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News Roundup and Open Thread for Friday, March 30, 2007

  • You already know that Wayne Bryant was indicted.  This article describes how multiple jobs can boost pensions.  If you wonder what Bryant’s defenders think — and remember that Blue Jersey is not among them —  see Mixed emotions over Bryant charges in the Inquirer.  The Inquirer also has a profile of Dr. Michael Gallager who was also indicted.  Finally, check this column which considers this a warning for higher education
  • Christie rejected a call to investigate Corzine’s gifts to Katz.  That’s the kind of restraint that got other USAG’s fired.  He is (reportedly) seeking info on Sharpe James
  • Assemblyman Jeff Van Drew wants to legalize sports betting.  My first thought is that this could be a move to build support to challenge Frank LoBiondo, but then again, I might be totally off base. 
  • By the way, at Blue Jersey we are using the tags of the form “LD3” and “LD37” to refer to legislative districts.  “NJ3”, etc. are reserved for the congressional districts.
  • Senator Menendez is outraged that Republicans blocked a resolution honoring Cesar Chavez
  • PSEG CEO Ralph Izzo called for tough greenhouse gas limits in front of Congress, breaking with most utility executives.
  • Public Service Announcement I:  Several MVC offices are unable to process licenses due to a verizon glitch.  Is this the place to complain that not only did my verizon service not work last night, but the outsourced call center employees who read off scripts are completely useless?  If you have a phone line problem, you get a knowledgable union guy, but DSL is hopeless.
  • Public Service Annoucement II:  New schedules for buses and trains are going into effect.
  • Finally, Cynthia Burton of the Inquirer observes that the Republican state senate delegation is moving right as moderates retire:

    “It’s inevitable we are going to get more conservatives because a bunch of the people retiring are not conservative,” said Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll (R., Morris), one of a handful of conservative legislators who refer to themselves as the Mountain Men.

    I imagine that the name “Mountain Men” was chosen to signal how out of touch the group is with New Jersey.  jmelli has already noted the racial angle.  Another interesting quote is here:

    Kevin Collins, a conservative Republican strategist, has been advising clients for years to run to the right. He’s working on the “Reagan Republican Team” race in Bergen, Passaic and Essex Counties.

    Collins says the party can get support from socially conservative Democrats – the kind who voted for President Ronald Reagan – with more conservative candidates.

    Apparently he did not read yesterday’s column by David Brooks which rejects the Reagan/Goldwater tradition in favor of authoritarianism.

  • Asselta Challenge

    The story appears to be much more than a rumor.

    Asselta seems to be the only obstacle to  a ” solid south” for the Democrats. Whelan will be favored, Sweeney will easily win, the Assembly seats will likely all go Democrat.

    What will Asselta do?

    Van Drew “seriously considering” run for State Senate
    By Max Pizarro – March 27, 2007 – 2:33pm
    Tags: Asselta, Van Drew,

    Democrats say a recent poll they conducted gives Democratic Assemblyman Jeff Van Drew the edge in a head-to-head with State Sen. Nicholas Asselta in the 1st district, which serves all of Cape May and parts of Atlantic and Cumberland counties.

    Based on the poll —  which Democrats say gives Van Drew a 16-point advantage —  the three-term Assemblyman on Tuesday said only that he is “seriously considering” a Senate bid against Asselta.

    The district leans Republican, and Van Drew would need funding commitments from state Democrats to make the race —  but he suggests the polling gives the party a reason to take notice.

    Asselta, running for his second term in the Senate after nine years in the Assembly, says he’s an old athlete. “Whoever they line up, will be the opponent,” he told PoliticsNJ.com. 

    He says has not run any poll numbers on a match-up with potential candidates. “Why would I want to spend my time on a poll?” said Asselta. “Right now, there’s no confrontation.”

    But there may be one before the April filing deadline — perhaps with Van Drew.

    News Round-up and Open Thread for Tuesday, March 27, 2007

    What’s on your minds today, Blue Jersey? Open Thread…

    Van Hollen says LoBiondo is a “top target” in 2008

    The pseudonymous Wally Edge is reporting that new newly-elected Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Chris Van Hollen (Md.) has made Frank LoBiondo’s house seat in NJ-02 a “top target.” Wally Edge writes, however, that he doesn’t view LoBiondo’s seat to be in trouble unless Democratic Assemblyman Jeff Van Drew becomes a candidate. 

    That said, I see Van Hollen’s emphasis on NJ-02. a positive step in the right direction, since we really needed financial support from the national Democratic Party in November’s congressional election.  NJ-02, which includes parts of Burlington, Gloucester, Cumberland, Cape May, and Salem Counties, out of all the currently Republican-held state seats, has the most Democratic voters, according to my research; only Cape May county out of the previous counties is reliably Republican, as the rest, with Salem as a swing county, are Democratic-leaning ones. Combine that with the overall tilt for Democratic candidates in South Jersey, and Van Hollen may be onto something. I find it interesting that it isn’t NJ-03 or NJ-07 that is at the top of the blue-to-red list in NJ in 2008, at least for the moment.  Let’s get it started, and win this seat in ’08.

    Marriage equality whip count

    Where does your delegation stand?

