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Quote of the Day: “While he’s been a registered Republican for 3 months…”

As the GOP machine lines up behind Jon Runyan and he prepares to launch his campaign this week, Justin Murphy isn’t ready to give him the primary victory just yet:

“If Jon prevails, I would be happy to support him in the general election (against incumbent U.S. Rep. John Adler), but while he’s been a registered Republican for three months, I’ve been a registered Republican for 30 years,” Murphy adds. “We need more substance.”

With some of Runyan’s positions, it will be interesting to see what the Tea Party does and if they get behind Murphy’s effort. Up until now, the GOP has been able to avoid the brutal primary that plagued them last time around.

It’s all about the money for Layton

It’s becoming clearer by the day that Burlington County GOP chairman Bill Layton and his boss Glenn Paulsen don’t really care where Jon Runyan stands on the issues, they’re just seeing dollar signs:

“Adler’s been raising money for a year. That’s why Jon Runyan is a game changer for us. He has the ability to raise just as much money as John Adler,” Layton said. “I clearly think that out of all the candidates, Jon Runyan is our best chance to take back the 3rd District.”

You see it doesn’t matter where Runyan stands on anything as long as he has the money to get the GOP back the power they had and lost. While Layton is clearly looking for a handout, George Gilmore doesn’t seem intimidated by the fundraising challenge that Adler presents without a self funding candidate. This is going to be a reporters dream with Layton and Gilmore not wanting the other to get the last word.  I’m amazed someone higher up in the Republican party hasn’t stepped up to tell them keep their fights outside of the media. It really seems like the up front aggressive approach taken by Layton and Runyan is making Gilmore want to fight more, just out of protecting his reputation. Not that I mind. Let them spend all their money fighting about money.

Is the GOP headed for a primary in NJ-3?

As Jon Runyan plays the I’m running, no I’m exploring game on whether he will mount a campaign for Congress, other potential candidates aren’t waiting for his answer:

Toms River Township Councilman Maurice “Mo” Hill, a retired Navy rear admiral and dentist, said he will run for Congress even if party leaders from the district’s three counties – Ocean, Burlington and Camden – are not unified.

“If I got the support of the Ocean County organization, then yes, I would move forward,” Hill said Friday.

Hill has already met with the chairmen in Burlington, Camden and Ocean Counties as has Runyan. While Republicans have said they want to avoid a primary this time around, Hill says if he gets the support of one county party he will run. For his part, Ocean County GOP boss George Gilmore has his own list of potentials:

Gilmore has his own short list of candidates, including state Sen. Christopher Connors (R-Lacey Twp), Toms River Councilman Moe Hill and former State Lottery Commissioner Virginia “Ginny Haines.”  Gilmore said there are also a couple other potential candidates who do not want their names floated publicly yet.  

“I’m not simply going to say ‘Oh yes, Jon Runyan is our guy.’  There are a lot of good people out there, including Moe Hill, Chris Connors and Ginny Haines. It doesn’t matter how many statements Jon Runyan puts out, it’s going to be the same answer: we have a process and we’re going to go through it.”

We’ll see whether the GOP is able to avoid a competitive primary this time around like they were unable to do in their last shot at the seat.

Anatomy of a Win & End of an Era

For the first time since 1882, a Democrat will be sworn in as the next Congressman from New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional District.  The perfect political storm known as the 2008 election has broken a 126-year drought and turned an impressive state Senator into a promising Congressman-Elect. But it was not a storm that “just happened”.  It was a storm that was planned and executed with precision.

State Senator John Adler announced his campaign for Congress to challenge then sitting Congressman Jim Saxton very early, on September 20, 2007.  From the beginning, Adler waged his campaign on progressive values; his decision to challenge Saxton came shortly after Saxton voted against expanding S-CHIP. This would have been his second time challenging Saxton (Adler ran in the then 13th Congressional district in 1990), but on November 9, 2007 Congressman Saxton announced he would not seek re-election due to health reasons.  Now the race was for an open seat, an easier proposition for Adler.

To understand the political dynamics at play, you first have to understand the geographic composition of the district. The 3rd District includes Cherry Hill in Camden County, most of Burlington County and a sizable chunk of Ocean County.  On the Democratic side, the field cleared for Adler and he received the early support of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  On the Republican side, many wanted Burlington County native State Senator Diane Allen to run. When she declined, Chris Myers emerged as the Burlington County Candidate.

Much more on the flip.

“You’ll Have to Talk to Glenn About That”: Chris Myers and The Politics of Patronage in BurlCo

A few months ago, Blue Jersey’s Jason Springer detailed Republican congressional candidate Chris Myers’ selective amnesia about GOP corruption in Burlington County. It was when Myers was pressed by a reporter about his campaign contributions from de facto BurlCo GOP boss Glenn Paulsen and Garfield DeMarco, former BurlCo Bridge Commission boss, that he rather incredulously said “You’ll have to talk to Glenn about that.” Besides being stunned by Myers’ refusal to acknowledge corruption in his own party – I’ve gotten used to Myers demurring from answering tough questions in public – I was struck at how one of the state’s most corrupt party bosses was on a first name basis with a congressional candidate.

Oh. My. God.

I like to think that it’s hard to stump me.  But I’m at a loss for words on this.  It’s a bit long, but it’s worth the time:

Send the video to Anne Milgram and Chris Christie.  Hell, send it to the New York and Philadelphia corporate press.  Send it to your local Congressman and ask them to publicly demand an investigation.  

