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Voting in North Plainfield, And Already an Irregularity

Well, I just cast my vote for Linda Stender and Bob Menendez and my local ticket.  Maureen, Kendy and I went down to East End School in North Plainfield where voters from at least six of our voting districts cast their ballots.

So imagine my surprise when at 8:30 a.m. there was not a single parking space, and a few cars were parked illegally.  “This is great,” I said to Maureen.  “Big turnout in North Plainfield is a great sign.”

Maureen didn’t see it this way.  “I thought school wasn’t in session.”  She’s always been smarter than me, realizing that these were not voters but teachers taking up all the spaces.

It turns out that while school is not in session, the North Plainfield School System decided to hold teachers’ meetings on election day.  The teachers took up every single space and voters will be unable to find a spot until the meetings are over in the afternoon. 

My worry is that, in a Democratic area of a Democratic town people will get frustrated trying to park and just go home.  Or back to work if they were voting on their lunch hour.

So what did I do?  I called the Stender campaign office at 908-322-1996 to report the irregularity to see if they could fix it.  Hopefully they will.

It’s very important that if you see any impediment to voting that you do the same thing.  We need our folks to have access to the polls if we are going to win.

Here’s a picture of Kendy and Maureen at the polls.  Kendy is really making a happy face, though it looks like she is screaming.  🙂

Kendy and Maureen vote

DCCC Mails Into NJ7

Well, I got verification from a friend at DCCC that they sent at least two mailings into NJ7.  Chris Clizza of the Washington Post confirms it at well.

I don’t have the first one but is commonly known as the “diaper” mailing, which I would like to see.  If you have it post a link below and I’ll add it.

The second is called “Titanic,” and you can download it in PDF because my graphics software won’t allow me to convert it to a graphic file. 

The front is the sinking Titanic superliner, and has the words, “Would you re-hire the captain of the Titanic?”  The back is an unflattering pic of Ferguson with some of the lowlights of his past few years in the House.

Linda Stender Makes Red to Blue List!

The DCCC announced their second round of House candidates on their Red to Blue list, and Linda is on!  That should be worth tens of thousands of dollars for her in her fight against Mike Ferguson.

By the way, you too can donate to Linda Stender’s campaign through Blue Jersey!

Blogs like Blue Jersey and Dump Mike have been instrumental in bringing endorsements and funds to Linda.  While BlueJersey has just a little under $2,000 for Linda and Blue 7th PAC (which runs Dump Mike) a little under $5,000, Matt Stoller of the Netroots Candidates fundraising list said that without BJ and DM they would not have endorsed in NJ7. 

The Netroots Candidates list has raised almost $10,000 in just a couple weeks.  They should be able to raise 5 or 10 times that much, and the Red to Blue list from DCCC the same.  That’s $100K or more that would not be used to defeat Mike Ferguson were it not for us.

So give yourselves a hand, people!  You are making a difference in New Jersey and national politics.

Turn the 7th Blue

Somewhere upwards of 90% of elections are won by the candidate who is able to spend the most money.  This is especially true in New Jersey, where media buys are incredibly expensive.  To have a realistic shot at winning, you need cash.  Lots of cash.

This is the primary reason for the existence of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC).  They exist to help promising candidates get the funds they need to be competitive.  Candidates like Linda Stender in the 7th District.

Buzz and Breaking News over at Stender HQ

UPDATE: As of 3:15 PM, they are only $12,875 $10,975 short of their goal.

So far, our Act Blue fundraising page has 9 contributions totalling $1275.18.

There’s suddenly a lot of buzz coming out of the Linda
Stender for Congress
office. She’s having a really great week and her fundraising, which has always been solid, is suddenly just…taking off. A huge goal is suddenly in reach. And she needs our help.

Incredibly, with just 48 hours left before the filing, Stender is just $15,000 from crossing the March 31 Viability Threshold; that’s the number (and it’s big) set by national organizations like DCCC and Emily’s List to consider you viable for funding on a national level. This is huge; we need 15 seats to Take Back Congress, and one of them could be the first woman in the NJ Congressional Delegation in years.

If you’ve been thinking about giving to Stender, this is the moment. Every dollar you give now is effectively multiplied if Stender’s growing national-profile results in added resouces from national groups pouring into New Jersey to turn the reddish 7th CD bright blue.

