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Planned Parenthood’s Pink Bus Tuesday

Planned Parenthood's Pink Bus

Michele Jaker of Planned Parenthood already invited everybody to Englewood for a little hot pink display of unity for women’s health. But now I’ve got a picture of the big pink bus that will roll up to the Englewood Planned Parenthood Health Center, where our own Loretta Weinberg will be speaking along with Assemblywomen Linda Stender and Valerie Huttle. I have a thing for feminist men, so I’m glad to see NJ’s congressional delegation will be repped by Senator Frank Lautenberg.

These women – Weinberg, Stender, Huttle – have not let up, with back-up advocacy from Lautenberg, since Chris Christie removed state funding from vital family planning and women’s health services, which are often the only medical services low income women have, including cervical cancer screening, breast exams, and HIV testing. Because Christie’s not willing to pay into this, we’re also losing federal dollars that require NJ’s participation, making Christie’s decision particularly destructive.

Cribbing from Michele’s post, here are the particulars:

Rally for Women’s Health

11:00 a.m. TOMORROW, Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Englewood Planned Parenthood Health Center

46 Van Brunt St.

Englewood, NJ 07631

Outrage in the “New” New Jersey!

O.K. I’m outraged!  I’m trying to figure out how to function in this “new” New Jersey environment and how to channel that outrage into productive work.

A New Jersey Congressman is pushing a bill to re-define rape. Our New Jersey Governor  speaks before a pro-life rally and then vetoes a bill which would give medicaid coverage to poor women needing health care.  A Democratic Assembly Committee releases a private school voucher bill which will pay state money for youngsters already in (read not failing) private schools. I guess I’m not used to having New Jersey guys (and gals) like these actually in charge.

There’s a New Jersey State Treasurer who refuses to appear before the Assembly Budget Committee.  A New Jersey State Commissioner of Health won’t appear before the Senate Health Committee and won’t send a senior staffer in her stead.

The New Jersey Governor nominated and the Senate confirmed private school advocates as members to the State Board of Education, one of whom had no idea what Abbott vs. Burke was. Service on the board of the Peck School seemed to be the main prerequisite for this appointment.  I wonder how many vouchers will be extended to kids from failing schools to attend that same Peck School? A New Jersey Governor cuts funding for pre-school while claiming he is “passionate” about education.

Two new members of the New Jersey Highlands Commission have been nominated who do not believe in the Highlands preservation law.  

more “new” outrage below.

Jon Runyan and the Dred Scott Decision: He’s not really pro-choice

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Rosi posted on this but I have a different take.

Josh Marshall points us to Jon Runyan’s bizarre response when asked which Supreme Court decisions in “the last 10-15 years” he strongly disagreed with: Runyan picked Dred Scott

Now, I laughed when George W. Bush said the same thing in the 2004 debate with John Kerry, but I later found that “opposing the Dred Scott decision” is code for “opposing Roe v Wade.” (See here for a good response to the troubling analogy between abortion and slavery.)

Now, Runyan has been arguing that he is pro-choice, yet he is actually giving pro-life signals in this response. Or perhaps he’s just ignorant of recent events, but I don’t think so  

Driving Us Crazy

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There’s a brouhaha brewing here in New Jersey about an anti-choice advocacy group that wants to allow residents to purchase disingenuously-named “Pro-Life” license plates for their automobiles.  State law bars such advocacy groups from promoting their cause in this manner, but the Children First Foundation is petitioning the Governor for an exception and is also resurrecting the already-decided court case.

The bigger question here is, should the state, and especially the Motor Vehicle Commission, be in the business of advertising on license plates?

Of course, this problem is not unique to New Jersey.  Recently, an Islamophobic organization fought and won a fight with New York City’s MTA to put misleading advertisements on busses protesting the construction of an Islamic cultural center in Downtown Manhattan.  This is the same MTA that rejected advertisements from another advocacy group critical of Mayor Bloomberg.

The Children First Foundation argues that its “Choose Life” license place is allowed under their exercise of free speech.  Perhaps.  Certainly the state needs whatever revenue stream it can garner from the added fees these plates provide.  But allowing the anti-choice zealots to have their way starts us down a slippery slope.  Do we allow white supremacy groups to have their logo on plates?  What about Communists?  Or Democrats?

