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Chris Christie Had A Private Plane While Ann Romney Flew Commercial

Buried toward the end of the expansive NY Times story today about the Governor’s lavish travel demands, is this nugget regarding Chris Christie and Ann Romney during the 2012 Presidential campaign:

As he has traveled more widely, particularly during the last year, when he led the Republican Governors Association, Mr. Christie’s first-class tastes have become well known. He made it clear when he campaigned for Mr. Romney in 2012 that he would do out-of-state events only if he was given a private plane, even during the primary, when the candidate’s wife was still flying commercial to save money. The Romney campaign came to understand that he preferred a Cessna Citation X, which, its manufacturer boasts, has exotic wood interiors and a Rolls-Royce engine.

Man of the people, right? That should all play great in Iowa.

Money Talks

If you believe the poll numbers, Chris Christie’s chances to win the Republican presidential nomination are small. Whichever poll you read, he’s rarely in the upper tier of GOP wannabes.

But what the voters think doesn’t matter much. Candidates who show the ability to raise more money than their opponents have a leg up on their rivals. Here at home, an unknown outsider, Tom MacArthur, received the GOP nomination in the Third Congressional District simply because he had the means to fund his own campaign. There were several local Republicans like Joe Donnelly, Randy Brown, and Diane Allen whose popularity in the district could have propelled them to the congressional ballot. But to the party mafia, money trumps popularity.

Christie has shown the same penchant for fundraising.  

Yes. Christie is our governor when traveling, but does he have the time to govern?

Today Gov. Christie will be in Lewiston, Maine campaigning for Gov. Paul LePage at three events. This evening he will join Mitt Romney in Boston to raise funds for the Ann Romney Center for Neurological Diseases.

My beef with his his excessive trips out-of-state is not that he cannot communicate with staff via e-mail and phone while away. He can and does. He remains the governor and can shoot off an e-mail or cell call when something urgent arises. In the midst of a hectic schedule whether he has enough time to understand, address and carefully answer the urgent matter might be questionable. In some cases he may just say “Wait until I get back.”

The larger problem is that there are pressing issues in our state which need much more than a rapid, short response, like jobs, the economy, pen/ben, transportation trust fund, cratering Atlantic County, and more. They require his undivided attention, real work, consulting with others, time devoted, and deliberations, not just kicking them down the road because he is down the road.

His travel requires time to prepare for each event (learning who are the local leaders and local issues), prepare/review speeches, transit in and out of helicopters, planes and cars, greet dignitaries, make speeches, mix with the crowd, sit through meals, and more. With three stops today in Maine and an evening in Boston, does anyone think he has much time to address the vexing problems affecting those he is supposed to represent? By traveling so much he does us a disservice.    

TONIGHT: Christie & Romney party down on the Bridgegate anniversary

Scandal? What scandal? We gonna party DOWN and raise more money for da party of NO!

                                                        – Chris ‘n Mitt

Governor Christie has been in Illinois all day while Newark students staged a sit-down strike in front of his state-controlled school superintendent Cami Anderson’s office, demanding she come out and talk to them. Christie only took notice enough to disparage teenage kids while ignoring their pleas to engage with them, then blow town. He’s only returning to New Jersey tonight – not for you, or for New Jersey – but to party down with Mitt Romney at a shindig put together by prison halfway house-privatizer and Christie BFF Bill Palatucci. It’s sold out, to people who paid $150 to get in the door or $5,000 to cozy up to Governor Gone Boy and Mitt 47% Romney.

New Jersey Citizen Action wants in on the birthday action; it’s Christie’s birthday week and Bridgegate’s birthday, too. They made the video below, all about how much of our money Christie’s blown through protecting himself at taxpayer expense from all his scandals. If you want to say Hi! to Gov. Christie and thank him for wasting your money you can join NJ Citizen Action starting at 5pm outside Christie’s Romney event in East Brunswick.

The Christie Agenda: #GetOverIt

In Utah, hobnobbing last weekend with Mitt Romney’s moneyed GOP elite, Chris Christie tried to lure back the jittery big money that doesn’t trust him anymore. It’s his newest strategy – to pretend that his scandal-plagued administration is no problem at all, and there are no more shoes to drop on Bridgegate. Christie to worried fatcats:

“Don’t be nervous,” Christie told the crowd. “You’ll get over it. It will be fine.”

You”ll get over it. Yup. He probably didn’t think that would go public. And yup, Mitt “47%” Romney should have warned him.

What are New Jersey residents supposed to “get over” with this governor? We started making a list, which you can share on Twitter with the click of each link: (If you’re not on Twitter, you can share on Facebook or email to friends)

  • Cut rebates raising property taxes #GetOverIt

  • Failed To Properly Fund Education #GetOverIt

  • Won’t Make Payments Into The Pension Plan #GetOverIt

  • Gives Out Contracts To Cronies #GetOverIt

  • Vetoed the Millionaire’s Tax to have everyone share in the pain of Christie’s Economy #GetOverIt

  • Used Taxpayer dollars to Fund Self-Promotion Regularly #GetOverIt

  • Killed the ARC Tunnel Squandering $1.25 Billion #GetOverIt

  • Cut funding for women’s health #GetOverIt

  • Presided over the Region’s Worst Economy #GetOverIt

  • Increased corporate welfare as state has struggled #GetOverIt

  • Mismanaged Sandy recovery while blaming others #GetOverIt

  • Out of town running RGA and not minding the store in NJ #GetOverIt

  • Joked about abuses of power within his own administration#GetOverIt

    Feel free to add more in the comments and share on social media with the hashtag #GetOverIt.

  • It’s a little Debbie Downer for a Friday, but here’s a video: Christie’s Failed Fiscal Record

    My friend message strategist Joshua Henne put this together. It’s facty, and I like facty. Joshua is the also the one who put together the excellent Christie by the Numbers at the old One New Jersey site.

    Frankly, the record of Christie’s failed fiscal policies is a little Debbie Downer for a getaway June Friday. But then again, this weekend Christie is out in Utah for Mitt Romney’s “leadership retreat” hanging with the big-business peeps and some 2016 supplicants like himself. Romney’s trying to position himself as an elder statesman and possibly even a kingmaker (Rand Paul’s coming, Christie, and even token Dem former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer). These are the corpo-centric Republicans – just  Christie’s crowd. They can all read, so they probably already know about his economic policy failures. But these are people who still think Mitt Romney’s relevant, so that may not concern them as much as it concerns the average New Jerseyan. Besides, for this crowd, policies like Christie’s that leave NJ unstable, downgraded and in economic turmoil are probably just peachy as long as there’s plenty of corporate welfare. And there’s plenty of that in Chris Christie’s New Jersey.