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NJGOP Is Chicken!

Todd Riffle is the Director of Communications for the New Jersey Republicans, and he is the guy who posts the NJGOP press releases on PoliticsNJ.com.  One of the options you have when you post releases is to turn on or off the ability of visitors to comment on your release.

On December 7, Mr. Riffle posted a release about a former Bob Menendez staffer who had been indicted after leaving his employ.  Riffle left the comments open, and so HobokenMidget decided to comment about Mr. Riffle’s past as an indicted political operative.

A Republican operative working for ex-Assembly Speaker Garabed “Chuck” Haytaian’s failed comeback bid earlier this year has been indicted on charges stemming from opposition research work he did during the campaign and could face jail time.

Todd A. Riffle, 32, a former aide to Gov. Christine Todd Whitman and a staffer on several statewide GOP campaigns, was indicted on October 2 and charged with unlawfully obtaining and/or disclosing personal information from a motor vehicle record and false-swearing.

Both charges are fourth degree offenses, meaning that Riffle faces up to eighteen months in prison and a maximum fine of $10,000 if he is convicted, according to John Haggerty, a spokesman for the Division of Criminal Justice.

It takes some pretty big chutzpah to blast a guy for having a former staffer who got indicted when you yourself were indicted in the past.  Plus, how can the Republicans seriously talk about cleaning up ethics in Trenton if they are hiring a guy like this for their spokesman?

But the kicker is he then posted releases on Dec. 15, Jan. 18 and Jan. 19 each of which had commenting turned off. After getting called out for his hypocricy in the comments, Riffle decided that his best course of action was to stop leaving the comments open when he posted press releases! 

How chicken can you get?