The state and the governor should enforce the existing law, and ban all advocacy groups from having their slogans and logos on what is essentially state property.  The revenue from these plates would most likely not offset the legal fees the state will expend in the unending court cases.  If you want to advertise your advocacy for a cause, do what I do – just buy a license plate frame and send your money directly to your favorite group.

If Governor Christie allows these “Pro-Life” messages on our plates, I can see the day when I’m driving down Route 295 being passed by a “pro-life”, pro-death penalty, anti-health insurance advocate driving at 75 miles per hour through the construction zone yakking on a cell phone.  That’s not quite my definition of pro-life.

How to Keep Choice Alive

I recently saw a blog post at Slate.com claiming that “Choice is Dead.” Granted, the poster was really talking about how the argument has changed, at least on the pro-choice side, from legalization to reduction of abortions (through birth control, accurate sex ed, etc.). But I think that the choice (haha) of title is unfortunate.

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Hil asks: Can Women Afford 4 More of McBush?

Here’s a little eye-opener in case there are any pumas still lurking about in various crevasses ’round here:


So, we see in this op-ed by Hillary that as one of its final acts, the Bush administration is trying to make simple contraception unavailable to many women. Nice. Now, Hillary surely isn’t suggesting that four years of John McCain will help the women of America preserve their rights to control their own bodies …

There aren’t supposed to be any pumas in North America – Dick Smothers told me that himself – and so I’m hoping, with a few more not-too-very surprising parting gifts from the Bush administration,  and a few more spirited challenges to same by Sen. Clinton and other leaders in the House and Senate, we’ll see a lot less stories about which ‘hillraiser’ is leaning McCain and a lot more about how party unity is mighty attractive …  

Building a Pro-Choice, Pro-Woman Message

While enjoying a bit of scotch and discussing the problem Democrats have with fighting for abortion rights, we began kicking around some ideas for sloganizing the issue.  Let’s face it: Modern politics depends, in large part, on bumper sticker ideological statements.  So here’s some slogans and the idea behind it.

Jump with me, people.  It’s time to defend our rights in less than ten words.

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NJ Right To Life Fetes Pro-Death Speaker

New Jersey Right to Life has its annual dinner tonight, and many dignitaries will be present to raise money for the anti-abortion group.  Republican politicians — NJRtL has never given money to a Democrat — make their pilgrimages here to pretend to righteous morality and superiority to the pro-choice Democrats. 

This year NJRtL has a special guest at their dinner, one who speaks out forcibly on a number of issues.  This woman is strongly anti-abortion, but is in no way pro-life.  Her name is Ann Coulter.  Here are some highlights of her pro-death statements:

“We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity. We weren’t punctilious about locating and punishing only Hitler and his top officers. We carpet-bombed German cities; we killed civilians. That’s war. And this is war.”– National Review Online

“When contemplating college liberals, you really regret once again that John Walker is not getting the death penalty. We need to execute people like John Walker in order to physically intimidate liberals, by making them realize that they can be killed, too. Otherwise, they will turn out to be outright traitors.”Conservative Political Action Conference speech

“My only regret with Timothy McVeigh is he did not go to the New York Times Building.” NY Observer This one is special.  She doesn’t regret the children and state employees who died in Oklahoma City.  Her only concern is that she wished children and NY Times employees had died instead.

“Would that it were so! … That the American military were targeting journalists.” Kudlow & Cramer, CNBC

This organization which pretends to support life-affirming policies has as its annual guest and main speaker a woman who advocates killing people based on their religion, using the death penalty to intimidate political opponents, directing terrorism to murder reporters whose views she doesn’t like, and sending the American military to assassinate journalists.

Pro-life means being anti-death penalty, anti-terrorism, anti-assassination, and by including Ann Coulter as their honored guest and lecturer New Jersey Right to Life demonstrates that is not a pro-life organization, but an anti-abortion organization.  There is a difference, and when the media speaks of them they should say that explicitly. 

Pro-choice supporters are regularly called “abortion supporters” when in fact our position is far more varied than that of the Right to Lifers.  We support people being able to choose for themselves when to have sex, with whom to have sex, what contraceptives to use, whether to continue a pregnancy, etc.  It is about choice, and not about abortion.  In fact, many people who are pro-choice would not consider an abortion for themselves.