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Forte pardon makes Maddow Lame Duck Watch

Who knew NJ would play a role in the George Bush pardon parade.   It’s standard practice for President’s to issue pardon’s at the end of their term and inevitably there are eyebrows raised.  The pardon of New Jerseyan John Forte has caught the attention of some and made the Rachel Maddow Lame Duck Watcht:

Apparently he’s got some good friendships and the right schooling. In 2002, Rolling Stone did a Jail House interview with Forte which paints him in a very positive light, but also sheds more details on what sent him to prison:

To make ends meet, Forte spun one night a week at the Manhattan nightclub Veruka, as a celebrity DJ. It was there, one Thursday in 2000, that Forte met a bald-headed thirty-five-year-old drug dealer named Chris Thompson. A native of Jamaica, Thompson needed some new, reliable couriers, preferably female, to handle what he called “stuff.” John Forte knew many females.

Alerted by a tipster at a local hotel, police in Harlingen, Texas, stopped two of those young women on July 12th, 2000, as they made their way back to New York. Drug Enforcement Administration agents in Houston opened their suitcases and discovered thirty eight-by-ten freezer packs filled with a bluish-green liquid — liquid cocaine, a form of the drug favored in the trade because it is difficult for both dogs and X-ray machines to detect.

The DEA made a deal with the couriers, who called Forte in New York. “Put the ice cream in the tub,” he said, and told them to fly to Newark International Airport. Cell-phone records show twenty-two calls between Thompson and Forte that day. Agents arrested Forte the next morning at Newark, after he dropped the “ice cream”-filled cases into the trunk of a taxi.

Forte always maintained that he thought it was cash, but the fact remains that he was convicted for the cocaine rap.  As our readers pointed out in the thread earlier, not everyone would get this treatment. It’s gotta be good to know people so that your time served could be halved after having 31 pounds of liquid cocaine. I know I didn’t go to the right schools and I don’t think my friends would be too helpful, so I better steer clear of those suitcases.

George Bush, the Fugees, New Jersey and a Pardon

Yes, somehow those three fit together and it took a Presidential pardon to make it happen.  Via the Wash Post:

Grammy Award-winning rap artist John E. Forte of North Brunswick, N.J., will be released after serving about half of a 14-year sentence for aiding and abetting possession with intent to distribute cocaine. Forte, whose clemency bid was supported by Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), has been scheduled for release Dec. 22. He had performed with the Fugees and is a friend of and former backup singer for Carly Simon, who lobbied senior lawmakers, including Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.), for his early release.

More on what landed him in prison in the first place:

John Edward Forte of North Brunswick, N.J., a graduate of the elite Phillips Exeter Academy prep school who later became a producer for the rap group The Fugees and released two albums on his own, was caught in 2000 at Newark International Airport with two briefcases filled with $1.4 million worth of liquid cocaine, according to court documents.

Forte, 33, a first-time offender, was convicted of possessing the 31 pounds of cocaine with intent to distribute and was sentenced to a minimum of 14 years at Fort Dix, N.J.

George Bush, the Fugees, Orrin Hatch, Ted Kennedy and Carly Simon make some combination.  Forte will still have to serve 5 years probation.   And because it’s just to much fun to watch the President’s follies, I wonder if George Bush did another dance when signing the pardon:


Capital One to stop financing NJ Auto Dealer Inventories

Just another casualty of the basically strong or fundamentally strong economy:

Capital One Financial Corp said on Friday it will stop financing vehicle inventory for auto dealers in the states of New York and New Jersey, starting November.

The decision comes at a time when the global credit crunch has put a squeeze on auto dealers, who face more expensive credit to finance consumer purchases as well as their own inventory amid a steep plunge in U.S. vehicle sales.

Capital One spokeswoman Tatiana Stead said that it was a business decision based on a variety of factors.

They say this only deals with inventory financing and won’t affect auto loans, but this certainly isn’t going to help the already struggling auto dealerships.  And for a reminder, less than a month ago before they converted into crisis mode, John McCain, George Bush and Chris Myers were still trying to convince people the economy was basically strong:

NJ-04: Bush-McCain-Smith Iraq Policy Hurts New Jersey

Congressman Frank Pallone and I hosted a conference call earlier today to discuss what the war in Iraq has cost New Jersey and why New Jersey can?t afford another four years of the failed Bush policies in Iraq that Chris Smith and John McCain want to continue. To see exactly what the war in Iraq has cost New Jersey, go to National Priorities.org.

On the call I emphasized the following:

· I support a responsible end to the war in Iraq so that we can invest in America?s urgent domestic priorities like renewable energy, and break our addiction to foreign oil as well as lower gas and electricity costs.

· Chris Smith and John McCain have supported George Bush every step of the way on Iraq, from believing faulty intelligence, to believing we would be greeted as liberators, to believing the war will pay for itself with Iraqi oil.

· Each month, the United States spends $10 billion a month in Iraq ? money which could be used to address domestic priorities like ensuring affordable health care, rebuilding our infrastructure or hiring more teachers or public safety officers.

· Incredibly, Iraq is right now holding onto $79 billion in excess oil revenues. We?re spending $10 billion a month to rebuild Iraq instead of using that money to create jobs here in America.

