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Fan Favorite $5 Friday!

UPDATE IV: Stuart Rothenberg is now predicting a Democratic takeover of the House. He says:

Our latest race-by-race review of Congressional districts around the country convinces us that a Democratic wave is building and that the party is poised to take control of the House of Representatives in the fall. The only question now is the size of the November wave.

Let’s help grow that wave. We need just 1 more donor for Paul Aronsohn, 1 for Rich Sexton and 4 for Tom Wyka.

UPDATE III: Blue Jerseyans have raised $3,785.27 — that’s almost four grand to take on incumbent right wingers this year. Come on, let’s get that extra $214.73 to make it an even $4K!

With the election less than three months away, now is the time to support
your favorite candidates and make sure they have the resources needed to compete
during the home stretch. Everyone can help out. If you can afford it, use
our ActBlue page to give your
favorite candidate or two $5
. Or $25, $50 or any other amount up to
$2,100, if you want.

We’re looking to get each House candidate 10 contributors from Blue Jersey, so
please help out with just a donation or two. When we all combine our efforts,
it’ll pay off for the candidates and show what Blue Jerseyans can do!

Update: We’re a little closer to 10 for everyone. Come on, folks. Join in the fun!

Update II — A couple more folks joined in. Let’s get to 10 today for everyone and set a new goal next week!

Linda Stender 26
Carol Gay 16
Richard Sexton 9
Paul Aronsohn 9
Tom Wyka 6

And if you can’t decide who to support, or you’d like to support all of them, you can use this form to divide your contribution equally among everyone:


Nobody should contribute financially if they can’t afford to, but everyone can help out by volunteering. Sign up to help one (or more) of these campaigns today:

Remember Iraq?

It may not run as the lead story much lately, but if recent BlueJersey diaries are any indication, what happens in Iraq matters in New Jersey.

So, starting this week, NJ for Democracy, local DFA groups and others are sponsoring a series of forums across New Jersey on strategies for ending the quagmire in Iraq. The forums feature panels of politicians, academics, veterans, and other experts, bringing a broad range of experience and perspective to the table.

The series begins this Thursday, August 3rd in Clifton when a panel featuring Rep. William J. Pascrell, Jr. (NJ-8), Rutgers Professor Lloyd C. Gardner, and NJ Veterans for Peace President Ken Dalton addresses whether Iraq is the new Vietnam, and seeks strategies for ending the war. The event is co-sponsored by Passaic County DFA and City Belt.

It continues Saturday, August 5th in Morristown with a panel featuring Senator Robert Menendez, Congressional Candidate Tom Wyka, Veterans Activist Joe Attamante, and Amanda Schroeder, sister of a fallen soldier, addressing issues of accountability and security. The event is co-sponsored by Morris DFA/PDA and NWNJ for Democracy, and hosted by Seeds of Peace.

And later this month, on Wednesday, August 23rd in Edgewater, Bergen Grassroots and Hudson DFA are co-sponsoring “If not now, when?” with panelists including Congressmen Steve Rothman (NJ-9) and Rush Holt (NJ-12) as well as other invited guests.

More events are in the works.

Happenings in Morris County

  Morris County Democrats and Progressives have many cool events going on in the next month as we build up towards this falls election.  Here are just some of them:

On Thursday July 20th, Morristown’s Drinking Liberally Group will be meeting at the Famished Frog, 18 Washington Street in Morristown from 7pm until Midnight

On Thursday July 27th, Scott Goldstein, Author of “The Tea is in the Harbor: How Democrats Can Restore Democracy in America” will be speaking at 6:30pm at Pandora’s Book Peddlers, at 9 Waverly Place in Madison, NJ 07940. 

on Saturday July 29th, at 10AM, Morris County Democrats will be taking part in a nationwide canvass.  We will be supporting Senator Menendez, Tom Wyka for Congress and the Wefer/Leary/Hartford team for Freeholder.  Sign up at www.Democrats.org.  We will be meeting at the Democratic HQ, 11 Washington Street in Morristown

Finally, on Sunday August 5th at 10:30AM, Morristown will be host to a forum on the War in Iraq and the problems in the Middle East.  The Forum will feature Tom Wyka, candidate for Congress, as well as Amanda Schroeder, who lost her brother in the Iraq War.  The event will take place the at the Unitarian Church at 29 Normandy Heights Road in Morristown.

