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Quote of the Day

Craig Carton, the former “Jersey Guy”, on his new WFAN show with Boomer Esiason today:

“Like you I’m a New York guy through and through, down to my DNA.”

Just like when he was a “Jersey Guy” living in Pennsylvania, the racist and sexist Carton is willing to package himself as whatever works.  There is no real Craig Carton, just a mean-spirited little man out to profit off the misery of others.

Jersey Guys are off the air…for now

But this is not the way it was supposed to happen.

Talk WKXW-FM (New Jersey 101.5)/Trenton pulled afternoon hosts Craig Carton & Ray Rossi (aka The Jersey Guys) today following an incident with a New Jersey State Police union. It seems the duo reported on comments regarding a “May ticket blitz” that appeared on a password-protected section of a state troopers’ union’s web site. [….]

No word on when the Jersey Guys will return to afternoons.

In response, State Police union leader David Jones publicized the home address and license plate number of Craig Carton while tv cameras were on:

“I’m going to release the names and addresses of these people and then their sponsors, and all of the car dealerships and everybody else that sponsors that show is going to have to deal with the reality that they’re putting public servants and the public in general in harm’s way, and I’m going to make sure that everybody knows, until they get their act together, who these people are, where they live, what they do and how it is that they’re misleading the public and creating this furor.”

The Jersey Guys say horrible things every day with seemingly no regard for the consequences of their words, but there is no justification for intimidating anyone by releasing their personal information to the public. Bad move.

The Courier Post is already calling for State Attorney General Stuart Rabner to suspend Jones. I think I have to agree with that suggestion. If these media reports are accurate, what he did is simply unacceptable.

Update: The Star Ledger reports that “both the radio station and the State Police brass are asking Rabner to look into whether Jones broke any laws or regulations guarding personal information.”

But this is where they lose credibility:

“This form of intimidation and extortion is reprehensible,” said a statement from Andrew J. Santoro, Millenium’s chief operating officer. “We are requesting a full investigation from the New Jersey State Police and the Attorney General’s office regarding this serious abuse of power.”

Of course, he’s right, but it’s almost laughable coming from him. He’s responsible for allowing the continuation of a radio program that urges listeners to turn in to authorities basically anyone who looks Hispanic. That’s not just intimidation – it’s racist, too.

Update 2: The Jersey Goddess thinks this might be a case of bad karma for the Jersey Guys.

Update 3: [Jay] (after the flip)