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Is The Daily Record endorsing in NJ-11?

This doesn’t seem like an endorsement, it seems like a call for the Congressman to moderate his extreme views.

The Daily Record on the 11th

This is not a normal election year. American forces have been in Iraq for more than five years while the insurrection in Afghanistan deepens. The economy crashed a month ago, prompting an unprecedented $700 billion bailout of the banking industry. There are thousands of new voters, many of whom are talking about change. Tom Wyka, the Democratic candidate for Congress in the 11th District says one can not expect change if we return the same people to Washington.

So vote for Rodney for more of the same. 🙂

Unless lightning strikes, Frelinghuysen will win his eighth term.

Do you mean not since 1932 kind of lightning?

We hope that he will recognize an opportunity — if not a mandate — for a new approach. We hope the congressman will use his seniority to stake out new and independent positions when the status quo has failed. We hope he will sharpen his appetite for “best-practice” approaches to long-standing problems (see Wyka and Tedholm above), regardless of which party suggests them.

Congressman Frelinghuysen has had an opportunity the last 2 years to “stake out new and independent positions”. Congressman Frelinghuysen has had the opportunity over the last 2 years to “sharpen his appetite for “best-practice” approaches to long-standing problems”. How many more chances do the voters of the 11th give the Congressman to disavow the failed policies of extreme neo conservatism?

On Sunday the 23rd in the debate at the Temple Beth AM, Congressman Frelinghuysen said he can’t imagine a worse job killer than raising taxes. Progressive taxation with hi taxes for the richest, created jobs as we worked our way out of the Great Republican Depression, and won WW2.

Daily Record on NJ-11 Race: “I Guess We Endorse Frelinghuysen; Hope He’ll Be More Like Wyka”

It’s not at all surprising that The Daily Record would endorse Rodney Frelinghuysen for reelection in NJ-11, or predict a victory for the six-term Congressman over challenger Tom Wyka. What’s surprising (and fun) is how much the paper of record in Morris County makes it sound like they don’t want to, noting that Rodney:

has been resolute in his support of the war in Iraq and generally loyal to President Bush. It’s hard to know where belief ends and loyalty to party and president begins. If nothing else, the past eight years have shown that party unity doesn’t always equal good or productive government. More often than not, it has led to, at best, stalled initiatives and, at worst, grievous mistakes.

Bush loyalist. Party unity over good government. Stalled initiatives. Grievous mistakes. Nice.

And, his opponent?

Wyka, of Parsippany, who is making his second try for Congress, has expanded his campaign this year beyond criticizing the war in Iraq. He backs public financing of elections and increased government involvement in health care, a key point in a nation where an estimated 47 million are without health insurance.

Ok, so let’s see: Opposed the Iraq War. Supports universal healthcare. Proposes “‘best-practice’ approaches to long-standing problems.” Hmmm, what’s an editorial board to do?

I know – call on Rodney, if reelected, to be more like Tom:

Unless lightning strikes, Frelinghuysen will win his eighth term. We hope that he will recognize an opportunity — if not a mandate — for a new approach. We hope the congressman will use his seniority to stake out new and independent positions when the status quo has failed. We hope he will sharpen his appetite for “best-practice” approaches to long-standing problems (see Wyka and [Indy candidate Chandler] Tedholm above), regardless of which party suggests them.

If lightning doesn’t strike, we hope so too.

When do I get my best canvassers back from PA? Nov 5th ?

I signed up at MyBO, and proceeded to create canvass events in my area, joined all the groups around my area.

I get at least 4-5 emails every day about recruiting people for PA, enough already. Obama is up in PA almost as much as in New Jersey.

I kept hearing about how Obama thought the down ticket races are so important, but come on enough is enough. Obama sent an email out to Obama supporters in NJ-11, asking them to vote for Frank Lautenberg, with no mention of Tom Wyka, whats up with that ?

Is Obama coat tails going to make up the split for Tom Wyka, or Dennis Shulman, could Linda Stender use 80 more canvassers ? What about Adler.. hes up in the polls, but gheesh.

SO My friends and I have run roll playing training sessions for people that have never canvassed before. But I had one lady in Livingston quit after an hour, and I paired her with an experienced canvasser. SIGH.

I see 4 Congressional races that in the right conditions, coat tails, that we could flip, and with Obama leading Tom Wyka in NJ-11, thats going to be important.

But PA is in good shape in the polls, when do I get my best peole back? Nov 5th?


Rodneys lack of Main St. & internet presence

Rodney Frelinghuysen Videos ? Good luck finding much content generated by Rodney Frelinghuysen volunteers or his staff or campaign. A Google video search of “Rodney Frelinghuysen” yields one volunteer video, 2 C-span videos, and the 4th video is a clip from Sundays debate between Rodney Frelinghuysen and Tom Wyka filmed by Nick Lento, the 5th video is Congressman Frelinghuysen at the RNC, the next 5 videos are are all generated by Wyka volunteers.

SO the first page of hits has 4 Rodney Frelinghuysen videos and 6 Tom Wyka videos.

Tom Wyka Forum/Debate Drama

Sunday Morning’s candidate forum/”debate” at Temple Beth Am in Parsippany had a few moments of high drama.

As some of you may remember ( http://www.bluejersey.net/show… ) I was kind of displeased that people had to “sneak in” recording devices to capture Rodney in action in public forums.

So I decided to attend this event and sit as close as I could to Rodney and openly video the event, despite the stated “rules” to the contrary….

1st hand account: The last debate in NJ-11

Promoted by Jason Springer:  Thanks for posting and covering the debate.

This morning there was a debate at the Temple Beth Am in Parsippany, between the candidates vying for the NJ-11 Congressional seat, Democrat Tom Wyka, Republican Rodney Frelinghuysen and Independent Chandler Tedholm. I took 4 pages of notes and have reconstructed some it here.

Before the debate started, I walked over to the Congressman to shake hand..

Good luck Congressman, we’re within single digits and closing  🙂

The moderator took questions from the floor, which consisted of a majority of about 50 Wyka Supporters and about 12 Frelinghuysen supporters, with another 70 attendees not showing any affiliation.

On 2 occasions the same republican supporter interrupted, complaining about the selection of questions from the floor. Well my friend, you should have dug deep and got some friends to show up.

Frelinghuysen has been masquerading as a supporter of Vets issues

As the Star Ledger so aptly points out VetsPAC, who has only endorsed 5 other non vets in the cycle, endorsed non vet Tom Wyka over Vietnam Vet Rodney Frelinghuysen.

Wyka did secure an endorsement this week from Washington, D.C.-based Veterans Alliance for Security and Democracy. Guy Stevens, a board member, said they were “very disappointed” with Frelinghuysen in votes on health care and education. He particularly noted Frelinghuysen voted against a new G.I. Bill.

Frelinghuysen explains why he voted against the New GI Bill for the 21st Century:

Frelinghuysen supported a second version of the new G.I. Bill, which he said offered “improved benefits” for spouses and children of soldiers.

But on May 11th 2006, Roll Call No. 144, 109th Congress, 2nd Session, Motion to recommit, Failed: 202-220, Rodney Frelinghuysen voted to  cut benefits for orphans and widows. If Rodney Frelinghuysen and 9 other congresspeople had voted yes, this would have moved forward.


Tom Wyka supports the Bill of rights for Military Families, but as I cited above, Congressman Frelinghuysen voted to cut benefits for Widows and Orphans, but yet tries to reconcile is lack of support on this issue by saying he voted for a 2nd rate GI Bill because it offered “improved benefits” for spouses and children of soldiers. Congressman Frelinghuysen wants it both ways.

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