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NJ GOP is not stronger than Superstorm Christie

Next Thursday June 12th the legislature plans to try a veto override of Christie’s CV of the ‘Sandy Bill of Rights.’ Here’s why it matters. And what you can do – right now. Cross-posted at Marie Corfield. Promoted by Rosi.

DropDead (new Chris Christie version)For those readers old enough to remember, this image is a parody of the fierce reaction to President Gerald Ford’s infamous but false response to NY City’s 1970’s financial crisis. Even though he never said those words, he might as well have because his reaction to the city’s request for financial help was part of his political undoing.

My point is not to rehash what happened 40 years ago so, gentle readers, please limit your comments to current events. If you want the back story, read this NY Times piece. In a nutshell it was a classic case of liberal vs. conservative values locked in a game of Chicken. The only difference is that unlike many of today’s elected officials, both sides blinked: they came together and worked it out.  

Ummm, Maybe Because the GWB Is In North Jersey?

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Wondering if the good Senator would be upset were there to be only one North Jersey legislator had a Christie appointee or two closed the Ben Franklin Bridge to Philly to punish Dana Redd of Camden.

News Round-up and Open Thread for Thursday, May 3

  • The Biondi Apology Tour continued with a meeting yesterday with representatives of the Black Ministers' Council of New Jersey. He will apologize to the full Assembly and promised to work against racism and for social causes as a result of the meeting. Rev. Jesse Jackson has said he'd like to meet with Biondi.
  • The Latino Leadership Alliance of New Jersey and the Hispanic Directors Association of New Jersey held press conferences in Hightstown and Morristown yesterday to call for immigration law reform in both Our Fair State and on a national level. The two towns have opposite approaches to illegal immigrants.
  • Ethics complaints are expected to be filed today against several Republican legislators, including State Senators Joseph Kyrillos and Bob Singer and Assemblyman David Wolfe, in regards to a federal probe that Democratic leaders allege is unfairly targeting just one party.
  • The state yesterday introduced an “Olmstead plan” to meet the needs of disabled residents in less restrictive housing. The plan will take eight years to move approx. 1,850 people with developmental disabilities into group homes and apartments in compliance with a 1999 Supreme Court ruling.
  • Gov. Corzine's town hall meetings on the budget continued yesterday, but without the gov. Treasurer Bradley Abelow led the meeting in Red Bank yesterday with several other officials.
  • Conservative columnist Phyllis Schlafly paid a visit to The College of New Jersey yesterday to give a speech for the College Republicans and was met with students protesting her position on the ERA and other issues.
  • The state DoT is installing devices on Rt. 80 and I-287 that measure traffic speed by pinging cars' E-ZPass transmitters. They say personal info will be scrambled, but the idea is to give an accurate reading of travel time for traffic web sites. A 511 system for traffic info is also in the works, to be done by the end of this year.
  • On Tuesday there was a brief interruption in the Disney Channel on Comcast, during which porn was broadcast. Comcast says it was a localized problem and they have taken steps to assure it won't happen again. At least one subscriber states she will cancel her subscription- after the NHL playoffs are over. Ahh, priorities.
  • Have time to go to the ultimate garage sale? The Sands in AC publicly opens their gone-out-of-business sale today, with every tacky detail of casino decorating for sale.
  • Open Thread: What do you want to talk about today, Blue Jersey?