the following code:

Menendez Delivers Response To Bush

Yesterday Senator Bob Menendez delivered the response to President Bush’s weekly radio address where he slammed the President’s budget priorities for the pain the will cause the middle class.

It will increase the cost of college by locking in the largest student aid cut in the history of our nation.

It will increase health insurance premiums and out of pocket costs through new schemes that will expand tax shelters for the healthy and the wealthy and drive up costs for the rest of us.

It will leave many in colder regions, like my state of New Jersey, with higher heating costs, by underfunding the one federal initiative designed to help.

And it rejects Democratic proposals to crack down on oil company price gouging, even though Big Oil has reaped record profits while gas prices have shot through the roof.