    Bernard Kenny (D-33) (Majority Leader) (Star Ledger 10/27/06)
    Loretta Weinberg (D-37) (Star Ledger 10/27/06)
    Barbara Buono (D-18) (Asbury Park Press 10/27/06)
    Reed Gusciora (D-15) * (Garden State Equality PR 10/25/06)
    Brian Stack (D-33) * (Garden State Equality PR 10/25/06)
    Wilfred Caraballo (D-29) * (Speaker Pro Tem) ( ”  ” )
    Mims Hackett (D-27) * (Blue Jersey 10/26/06)
    Jerry Green (D-22) (Blue Jersey 10/26/06)
    Joe Roberts (D-05) (Assembly Speaker) (Trenton Times 10/27/06)

    * indicates the legislator will sponsor the Caraballo/Gusciora/Stack marriage equality legislation

    The rest below the fold.

    Van Drew Not Running in NJ-2

    As Scott in NJ points out, Assemblyman Jeff Van Drew, considered by many to be the best candidate to challenge Rep. LoBiondo, says he’s not running:

    “It was an honor to be asked by folks in Washington and I did have some congressmen call me…and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee called me as well…Certainly, while I was honored by that and I think it’s good to have a spirited race where we have real competitors and discuss the issues and debate the issues, I am just very involved with the issues of the state of New Jersey right now at this point in time and I am not going to be running (for Congress).”

    The filing deadline is this Monday, April 10th. Cumberland County Democratic chair Lou Magazzu, who had previously considered running for Congress, but declined, may be about to reconsider:

    Magazzu, also considered a potential challenger to LoBiondo’s 12-year reign, will have to get together with the county Democratic Party chairmen from throughout the Second Congressional District over the next few days, as candidates must file for the June 6 primary election by Monday.

    Assuming NJ-4 is covered, this is the last district that we need to find a challenger for. There are only four days left to do it.

    April 10th Approaching, Tell Jeff Van Drew to run for Congress (NJ-02)!

    Assistant Majority Leader of the Assembly Jeff Van Drew is the best candidate to defeat Frank LoBiondo. He is a former mayor of Dennis Twp and a former Cape May County Freeholder. He was reelected to his 3rd term in 2005 with a landslide and helped defeat GOP incumbent Jack Gibson; Making this the first time the 1st LD was represented by two dems in decades. Van Drew is also a dentist and volunteer firefighter.

    The 2nd congressional district has voted for every Democratic presidential nominee since 92′ and voted for Corzine and McGreevey. If you believe in the 50 state solution then this is one seat that must be represented by a strong candidate. If you believe that this is the year for a change then I insist that you call Jeff Van Drew’s office and ask hime to run for Congress.

    Office # (856) 293-8353

    Frank LoBiondo needs a challenger

    Another day passes and we are closer to the filing deadline on April 10th and we still do not have a challenger for Frank LoBiondo (NJ-02).  Why?  The 2nd congressional district voted for Democrats for president since 1992.  Democrats control a majority of the assembly seats that overlap the congressional district.  Only one person could run a credible campaign this year.  Assistant Majority Leader Jeff Van Drew of Cape May County has the best shot of taking down LoBiondo.  He was just elected with a landslide and helped pick up a seat in Assembly for Nelson Albano.  I want everyone to flood his phone with calls urging him to run.

    Jeff Van Drew’s Cape May Courthouse office (609) 465-0700

    A Step in the Right Direction

    “All [we] had to do was look at the stacks of reports that government agencies constantly send to our district offices. These glossy reports are like a constant tidal wave of wasteful and needless spending…Before any legislator can even think about raising anyone’s taxes, we need to cut waste. The printing of these reports is a prime example.”

    Assemblymen Jeff Van Drew and Reed Gusciora want to eliminate what they call the “unfathomable” costs associated with reports from government agencies by requiring that agencies publish their reports online.

    “In this age of e-mail and Internet-based communications, these publications have outlived their usefulness,” said Van Drew (D-Cape May, Cumberland, Atlantic). “The days of glossy paper, colored pictures, and fancy bindings are over: we simply can’t afford it.”

    Van Drew and Gusciora said many of the reports have color photographs and can cost more than $6 to mail. The two legislators said that the costs of these reports are so exorbitant that the Office of Legislative Services is unable to put a final cost on the amount of state funds being spent on annual reports and brochures.

    These reports are symbolic of inefficient government spending and this proposal is a common sense measure to cut costs. Beyond trimming costs, this measure should improve the efficiency and transparency of government by speeding up the flow of information and making it more easily accessible. Publishing reports online won’t balance the budget, but it’s a welcome step in the right direction.

    LoBiondo’s vote: Holding him Accountable

    Yesterday the GOP House of Representatives crafted a razor-thin victory that will shape all of our lives for decades.  I wasn’t alone in decrying the lack of attention this measure got.  Ihlin at dailyKos had a diary up lamenting how so little attention was paid to this vote, which basically served to ram Republican budget priorities down the throats of every American for years to come.  This was a bill for the folks who’ve been seeking to brand “entitlements” as a code word for government hand outs that people don’t deserve.

    Social Security and Medicare aren’t hand outs.  They represent YOUR money.  You paid in.  Everybody does.  In fact, every penny the government spends is your money.  Branding government dollars as undeserved “entitlements” sure is a convenient way to bash senior citizens, the disabled and the poor; it’s also a great way to reward the wealthy friends of the GOP.  (If you make less than $200,000 and vote GOP, you are voting against your own economic interests.)  The only way to stop this BS is to defeat a few of the Congressional Republicans who keep this convenient “lie” going.