· The citizens of the 4th Congressional district have paid $2.2 billion for the war effort. That money could have been used to provide every home in the 4th Congressional District with Renewable Electricity, with enough money left over to help provide affordable health coverage for our residents.

That $2.2 billion could:

· Provide 203,137 People with Health Care for One Year

· Power 3,096,562 Homes with Renewable Electricity for One Year

· Hire 37,775 Public Safety Officers for One Year

· Provide 724,756 Children with Health Care for One Year

· Provide 28,856 Port Container Inspectors for One Year

· We can?t keep doing what we?re doing. We need change at all levels of government.

· Chris Smith and John McCain have no plan to bring our troops home.

· We need to elect a Democratic President and a Democratic Congress to bring our troops home and invest in our country?s future.

The campaign is entering a critical phase and I need your support. You can contribute at my ActBlue page. If you’d like to volunteer, please contact ian_at_joshzeitz_dot_com. Please visit my website to learn more about what I stand for.

Candidates Welcome Bush to NJ

We’ve gotten press releases from many of the campaigns “welcoming” President Bush to NJ on behalf of Chris Myers and Leonard Lance.  Here is a sampling:

First we have the Stender Campaign:

The Bush-Lance Economy: Failed Record Causes Meltdown

After eight years of failed economic policies, Wall Street’s collapse under the Bush Administration has now left thousands of New Jerseyans’ jobs at risk and imperiled the pensions and savings of many more. The last eight years show why New Jersey families desperately need change as workers fear losing their jobs, homes, and retirement funds. Fiscally irresponsible Republicans in Washington have left our economy in shambles. Leonard Lance offers only more of the same, even agreeing with George Bush’s plan to privatize Social Security.  Today, the President comes to New Jersey to bail out his latest troubled victim: Leonard Lance’s campaign.

Next, we have this from the Adler Campaign:

Myers Welcomes “Modern-Day Herbert Hoover” Into District,

Adler said that Myers, given the severity and immediacy of the crisis rocking the economy, should have told Bush it would be inappropriate to go ahead with today’s high-priced event to raise money for his campaign. But like everything else about his campaign, Adler said, Myers has put his own political needs, as well as his absolute allegiance to President Bush and his eight years of failed policies, ahead of the people in the 3rd District. Adler said the fundraiser “is all about payback” from the White House for Myers’ steadfast support for Bush’s legacy of failure, including the Iraq War, the damaged economy and the staggering costs of education and health care.

Finally, we get a welcome courtesy of the Zeitz campaign:

The Bush-Chris Smith Economy

Chris Smith and the Republican Party’s philosophy of deregulation, laissez faire, trickle-down economics is to blame for the current crisis. They continually fought for tax cuts for the rich while gutting consumer protections for the middle class and they let Wall Street run amok.

  • President Bush and Chris Smith are leaving us with a record $500 billion deficit for 2009. The Republican Party and Chris Smith have turned a record surplus into a record deficit.
  • President Bush and Chris Smith have failed to present any conditions for their proposed $1 Trillion Bailout for Wall Street and Financial Sector
  • 54,000 New Jersey jobs are at stake. About 54,000 New Jerseyans are employed with securities, commodity and brokerage firms.
  • NJ taxpayers will suffer the impacts. The loss of jobs, and resulting loss of state tax revenue will damage our state budget, further placing burdens on already enormously high property taxes.
  • I know you will all be shocked to hear there is nothing welcoming the President from any of the Republicans.  It’s almost like they don’t want you to know he’s here, until you see their FEC reports of course.

    Lance avoids Photo with Bush Question

    Here’s a straightshooter for you.   Zachary Fink of NJN asked Senator Lance if he would allow his picture to be taken with President Bush when he comes to town tomorrow.  Lance gave us this non-answer:

    I was unaware, but did you know that the only cameras which exist are owned by the media, who apparently didn’t get an invitation to the secret Bush-Lance-Myers fundraiser either.   It’s amazing the lengths they go to avoid being seen with their unpopular President while they shovel his money in their pockets hand over fist.

    Maybe Lance & Myers will just get stuck in traffic like Tom Kean Jr. when he avoided Dick Cheney.  If the fact that the media won’t be there is the only holdup, I’d like to volunteer to take the picture .  I promise to share with others too.

    Caption Contest: The Three Amigos

    Thank you to the NJ Democratic State Committee for today’s caption contest.  In advance of Monday’s Bush-Lance-Myers fundraiser, they give us this:


    This movie is rated F (for Failure)

    Parental guidance isn’t enough. The best way to prevent a Bush sequel is to deny admittance of Republicans to any & all elective office.

    NJ Dems welcome Bush for Lance-Myers Fundraiser

    Ok, this is funny (From the NJDSC Press Release):

    New Jersey Democrats are pleased to welcome George Bush to New Jersey to promote the newly-created Lance-Myers Trust Fund.

    The President doesn’t have too many friends left, but he obviously has two good friends in Chris Myers and Leonard Lance. Mr. Myers and Mr. Lance seem reluctant to remind everyone of their political and financial ties to George Bush, so we’ll help by extending an “invitation” to the Bush fundraiser next Monday to aid his loyal allies Chris Myers and Leonard Lance.

    For those who think Eight Is Not Enough, helping Myers & Lance is the best way around the 22nd Amendment.

    Here’s more on the Lance-Myers New Jersey trust.  And just in case that isn’t enough, they provide their own invitation: