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Frelinghuysen wears out new talking point in Wyka debate

Maybe Rodney Frelinghuysen thinks bi-partisan means talking about working together.   He and Tom Wyka squared off at a retirement center in a debate last night.  Check out a few of his lines from the Daily Record coverage:

“People who paid into the Social Security system depend on that system,” Frelinghuysen said, adding that he wants both houses of Congress to work in a bipartisan way when addressing the crisis that funding for both entitlement programs might face a decade from now.

“I think there’s a need for a bipartisan commission in both of these area,” he said.

Does this mean he’s not going to be pushing those private accounts still unless the commission backs him up?  According to the Washington Post:

Rodney Frelinghuysen has voted with a majority of his Republican colleagues 87.8% of the time during the current Congress. This percentage does not include votes in which Frelinghuysen did not vote.

He voted against SCHIP, against the government negotiating better prescription prices for medicare and against the ban on cruel, inhuman treatment of prisoners.  Here’s more on Mr. Bi-Partisan’s voting record, while Rodney continues with the word of the day talking about the bailout:

Frelinghuysen described the recently approved credit package in excess of $800 billion “the start of a very long process. Just because we gave power to (Treasury Secretary) Henry Paulson … doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods.”

The congressman again called for a bipartisan solution, saying that Congress should work toward for both reviving and stabilizing the economy while improving consumer confidence.

I guess even the reporter picked up on the word game, but Rodney wasn’t done:

Frelinghuysen, during his summation, stuck to his bipartisan theme in promoting the need for the nation to become independent of foreign oil, and to emerge from the current economic stagnation.

“We don’t need members of Congress to poison the atmosphere as we’re trying to calm the atmosphere (for) true financial progress,” he said.

So to recap, we need to talk about very bi-partisan, while not voting in a bi-partisan manner except for when it comes to replacing him with that partisan Tom Wyka to actually fix the mess that Rodney has helped create.

Obama policy advisor Mark Alexander to speak at Wyka event

Be there or be a rhomboid. Promoted from the diaries – – Thurman Hart

Mark Alexander, Senoir Policy advisor to Barack Obama has just confirmed he will be speaking at the New Jersey for Democracy sponsored Wyka Lunch on Saturday Oct. 11th

Event location:

Mexicali Rose

10 Park St.

Montclair, New Jersey

Saturday, Oct. 11th,

Noon to 2pm

Appetizers & Juice bar

Featured speaker

Ron Rice Jr

West Ward Newark Councilman

Essex for Obama Chair

Novick & Geenfield team for Wyka comedy fundraiser

TomObamaRama will bring together some of your favorite progressive political comics in a hilarious night of election year comedy.

STARRING:  Joey Novick and Sam Greenfield

HOSTED BY: Kevin O’Driscoll

FEATURING:  Michael Hayne and Harry Terjanian

WITH SPECIAL GUEST STAR:  Alex Adams as Rudy Giuliani

Rudy’s going to be there ? And Al Gore too ?

Rodney voted to cut benefits for military orphans and widows

Congressman Frelinhuysen has been masquerading as a supporter of Veterans issues for far too long, he consistently pays lip service to Vets and then goes to DC to cut money for the VA, and other Vets issues.

Last week my dairy on how the Congressman voted against the New GI BIll received some attention from a Vet who contacted my privately to ask for further documentation of the Congressman’s voting record on Vets issues.

Your wish Sir, is my command.

Join me for short trip on the wayback machine to 2006…


If you?re feeling overwhelmed by election year politics don?t miss this opportunity to laugh it all off and raise money to defeat the Republicans!

TomObamaRama will bring together some of your favorite progressive political comics in a hilarious night of election year comedy. Headliners Joey Novick (HBO, Showtime) brings his unique New Jersey home town brand of humor and Sam Greenfield (CNN, Huffington Post) brings the funny from across the Hudson River.

STARRING: Joey Novick & Sam Greenfield

HOSTED by Kevin O?Driscoll

WITH SPECIAL GUEST STAR: Alex Adams as Rudy Giuliani

FEATURING:  Michael Hayne and Harry Terjanian

SPECIAL INVITED GUESTS: Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Bono, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Leonardo DiCaprio and Pope Benedict XVI

Darress Theater

615 Main Street

Boonton, New Jersey 07005

Thursday, October 23rd

7:30pm ? 9:30pm

VIP Guests Invited To Back Stage Cocktail Party with Performers

9:30pm ? 11:00pm

Students/Seniors: $20 / person

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Why Wyka can win

It has suddenly become clear to me, like coming out of a tunnel and being able to see everything.

