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Thoughts on the final four

I know the Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul campaigns may take issue with me on this, but I thought I’d offer a short overview of my thinking on the four remaining candidates as I get ready, like the rest of New Jersey and 21 other states, to cast my primary ballot. This is not an endorsement, just me thinking aloud and offering the rationale behind the choice I am planning to make tomorrow.

New Jersey’s Pols: Backing the Wrong Horses?

Cross-Posted from ShapTalk.com:

Officials of both political parties should have learned a lesson from 2004 when key Democratic politicians, including Governor Jim McGreevey, jumped on board with Governor Howard Dean, only to see Dean implode soon thereafter, leaving them with little influence over Senator John Kerry, the eventual Democratic nominee.  Apparently, those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it.  Approximately one month ago, a long line of Republican officials publicly announced their support for Rudy Guliani for President.  Recently, a significant contingent of Democratic officials, including Governor Corzine, publicly backed Senator Hillary Clinton for President.  Both groups of elected officials will find themselves on the outside looking in should the political winds afoot blow in an unexpected but likely direction.