Stender needs to raise $15,000 by Friday. Blue Jersey has set up a netroots ActBlue page to track how much the netroots can raise. You can contribute directly through this form:

Linda Stender (NJ-07) $

Stender’s got the stuff: She’s already raised $300,000, more than the 2004 & 2002 Dem candidates combined raised by March 31. And the lady can win an election: She’s been a Mayor, a Freeholder and is now Deputy Speaker in the Assembly. This candidate is worth your bucks.
Help the netroots effort to launch Linda Stender national.

Chat With The DCCC

A lot of folks are ticked off at the DCCC for its heavy handedness and apparent abandonment of campaigns — including the last 3 in NJ7 — that it had previously named as targeted races.

Now you have a chance to tell them about it:

So let’s chat. I’ve enjoyed these online chats more every time, and I hope I’m getting better at answering all your questions and concerns.

  What: Online Chat with DCCC Executive Director John Lapp
  Where: www.dccc.org/blog_chat
  When: Friday, March 10th – 10:00 AM

You can start submitting your questions at that url now, or drop by and ask while the chat’s going on. One of the reasons I enjoy these so much is that everybody who comes is so engaged and wise to the political game that we can really get into it.

Submit questions early, and please remember to be courteous and polite.  Even if you have pointed questions to ask, being rude will not accomplish anything or get the DCCC to be very active in the 7th.

Labor backing LoBiondo’s run

A handful of protestors showed up outside the meeting.  From the Press of Atlantic City

It was warm and comfortable in the upstairs room at Angelo’s Fairmount Tavern here Monday night.

It got even more cozy as labor leaders, politicians, casino representatives and business organizations from throughout southern New Jersey gave U.S. Rep. Frank LoBiondo, R-2nd, what amounted to an endorsement of his re-election bid.

Across the street, about 15 protesters bundled in coats, hats and gloves to hold off the cold tried to turn up the heat on LoBiondo: Members of Citizens for Progressive Representation, or CPR, held up signs and called out to those entering the restaurant that LoBiondo’s congressional voting record is the opposite of what his supporters inside were celebrating.

“The Bush administration has been one of the most anti-worker, anti-union administrations on record, yet LoBiondo has voted with Bush almost all of the time on labor matters,” said CPR Chairwoman Janet Fayter.

Those inside took note of the protest, but not the way CPR would have wanted: Labor officials said LoBiondo has always been there to strengthen the city’s gaming industry, fight for more jobs and stand up for the working man.

“The people who are outside, that’s where they’re going to stay,” said state AFL-CIO President Charles Wowkanech. “Outside.”

LoBiondo told supporters the protest was an example of a political climate in which people “choose to ignore reality and real facts.”

We’ve had previous diaries on whether there will be a Dem challenger, but some from labor were discouraging that.

Another reality that was clear from Monday night’s event was that organized labor, traditionally considered a supporter of Democrats, was sending a message to any Democrat considering a challenge to LoBiondo: Don’t do it.

Roy Foster, president of the Atlantic-Cape May Central Labor Council, said there “won’t be no money” from labor for any Democratic congressional candidate in the 2nd District. Democrats in the district may think they’re automatically entitled to labor’s support, but they are “guests in our house,” he said.

LoBiondo said the event sent a “very clear message” to any potential Democratic challenger.

That creates something of a bigger problem for southern New Jersey Democrats.

And surprise, surprise, LoBiondo doesn’t want to limit himself to his promised 6 terms.  What about the supposed targetting of the district by the DCCC?

LoBiondo had originally pledged to serve only six terms. That would mean LoBiondo should now be serving his last year in Congress.

LoBiondo broke the pledge, saying he gave in to pressure from supporters.

Now, Democrats who hoped to win the seat this year are again faced with the prospect of running a candidate against the popular Republican, who usually wins his elections by wide margins.

Labor officials said they held Monday’s event because of concern that the National Democratic Committee is targeting LoBiondo’s seat in this year’s election…

Outside, Fayter said CPR, a new organization with as many as 100 members, is upset that labor’s decision to back LoBiondo now will stifle something necessary for Democracy — a strong challenge by an opponent and a differing point of view for voters to consider.

CPR is also upset that LoBiondo broke his term-limit pledge, she said.

“It’s time for a change,” Fayter said.