-Some key name endorsements are in the works.

-Our financial plan can put us in the position to afford the foundation of what we need to spend money on, to win.

-Internal polling has injected more than hope into the staff.

Instead of the days and weeks spinning by way too fast, everything has slowed down, I am personally being way more productive. Both my subconscious and conscious are in overdrive. Even in my sleep I come up with ideas.

Rodney doesnt stand up for veterans

Promoted by Jason Springer because our Veterans deserve better.

Its a shame that Rodney Frelinghuysen, a Vietnam veteran does so little to support his fellow veterans. Congressman Frelinghuysen is in the rare position to represent those who gone into harms way, and come back home to find the VA underfunded with discretionary funding that can’t be relied upon during the fiscal year.

Most or all Veterans organizations that score members of congress on their voting record on Veterans issues place Congressman Frelinghuysen at the bottom of the list.

Since 2000 Congressman Frelinghuysen has voted against everything on the Vets agenda, except for items that were passed unanimously or nearly so. According to Disabled Veterans of America, Congressman Frelinghuysen has the worst record on disabled veterans in the NJ House delegation.

Goal: Raise $10,000 for Tom Wyka, NJ’s best DEM challenger.

Voters in NJ’s 11th Congressional district tend to have a libertarian streak to them, They are fairly well to do and have elected Rodney Frelinghuysen to 7 terms in the House of Representatives. Rodney Frelinghuysen is the 5th member of his family to serve in congress. Rodney Frelinghuysen is the safest republican in NJ.

But Tom Wyka knows how to talk to the libertarian leaning republicans in his district, and after his run in ’06, is making serious inroads against this so called safe seat.

In NJ-7 Linda Stender ran in ’06, she lost by 1 pt. She’s looking to close the deal in ’08 and win big. In NJ-5 Dems have improved steadily, year after year, Dennis Shulman looks to make NJ-5 even more competitive in ’08. But Tom Wyka has the audacity to run against the Frelinghuysen Dynasty in NJ-11, and has shown he has what it takes to be New Jerseys best democratic challenger. Tom’s 2006 campaign set district records for the number of democratic votes. To paraphrase what  Bill Clinton said recently “history is on our side”, with that kind of Mojo, it just might be the year that Rodney Frelinghuysen is vulnerable. So its time to get out there anddeliver the change New Jersey needs.

NJEA Endorses Wyka

The political action committee of the New Jersey Education Association, the state’s largest teacher’s union, has endorsed Tom Wyka, D-Parsippany, for New Jersey’s 11th district seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The NJEA is the state affiliate of the National Education Association. NJEA has a local affiliate in every school district in New Jersey, almost all of them the leg ally recognized bargaining agent for that district’s teachers. NJEA also has local affiliates in most of New Jersey’s county colleges and in several of the state colleges.

Wyka says, “NJEA has given me a great honor by endorsing me in the Democratic primary and now in the general election. It’s risky for them to endorse a challenger to an entrenched incumbent. However, the NJEA knows that I am committed to education, and they’ve seen some of the votes that my opponent has cast in Congress. For example, in 2006 he voted for the ‘Raid on Student Aid,’ which cut $12.7 billion from federal student aid programs. The proponents of that bill claimed they were doing it to reduce the deficit, but at the same time they were planning to cancel out those savings with a tax cut for the wealthiest Americans, especially those with incomes of over $1 million per year. My opponent seems to be out of touch with the needs of ordinary people in this district, most of whom find it difficult to afford a college education for their children.

“A strong educational system is absolutely essential to our future prosperity. Our children need a good education in order to be able to function in the workforce and as citizens. Unfortunately, the No Child Left Behind act has not lived up to its promises. We must pass the No Child Left Behind Improvement Act (HR 648), which would close serious holes in that flawed program, and make it work for our children as opposed to working against them. We must also provide better financial aid and lower interest rates on student loans, so that our young people are not burdened by a crushing load of debt upon graduation.”