Thanks to the BurlCo Dems for working with the netroots and giving us the scoop here at Blue Jersey. They’ll be rolling out their own statement later today (Wednesday).

Time to give our political state an enema…

NJ-3: This little piggy ran for office

Things have gotten pretty ugly in the 3rd District GOP primary this last week.   Jack Kelly went up on TV with an ad that really has gotten the attention of his opponent Chris Myers…

While not threatening legal action, Myers had an attorney send a letter demanding the “false and defamatory” commercial be removed from the airways, so I’m guessing he doesn’t like being accused of peddling influence and doling out special interest money.

2479642406_b51b6911b9Myers for his part has gone after Kelly as a political hack who’s used government to serve himself, but those accusations aren’t what has Kelly so mad…

Kelly, for his part, said Myers crossed the line with a mailer about him that features a pig wearing a crown.

I haven’t seen the mailer because I’m not exactly the voter Myers is trying to reach, but I’ll take Kelly’s word for it.  I guess we all have our limits.

My favorite is the 3rd candidate in the race, Justin Murphy who sums up the Myers and Kelly campaigns with this great line in his press release, Another Corruption Eruption From the boss controlled candidates for the 3rd District Congressional Seat

…Murphy says Ocean County voters “should know that a vote for Jack Kelly or Chris Myers is a vote to validate the corrupt power of County Bosses in both Burlington and Ocean Counties.”

While I’ve had enough of some primary campaigns, this one is the gift that keeps on giving.  This GOP primary continues to get uglier and John Adler gets to raise money while building an organization and enjoying the show.   He probably can’t ask for much more.  

Someone needs to fill Chris Myers in…

Chris Myers, 3rd District candidate for Congress in the GOP primary doesn’t like being asked about who he takes contributions from, but maybe someone should fill him in…

Democrats have already tried to tie Myers to a machine that’s responsible for fiscal waste and mismanagement, pointing to $4,600 in donations that he accepted from former Burlington County GOP Chairman Glenn Paulsen and J. Garfield DeMarco.

DeMarco presided over the Burlington County Bridge Commission during a period when lobbyist Bob Stears – who pleaded guilty to over-billing the county by $1 million – said he was forced to fill the party’s coffers with some of that money.

“You have to talk to Glenn about that,” said Myers. “I don’t know any issues about that so you’ll have to talk to them about it.”

Myers voiced his pride in the AC Press…

“I do not have any information regarding that.  Right now I am proud of every donation my campaign has  received. But I do not have any information regarding that,” Myers said.

Since Myers hasn’t taken the time to ask Glenn, let me offer a refresher for the candidate courtesy of the fall guy, Bob Stears at his allocution under oath…

“I got sucked into a group of corrupt people,” Stears said. “I allowed myself to engage in fraudulent schemes.”

“The contributions were mostly in Burlington County, but there were other contributions they would ask us to make.”

“You’re saying that money was paid back in political contributions that wouldn’t otherwise have existed?” Simandle asked.

“Yes,” Stears responded, adding that “I wish my case were unique, but it’s not.”

In case Mr. Myers is still confused, those corrupt people Stears referred to are now helping to finance his campaign.   And just in case Myers is confused about whether this is still a problem, Stears would disagree…

Some $3,000 to $4,000 a month would then be made in political contributions, Stears said. He said most of that money was spent in Burlington County and some of it was spent elsewhere in the state. Stears founded the Trenton-based Strategy Group with Tom Wilson, the current chairman of the New Jersey Republican Party.“That’s pretty serious money at the local level,” the judge said. “Yes it is and it continues today,” Stears replied. He also agreed with the judge when he pointed out that kind of cash could help shape the political landscape.

I just want to make sure he is aware in case Glenn is too busy to fill him in.

Quote of the Day: Corrupt People edition

Yesterday, Robert Stears was sentenced to 27 months in prison for his role in the routine over billing of the Burlington County Bridge Commission to the tune of $2.7 million.  All along, I’ve been asking if the other shoe would drop as i felt Stears was the fall guy and yesterday he all but confirmed that before the judge…

But before sentencing, he told Judge Jerome Simandle that he was forced to contribute between $3,000 and $4,000 every month to the Republican Party as a condition of keeping his lucrative contract with the bridge commission.

“I got sucked into a group of corrupt people,” Stears said. “I allowed myself to engage in fraudulent schemes.”

“The contributions were mostly in Burlington County, but there were other contributions they would ask us to make.”

“You’re saying that money was paid back in political contributions that wouldn’t otherwise have existed?” Simandle asked.

“Yes,” Stears responded, adding that “I wish my case were unique, but it’s not.”

I wonder who directed him to make those contributions and who benefited from the money donated, possibly his partner and GOP State Chair Tom Wilson, County boss Glenn Paulsen or Ms. No-Show Job herself Martha Bark?  Paging U.S. Attorney Christie…

Not the change the Burlco Bridge Commission Needed

The Burlington County Bridge Commission has, to put it nicely, a checkered history.  Past members appointed by the all Republican freeholder board turned a blind eye as no bid contracts and no show jobs which produced no work were doled out leading to one guilty plea and the suspicion that more activity went unpunished.

One has to wonder if the county leaders will once again turn a blind eye over this latest black eye which has the new Chairman, who was brought in to fix the previous problems being arrested for DWI, leaving the scene of an accident, refusing a blood test and more…