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What’s Next for Chris Christie?

For better or worse, Chris Christie has tied his career to a racist, xenophobic, misogynistic presidential candidate. Christie will serve as Trump’s transition manager – a job he’s qualified for because he is the master of nepotism and cronyism. He’ll…
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Chris Christie Gets His War Hawk On

In this morning’s News Roundup we catch Chris Christie’s self-righteous outrage about this Daily News cover story, which he called “liberal” (oh no!), “reprehensible” and degrading to the “power of prayer,” accusing the Daily News of “trying to eliminate the Second…
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After the Fall

Chris Christie’s 2016 presidential ambitions are waning. What he chooses to do after his relegation to the kiddie table in next week’s debate may show signs of where he might be going next. But even without those signs, it is…
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With Friends Like This…

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I am a proponent of marriage equality, and especially applaud those on the right who buck their party’s dogma and support full equality. One such person who comes to mind is Ted Olson, the attorney who arguably put George W Bush in the White House. If Chris Christie ever “evolves” and allows his GOP legislators to vote their conscience on this issue, I would applaud him, too.

But something disturbed me when I saw a full page ad in the New York Times where one of the supporters of marriage equality was former Vice President Dick Cheney. One of Cheney’s daughters is gay, and he’s given at least passive support to marriage equality. But Cheney is evil incarnate – sending thousands of American men and women to their deaths in an illegal and unnecessary war. Who needs “friends” like this?

Chris Christie Should Look to Dick Cheney For Cues on Same-Sex Marriage

Looping back to this Wednesday diary with info I read for the first time in this post. The involvement of several high-profile Republicans – Cheney, as pbasso_khan tells us, but also former RNC national chair Ken Mehlman and NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg. History will not treat Chris Christie kindly on his decision to stand in the way of fairness on this issue, and along the east coast particularly, New Jersey is increasingly isolated. – promoted by Rosi

Before New Jersey Governor Chris Christie vetoed the marriage equality bill that passed both houses of the State Legislature on Friday, I hope a member of his staff handed him a copy of an article appearing in The Baltimore Sun last week containing some unexpected news.  It turns out that while Mr. Christie was waving around his veto pen, former Vice President Dick Cheney was lobbying Maryland GOP legislators to support same-sex marriage ahead of a similar vote of the Maryland House of Delegates.  With an arch-neoconservative like Mr. Cheney now actively pushing the cause of marriage equality, could the proverbial arc of history finally be curving toward justice?  

Whether it’s his having a gay daughter – or simply the gumption not to care what the rest of his party thinks – I am confident that Mr. Cheney’s landed on the right side of history.  Mr. Christie, by contrast, let politics be his guide and took the cowardly approach.  He vetoed the bill, calling for somehow “strengthening” New Jersey’s ill-conceived civil unions law (currently on the books) and urging the Legislature to call a public referendum on marriage equality, as if fundamental civil rights issues should be settled by popularity contest.

New Jersey lawmakers and citizens should see Mr. Christie’s call for a statewide referendum for what it is:  A naked political ploy, designed to keep his fingerprints off the marriage equality issue.  Perhaps Mr. Christie is calculating that even if New Jerseyans approve marriage equality at the ballot, he will still be able to tell GOP foot soldiers and the pundits on Fox News that he vetoed the bill and would not have approved the measure (had it been up to him).  Perhaps Mr. Christie figures that doing so will keep him in the running as a Vice Presidential pick in this year’s election or as a viable candidate for President in 2016 or beyond.

Whatever Mr. Christie’s motivation, Garden State Equality (GSE), one of our State’s leading pro-equality organizations, is right to focus on the hard work of gathering the votes for a veto override.  GSE has until the end of the legislative session in 2014 to do so.

But, in the meantime, what can the rest of us do?  What if Mr. Christie’s call for a referendum gains traction?  Are we ready for the barrage of fear-mongering advertisements hitting our airwaves?  How will we react when (not if) the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) or the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints funnels money into scaring New Jersey voters away from accepting gay couples and their families?  After all, when the people of California (like New Jersey, a historically progressive-minded state) were faced with NOM’s “Gathering Storm” ads in 2008, Proposition 8 was voted the law of the land even though the election otherwise swept Barack Obama and other Democrats into office.  Will we fare any differently in New Jersey?

