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Lonegan attacks Romney, who likes Christie’s plan

More fun and games in the GOP Primary.  Chris Christie was endorsed by the Mittster himself, Mitt Romney in Haddonfield on Thursday, which opened the door for the latest Lonegan lines:

“Mitt Romney was rejected by Republican Primary voters because he was a moderate trying to pass himself off as a conservative just in time to win an election. Chris Christie has done the exact same thing in this race, so it follows that Romney would back him,” he says in a statement.

“This is a case of one fraudulent moderate trying to help another one. Republican voters will see through Chris Christie the same way they did Mitt Romney last February.”

Rejected and fraudulent, it must be getting close to election day. I love the fight over who is the bigger, better conservative too. But my favorite part of the Romney trip into town was learning that he knows something no one else does:

I know Chris Christie. I’ve looked at his plan in great depth.

Maybe since Mitt knows all about the plan and has seen it in such great depth, he could share with the voters because Christie hasn’t been willing to do so.

Republican Endorses Republican! Film At 11!

Well, here’s my vote for stupid lede of the day from the Press of Atlantic City:

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney formally endorsed Chris Myers, the Republican candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in New Jersey’s 3rd District on Tuesday.

Romney, who campaigned for president earlier this year, called Myers an unusual man who offers the district a unique opportunity.

I tell you, I am shocked — nay, SHOCKED!!!!! — that a former Republican presidential candidate “formally endorsed” a Republican House candidate.

I expect tomorrow’s Press will have a story about a dog biting a man on the cover above the fold.

Romney minimizes exposure to Chris Myers

This may be the saddest announcement I’ve ever seen.  Why?

Romney is also holding a fundraiser for 7th District Congressional candidate Leonard Lance tomorrow.

Apparently, Mitt Romney is in Medford to get the heck out of town as soon as possible.  Maybe he’s still upset that Myers didn’t endorse him for President…

Anyway, this gives us the opportunity to see two economic gurus in the flesh.  After all, Chris Myers claims that, as an employee of a defense contractor, he is responsible for creating jobs.  Mitt Romney has good teeth.  

Will Mitt agree with Chris that the economy is “still basically strong”?  Well, considering that Mitt just used $10,000 for his portrait, maybe he isn’t the one to tell us that he can feel our pain.  Especially since he used money from his campaign to pay for it – money that he told people he’d use to run for office.

But then again, John McCain spent over $100 grand for household help (in however many houses he has now).  So maybe the economy is still good in that rarified air.  For the rest of us – not so much.

Look who’s defending Sen. Menendez…

It was highly amusing to watch Mitt Romney and Chris Wallace go back and forth this morning on Fox News Sunday.

Romney and host Chris Wallace went at it over an a Romney ad that attacked Sen. John McCain for supposedly wanting to give Social Security benefits to illegal aliens. Wallace persistently questioned the validity of Romney’s characterization, knocking it down.

But did he do so two years ago, when Democrats across the country were attacked for such a position – specifically our Sen. Bob Menendez?

I think not.

(A nod to Hopeful, who said back then, “Oh, I think we'll see McCain attacked for it during the primaries.”)

New Jersey Republican Donor Habits

The FEC quarterly reports are in.  The New York Times has an amusing tool where they have mapped the donors.  (Unfortunately, the main Democrats are not up yet at the Times, though you can look yourself at the donors at the FEC link.)  You should remember that only donors who give $250 are individually listed and therefore small donors are not represented on the map.

Who are the New Jersey donors supporting?  It’s about what you might guess:  Overwhelmingly Giuliani, then McCain, then Romney.  Romney underperforms in New Jersey compared to his national numbers.  Giuliani is doing much better in North Jersey than Central/South Jersey.  All numbers in the table below are in thousands of dollars and are rounded off.  North Jersey is zipcodes 07000-07999 and Central/South Jersey is zipcodes 08000-08999.  Huckabee is really going nowhere, no wonder Republicans are trying to get Fred Thompson into the race.

Candidate North Central/South
Giuliani 843 191
McCain 369 137
Romney 133 32
Brownback 8 8
Paul 8 5
Hunter 2 0
Huckabee 0 0
T. Thompson 0 0