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Soooo, What’s Your Prediction?

Pretty much everything that can be done to win has been done to win with the exception of GOTV.  If you can, you should be doing GOTV even if it’s just from your home.  Make a call.  And if a Romney or Kyrillos supporter is reading this post, you should be doing the same.  

But the other fun thing to do in the closing hours — we’ll probably know the outcome in the next 36 hours — is to throw out your predictions for the world to see.  Blue Jersey is offering a grand prize of 10,000 points for the person who comes closest to the POTUS popular and electoral votes, as well as the percentages for Bob Menendez and Joe Kyrillos.

Here’s a good tool you can use called 270 to Win to prove out your POTUS guesses.

You can also do down-ballot campaigns if you like.  

Here’s my official attempt at the 10,000 point award

Obama Popular: 51  percent

Romney Popular: 47 percent

Obama Electoral College: 300 (Obama takes 1 from NE)

Romney Electoral College: 238

Menendez: 56 percent

Kyrillos: 42 percent

Put yours in the comments.

“Other Democrats”

Joe Kyrillos won his party's nomination for US Senate yesterday, and today came out “swinging” against Bob Menendez, suggesting that our current US Senator isn't well liked even within his own party.

Sen. Joe Kyrillos, who secured the Republican U.S. Senate candidate nomination Tuesday,  called his Democratic opponent, Sen. Bob Menendez, “a mediocre senator” who hasn’t the kind of impact past Democratic lawmakers have had.

He said other Democrats have told him so as he kicked off his post-primary battle against Menendez with a press conference at the Statehouse.

I'll bet I know who one of the “other Democrats” are.  One is probably this one:

The president of the Elizabeth Board of Education understated her household income by as much as $100,000 to obtain free school lunch for her children, a state grand jury has charged.

Marie L. Munn, who was arrested along with two others in September after a series of stories in The Star-Ledger about abuses in the federally funded lunch program in Elizabeth, was accused in the indictment of lying on applications for her two children to obtain free or reduced lunch over a five-year period, receiving $4,549 in benefits to which they were not entitled.

Munn, a Democrat, endorsed Christie for Governor.


Christie fail: New Jerseyans could care less about “activist judge” charge

About two weeks before the legislative elections, Chris Christie thought he had found the issue that would lead him to “make history” in reducing the Democratic majority.

Judge Linda Feinberg struck down the part of pen/ben applying to judges. And Christie pounced.

He held a rally with fifty Republican legislators and candidates at Trenton’s War Memorial. Christie threw down the gauntlet.

“Which side are Democratic lawmakers and candidates on? New Jerseyans deserve to know whether they stand with public employees and taxpayers or the privileged 432 (judges).”

Derek Roseman, one of the state’s key Democratic strategists, responded:

“As if on cue, New Jersey’s Republicans have called their biennial pre-election confab to pledge their unwavering support for an issue that doesn’t register with the people they are seeking to represent,” Roseman said. “Perhaps our opponents’ time would be better spent walking their districts and actually talking to voters, as opposed to driving to Trenton for photo-ops with their party leaders. If they did, they’d know, like Democrats do, that voters care about their property taxes, their jobs, and the fact that the Republicans who are spending today fawning all over each other care more about giving millionaires special treatment than they do funding schools, ensuring women’s access to health care, or even providing real property tax relief to middle-class families and seniors.”

What happened next – below the fold.

Transforming NJ into a Digital Business Powerhouse

(Trenton)–Sen. Paul Sarlo wants to turn NJ into the digital media epicenter of the nation.  At a noontime press conference in Trenton today, Sarlo (D-36) announced an ambitious legislative initiative to draw high tech, high-growth digital media platforms to the Garden State. 


New Jersey is committed to taking a leadership roll in the "new economy" and we are serious about supporting the growth of digital media in our state.

 Presumbaly the idea is to woo high-tech and new media businesses with tempting tax packages. 

 Maybe you guys remember a few years back when the motion picture industry was given incentives which boosted that industry here in the state?  This new idea is akin to that.  And according to Republican Sen. Kyrillos, (a co-sponsor) since the restrictions on filmmaking were lifted here, the industry is thriving.  Nowadays, New Jersey ranks fifth in the nation for movie making which I would have never guessed.  Who knew?

 In addition to the Senators — both of whom were positively effusive when describing the virtues of this legislation — some heavy hitters from business and academia showed up including Vans Stevenson, senior VP of the motion pictures association of America who mused that this legislation "puts NJ on the forefront of the fast growing and dynamic digital media industry."  

 Dr. Donald Sebastian (Sr. VP of R&D at NJIT) reminded everyone that NJ is the birthplace of landline and broadcast technology and urged  an "unfair competitive advantage in the global competition to capture jobs in the knowledge economy."

 No sooner did I sit down to post this when i get a press release from Assemblyman  Upendra Chivukula who gave the Sarlo bill a fullthroated endorsement: “Growing  New Jersey’s  economy with new jobs in the high-technology sector is just what we need to help  ensure our state’s economic future,” said Chivukula (D-Somerset) who chairs  the Assembly Telecom and Utilities Committee.

Chivukula translated the technical into layman's terms after the flip…

Town Hall Meeting with Chris Christie

While doing my best to resist the conservative indoctrination that often comes about after two years spent (and two more to go) at Boston College, I try to keep up with everything that’s going on back on the home front, especially in the Monmouth County area, my home base.

In doing so, I saw on PoliticsNJ that Chris Christie, our dearly beloved U.S. Attorney, will be holding a town hall meeting with two of my least favorite Republican legislators, Joe Kyrillos and Amy Handlin, on April 26th at 7:30 in Middletown North High School.  With the great discussion that’s been happening  here at BlueJersey with regards to Christie’s partisan record (oh, and I’m sure it’s purely coincidental that this “non-political” town meeting touting his achievements will be held in conjunction with two fellow Republicans), I just wanted to let share news of the event so that people who are in the area or are willing to travel can show up and maybe ask Christie some tougher questions than he fields from the press, which obviously is all too eager to burnish his false credentials. If anyone has any thoughts on how we may be able to take advantage of this opportunity, please share them so that we can take one step closer to greater accountability in our justice system.