Certainly not if we fail to undertake the hard work of making a visible, forceful, and sustained appeal to our neighbors, families, and friends – especially those whom we fear approaching the most.


Christie Running in 2012

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All signs are pointing to a Chris Christie campaign to be on the 2012 presidential ticket.  He has started this campaign already by crisscrossing the country to promote Republican candidates in state-wide races.  But up until recently, he has not proactively promoted the conservative social agenda.  Yes, he is anti-choice and against marriage equality, but he has not yet pursued these measures with the same “in-your-face” approach as he has with his vendetta against public education and teachers.  He is aware of the large number of his New Jersey constituents who still want social justice, and is more circumspect with regard to promoting the conservative line on women’s issues and gay rights.  His relatively low-key approach is most likely designed to avoid firing up the opposition and maintaining as low a profile as he can here.  But to become a national figure, Christie needs to demonstrate his embrace of the right-wing social agenda.

Christie’s approach to implementing the conservative platform is not subtle, but more incremental.  He pleased his base by vetoing a $7.5 million bill for women’s health services even as he approved a gigantic tax cut for millionaires.  Now, he is embracing another Palinesque initiative – abstinence education.  Despite the fact that our schools are in dire financial straits and that it has been shown that such initiatives do nothing to stem the rates of teenage pregnancy, the Governor is promoting a $1 million program to tell teenagers to “just say no”.  

Ratcheting up the right wing agenda is not the only sign that Christie has national ambitions.  If you think his gallivanting around the country is limited to the upcoming elections, you are mistaken.  He is already on the post-election tea party lecture circuit.

It has often been said that every state governor has presidential ambitions, and it’s difficult to find a politician more ambitious than Chris Christie.  And there are lots of reasons for him to make his move in 2012.

Given the secret funding of Republican candidates by shadow groups, the fact that the GOP has a propaganda arm in Fox News that is second to none, including Pravda, and the fact that the 2012 election will be the first under the census redistricting controlled mostly by Republican governors, there’s a good chance that Barack Obama will be a one-term president.  If Christie is not on the 2012 ticket, his next chance to run for national office could potentially be 2020 – a lifetime in presidential politics.  Sure, he’ll be only 58 years old then, but he will have had a much longer track record of mistakes and miscues than he has today.  And the demographics of the electorate will be different, with a larger percentage of the non-white population included in the mix.

So is Christie aiming for the top slot, or looking to become Joe Biden’s successor?  The way the stars are aligned today, it seems unlikely that he would be successful in challenging Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, or Mike Huckabee.  But why would someone as ambitious as Christie settle for the number two spot?  This question can be answered in two words:  Dick Cheney.  Cheney was the second in command to a weak, clueless, and gaffe-prone George W Bush.  Christie may view himself in the same powerful role under a President Palin.  And without any debilitating health problems like those that plagued Mr. Cheney, Christie would then be viable as a 2020 candidate at the top of the ticket.  Of course, there’s plenty of time for the top contenders to stumble, leaving room for the Meshuggineh from Mendham to step in.

The only significant impediment to a Christie run is his lack of foreign policy experience.  To the xenophobic Tea Party, this is not a significant issue because diplomacy requires nuance, and the GOP does not do nuance.  But it might be an important issue to the rest of the electorate, especially given that we will still be in combat in Afghanistan and Iraq, and possibly Pakistan, when the election comes around.  So watch for Christie to ramp up his foreign policy creds – perhaps by participating in missions abroad to promote New Jersey business, or perhaps by participating on foreign junkets with some of his congressional friends.  Such actions would confirm his desire to be on the 2012 ticket.

Christie is smart to lay back and let the big guns fight it out right now.  But don’t be surprised to see our absentee governor vacationing in Iowa or New Hampshire next year.

Remember when????

So, someone sent me a way too long video that they received which was of the “you eeevil soshulist Demmocrats better watch it cuz we are coming to git ya” variety, and I decided that it was way too easy to come up with a powerful rebuttal.

