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Kean Jr. and Offshore Drilling – Perfect Together

As a rule, when Republicans claim to be environmentalists, it’s usually a good idea to check under the hood. But, Tom Kean Jr. has taken the bizarro world of “clear skies” up-is-down Bush environmentalism to a new level.

While Junior claims to oppose offshore oil drilling, and while Senator Menendez actually fights against offshore oil drilling, Junior has been investing(!) in the nation’s largest offshore oil drilling company.

According to the Democratic State Committee, along with as much as $800,000 in oil industry stocks, Tom Kean Jr. holds a personal investment between $50,000 and $100,000 in Transocean, Inc., a notorious proponent of oil exploration and drilling in ocean waters.

Congressman Pallone calls it as he sees it in a statement today:

“Tom Kean Jr wants the voters to think he is opposed to offshore drilling but he doesn’t put his money where his mouth is,” said Congressman Pallone. “He is literally invested in the fortunes of a company and an industry determined to put drilling rigs off the Jersey Shore. His investment gives the company additional resources to pursue their plans for drilling and the industry gives him a share of the profits.”

But wait – if Junior says he’s opposed to offshore drilling, shouldn’t we believe him, you ask? Ummm, no, says Pallone, delivering the prize line of the day:

“When Bob Menendez hears that companies want to drill in the Atlantic, he sees a threat to the Jersey Shore. When Tom Kean Jr. hears that companies want to drill in the Atlantic, he sees an investment opportunity.”

Menendez, Pallone Will Fight Proposal to Drill 100 Miles From Jersey Coast

Senator Bob Menendez and Representative Frank Pallone (NJ-6) announced today that they will fight an Interior Department proposal to drill off the coast of Virginia, less than 100 miles from the Jersey coast. It’s close enough that a spill could affect the Jersey coast. From their press release:

“For five years, this administration has looked to drill anywhere they can put an oil rig and now they are heading straight for the Jersey shore,” said Menendez.  “If this plan goes forward, you can be assured that the president and his oil company friends will be back next year with a plan to drill in another area, maybe even off the shore here in Belmar.  We cannot allow oil rigs to spoil our shoreline or oil spills to threaten our delicate ecosystem.”

“Despite two decades of bipartisan support from previous administrations and Congress to prevent drilling in the Atlantic Ocean, there are many in Washington who can’t wait to put drilling rigs off our coastline,” Pallone said.  “We’ve fought them back in the past, but they’re trying every trick in the book to undo the moratoria.  Not only is this a potential direct threat to our coastline, it’s another step in a slippery slope towards undoing the protections we have for our shores.”

Menendez also reminds Bush of what he said just two weeks ago:

“The president said our country needs to end its addition to oil, but if this is his only plan, he needs to find a new twelve-step program.”