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Despite continued local resistance, NJ set to move forward on Windmills

Did you know that windmills are a part of the problem, not the solution?  Neither did I,  but that’s what former Mayor turned Assemblyman Scott Rumana apparently had to say:

Or think about the car-wash owner on Hamburg Pike in Wayne who was told by then-Mayor Scott Rumana a windmill there — against a backdrop of strip malls and by-the-highway retailers — might skew local aesthetics or be noisily unsafe.

Yes, you read that right boys and girls.  The problem is not the traffic, noise and energy used by the strip malls and highway retailers, it would be the noise and look of a horrible windmill.  God forbid.  I have no problem with the strip malls as this is New Jersey, but I don’t see how a windmill skews the aesthetics.   Wayne isn’t alone shunning alternative energy sources:

Take sea-swept Long Beach Township on Long Beach Island. Renewable energy stock, such as windmills, are banned there.

Think about that for a second, renewable energy stock, such as windmills are banned.  What sense does that make.  We have elected officials and candidates for office at every level of government screaming about becoming energy independent while at the same time NJ towns not only pass on the chance, but ban the possibility of making that happen.

For his part, the EnviroPolitics blog reports that Governor Corzine is set to have NJ “dip its toe” in the windmill waters:

Later this week, Governor Jon Corzine is expected to announce New Jersey’s choice to receive a $19 million grant to develop a 350 megawatt, ocean-wind pilot project. If the project demonstrates that wind energy can succeed without significant environment damage, the state likely will ramp up its demand for ocean-wind power to as much as 3,000 megawatts.

This is a big step forward, but apparently there are going to be many more hurdles along the way including local control.  Let’s hope they can be overcome so that the energy rhetoric is not stifled by outdated local regulations.

Quote of the Day: Taking the first step

Last week, i wrote a diary about how we needed to move forward on alternative energy sources, questioning some of the delays of making that happen.  Today Newsday has an article talking about just how far we are behind schedule:

Adler, and environmentalist Jeff Tittel of the Sierra Club, questioned how the state could achieve the twin goals of generating 20 percent of its energy from renewable sources by 2020 and producing 1,000 megawatts of electricity through wind power _ when it has not been able to get the 350-megawatt pilot project in motion.

“If you don’t take the first step, you’re not going to get there,” said Tittel.

The executive order was signed by Governor Codey in 2005 for the first wind farm.  Now the earliest the BPU thinks they can get the project up and running in Atlantic City is 2012.  Why don’t we just keep studying this energy source until the next one comes along that we can begin to overstudy while it passes us by.  In the search for the perfect solution, we are left with no action once again.

Monday Morning News Roundup

-Gov. Corzine is looking for a new chief justice for the state's Supreme Court.  The current chief, James Zazzali is set to retire on his 70th birthday next month.

-Today is Corzine's first day back on the job as he recovers from his injuries.  Let's hope he takes it easy for the first few days?  Governor if you're reading this, we missed you man!

-As reported yesterday, the state Senate will consider abolishing the death penalty in favor of life w/o parole.  For those of you who are still on the fence on this issue, read this.  Personally, I think the death penalty is a lousy solution to violent crime: as a matter of public policy it doesn't work and morally it's disgusting.

 -Wind energy in NJ? 

-Ever wonder what the guests aboard the Hindenburg might have dined on had their ship not gone up in a spectacular crash? 

-There is a big election tomorrow (Tuesday) in Evesham for two council seats.  So far this year progressives have fared well in these special elections, winning 3 out of 4 times.    Can you come down to South Jersey and pitch in? If you're willing and able to help out in tomorrow's election you can email me directly or leave a comment with your contact info.  My email address is below the flip.