In addition to all these great events, phone banking and canvassing for the Democratic Ticket will begin in earnest in the coming weeks.  For all the details check out www.MorrisDems.org

NJ-11: Hartford Out, Wyka In, Frelinghuysen and Kean Out of Touch

The Daily Record has a good rundown today of the goings-on in the eleventh congressional district, currently occupied by Rubber-Stamp Rodney Frelinghuysen.

Chatham Township Committeeman William “Jack” Hartford, who was poised for a Democratic primary battle against Tom Wyka, the congressional candidate from Parsippany, will instead join a saturated pool of contenders seeking a seat on the Morris County freeholder board.

“I am no longer in the race for congressman,” Hartford said at his home on Sunday evening.

“That’s where my heart was, but I think there is a greater need here (in the county).”

In my mind, though I’m certainly not opposed to open primaries, this is a good thing. A strong Democratic team of Jack Hartford and Dana Wefer running for two open Freeholder seats in Morris County is great news. And with such an entrenched incumbent as Rodney Frelinghuysen, Tom Wyka will benefit from being able to focus all of his attention on the general election.

As I said, incumbents don’t come any more entrenched than Frelinghuysen. But judging by his recent sloppy rhetoric, it seems that he thinks this race is going to be the typical cakewalk against a token challenger. Tom can chime in on this point, but I think Rubber-Stamp Rodney’s sorely mistaken. Here’s a sampling from Frelinghuysen:

Frelinghuysen told the crowd that he wants to make President Bush’s tax cuts permanent.

“I don’t apologize for cutting taxes,” he said. “I’m a firm believer in making those taxes permanent. What we really need to do is control spending.”

Kean, who is challenging Democratic Sen. Robert Menendez, said he too supports making the tax cuts permanent.

A standing ovation erupted after Frelinghuysen said staying the course in Iraq and Afghanistan is “truly essential” for freedom and for the troops. …

“In every sinew of my body, I believe what we’re doing in Iraq and Afghanistan is truly essential and is for freedom,” said Frelinghuysen, a Vietnam War veteran himself. He then added that backing out of the fight against the “global jihad” would negatively affect the troops overseas.

…[M]ore people are growing dissatisfied with the president.

Frelinghuysen made it clear that he is not one of them.

“I am proud of our president,” Frelinghuysen said at the rally.

After his talk, Frelinghuysen, who had signed on to the Contract with America 12 years ago that had a provision suggesting that state representatives not run more than six terms or 12 years in office — an issue raised when it was known that he would seek re-election — said he had not supported that particular stipulation.

For the record, Frelinghuysen thinks tax cuts are great, the War in Iraq is awesome, and that he gets to retroactively pick and choose which parts of agreements he signed that he should live up to. And his nonsense about supporting tax cuts and spending cuts is little more than empty rhetoric.

Frelinghuysen Will Definitely Not Go Unchallenged

After some speculation as to whether anyone would step up to run against Rodney Frelinghuysen for NJ’s 11th District Congressional seat, the question has been answered:


Tossing his hat into the ring is Tom Wyka, a Morris DFA activist from Parsippany with a mission:

“Taking back our vision of America – one district at a time.”  [Amen!]

Tom is a husband and father of 2, and graduate of  Bucknell University. He was born and raised in NJ, and also holds an M.B.A. from Seton Hall.

Bless Tom and democrats everywhere answering the call to Show Up in every part of the country! (even Red Jersey)

And Tom’s not even the only potential challenger in the 11th. Also said to be considering a run – councilman Jack Hartford of Chatham.

Morris County – the next Bergen County?