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Van Drew Watch: In case our new ‘blue’ congressman is leaning toward funding Trump’s racist wall

Not for nothing, but if we’re really discussing ‘ANGRYWHITEMENISTAN,’ we should point out that Jeff Van Drew is sooooo YES on GUNS, that he got to Congress despite outrage over his 100% Rating from the NRA.  So in case JVD is leaning Trump’s way … We’re entering the second month of Donald Trump’s government shutdown, and although the 4 freshman House members New Jersey blue wavedto victory haven’t even been in office that long, Rep. Jeff Van Drew’s CD2 constituents have already begun tracking…
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A House Divided

It appears our midterm, newly elected Democrats are early on showing their colors. (See the House new members in an orientation session above.) Two groups exist in the House which have separated themselves from the more progressive members and have…
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