That being said, I put this little video together to remind everyone just how things were back when Republicans ruled Congress (and the White House).  And that this is precisely what they will do if they regain power.


Rush Holt Telling It Like It Is…Again!!!

This is an extended quote from a dairy that Rush Holt posted to Talking Points Memo entitled “The Difference Between Talking Tough and Acting Smart”.

I urge everyone to read all of Rush said, but I feel this last bit needs to be studied and quoted widely…..ideally, the whole NJ congressional delegation (Democrats and Republicans alike!)  should chime in with support and “associate” themselves with these remarks.

“…….Our country confronts an implacable and dispersed al Qaeda threat, and the tools of war have proved ineffective against it. This is not to minimize the strength or the viciousness of the threat. We are fighting a pernicious idea that is motivating people like Abdulmutallab. The tools of war are not what would have stopped Abdulmutallab. It is vigilance. (As it happened, it was the vigilance and courage of civilians on the plane who thwarted the act, because the official agents had not been vigilant enough.) We won’t defeat the idea with Hellfire missiles, whether in the Afghanistan border areas or in Yemen, missiles which too frequently can miss their intended targets and kill others. And even if they hit the target it is a Pyrrhic victory. I have lost count of how many times we have heard that the al Qaeda Number 3 has been killed…. See More

Do not misunderstand; this is not just a polite clash of ideas. It is deadly and deadly serious. We need our intelligence and law enforcement communities to gather information about radical movements, identify training, penetrate cells, disrupt, discredit, and eliminate those who would harm Americans and innocents anywhere. But most of the work necessarily is unglamorous, meticulous watching and analyzing. Prior to 2001, too much of the thinking in intelligence agencies had been the Cold War spy-versus-spy maneuvering and now too much of it is the warfighting mentality that replaced it over the past eight years. The failure to share information in 2001 was that the intelligence community was still in the Cold War mentality. The failure to share information this month was that the intelligence community had replaced the Cold War mentality with a warfighting one. If the focus is on “kinetic action” it shapes how you evaluate and value information. How irrelevant the movements of disciples of an extremist must seem when the focus is on assassinating him. How unimportant the denial of a visa must seem if what really counts is warfighting. A watchlist takes on less importance at an airport if the purpose of it is thought to be identifying an assassination target on a distant frontier rather than sidetracking a would-be bomber.

It is Cheney, not President Obama, who has misdiagnosed the problem and gotten us off track.”

 {emphasis added}


Once a Faithful Bushie

While the politicization of the Department of Justice has been unfolding, it’s good to keep in mind that the DoJ was not the first executive department to be targeted for ideological purges by the Bush Administration.  From Day One, when VP Dick Cheney held his secret meetings with industry leaders to “get their input” on energy policy, the EPA was always Ground Zero for an approach I like to call “Governing by Blind Ideology”.

Of course, we’ve never been able to prove anything – and by “we”, I mean everyone who has tried to expose the blunt politicization of the EPA – because the VEEP has outmaneuvered everyone at every step.  But his two-step of diminishing returns may be finding its way into the corner with the (perhaps) unwitting help of embattled former EPA Administrator Christie Todd Whitman.

According to the Washington Post today, Her’oner is now breaking her long silence over the Hell that was the EPA Administrator’s job under VP Dick Cheney.

Make the jump with me.

How Do You Spell Impeach?

With thousands of grassroot activists, of course!

Come to the State House in Trenton, Saturday, April 28th, 1-4 pm, where we’re spelling out: I – M – P – E – A – C – H! Events like this are happening throughout the USA on National Impeach Day! We’re asking everyone who comes to wear blue and help form a human mural of our I-word on the street in front of the capitol. This historic event is to tell our legislature and governor that we want the Resolution to Impeach Bush and Cheney introduced and passed now! We’ll have speakers and even a plane towing a banner that gets the message out to thousands more across the state.

The State Police are kindly providing a parking area for 200 cars, and there are additional lots nearby. The rally itself takes place in front of the State House at 125 West State Street, Trenton, New Jersey 08608.