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Courier Post Needs a Lesson in Geography

Yes, he clearly says ‘Morristown’ – twice. More than a mispronunciation. Dateline banner at the start of the video is correct, though. Promoted by Rosi

You would think the Courier Post knows their readership. But twice in the video below, the narrator moves the Lockheed Martin facility to North Jersey’s Morristown, not South Jersey’s Moorestown, where it is really located.

And their highlighting of Chris Christie as the savior of the contract is gratuitous. Christie had nothing to do with it. The contract was won based on the excellent work by Lockheed Martin employees and by the taxpayer’s funding of a $40 million tax break to make Lockheed’s proposal cost-competitive.

Ed Potosnak & Blue Jersey Cookies

Ed Potosnak & Blue Jersey cookie
Ed Potosnak & Blue Jersey cookie

This was a weekend of a lot of year-end meetings and parties. Today, some of the Democracy for America folks met up in Morristown (big thanks to the Morris Dems for letting us use the clubhouse) for DFA at the Holidays, where the meeting always spills over into the bar across the street. The talk there was on Gov. Christie’s brittle persona, and whether New Jerseyans are in fact getting tired of his routine, on redistricting and on party infrastructure issues.

Some of the Hunterdon Democrats were partying later today in Flemington, unfortunately at the same time Rush Holt’s supporters were celebrating together, so I missed seeing Holt today. But it was great to see Ed Potosnak, who came to hang out with the  Hunterdon Dems, and he brought homemade sugar cookies shaped like the State of New Jersey. Most of them were green, but I couldn’t resist snapping a picture of Ed with a Blue Jersey cookie.  

Quote of the Day: “Take it like a man, you lost”

In Morristown, Donald Cresitello lost the Democratic Primary in June to Zoning Board Chairman Tim Dougherty 62% to 37%. Democrats want Cresitello to support the Dougherty in the General, but he can’t bring himself to do that leaving for some colorful reactions:

“Donny, what the hell are you doing?” says one enraged Democratic Party member. “Take it like a man. You lost.”

But Cresitello isn’t backing down himself:

“I’m not going to support Dougherty because of what they did to me in the last week of the campaign,” says Cresitello. “They ran flyers with bags of money in front of me, saying I never saw a development project I didn’t like. They damaged my reputation by telling voters I’m a racist. They told people I hated Obama. They damaged my reputation with African Americans, which was an outstanding reputation.”

It looks like the Mayor is not willing to forgive and/or forget.

Morristown rejects Red Cross clothing bin

Some residents in Morristown wanted to just say no to helping those in need and they did:

The American Red Cross figured it would have little trouble getting approval to put a clothing bin outside its office in Morristown. After all, staff members said, similar bins are already sprinkled throughout town.

But after residents argued the six-foot high container would “not be appropriate” for their neighborhood, the Morristown Planning Board denied the request by the American Red Cross of Northern New Jersey. The vote was 4-1.

Not appropriate for the neighborhood? Oh my, this sounds terrible.  I’m sure there’s a real good reason why they voted against the bin:

Shepherd said the planning board rejected the Red Cross’s request “solely based on the community’s comments.”

Residents raised concerns over security, debris, clothes that might have been left outside the bins and increased traffic on the road, said John Fugger, Morristown’s zoning officer.

Trent Pines, who lives on Alamont Court, behind the Red Cross facility, said the bins would increase traffic on his cul-de-sac and would attract people who don’t live in the area. He said other bins in town are already overflowing with clothes and people are frequently rummaging through them.

“We have the utmost respect for the Red Cross … They are outstanding. This is just something we weren’t comfortable with,” Pines said.

Planning Board Chairwoman Mary Dougherty did not return calls for comment.

However, according to the minutes of the July 13 meeting, Dougherty raised “security issues” and spoke of “homeless people going to clothing bins.”

Board Vice Chairman Michael Pooler said he could not fully remember why he voted against the Red Cross request, then declined to comment.

Can’t return calls, don’t feel comfortable and can’t remember why. Seriously, these people should hope they never have a fire at their home, flooding or a natural disaster that they need assistance from. Now the Red Cross will have to try and find the revenue from the clothing they would have collected in another area. Maybe those residents that are so concerned would like to take up a collection since they’re the reason the extra work is needed.

Cresitello hunting for Elephants

If you can’t get enough votes from your own party, go searching on the other side of the aisle:

Donald Cresitello is a Democrat, but the mayor of Morristown certainly has Republican leanings. His views on controlling illegal immigration were more conservative than those of then-President George W. Bush, and his pro-development position has garnered no cheers from environmentalists, a key Democratic constituency.

So with the mayor facing a primary challenge from Tim Dougherty, a former councilman, it’s not all that surprising that Cresitello is seeking help from the other side. The mayor has sent a long letter to registered Republicans in town, extolling his virtues and asking them to change party affiliation and vote for him on June 2. Accommodating guy that he is, the mayor’s packet included a change of registration card. And he conveniently told them that they can return to the Republican fold immediately after the primary. The deadline for such party switches is Monday.

Oh how big of Cresitello to only make them stay a Democrat for the day.  I don’t know if this is the best year to attempt this strategy and neither does the Daily Record:

What can hinder Cresitello’s overture is the fact Morristown Republicans have much to vote for this year. There is a contested race for two Assembly nominations and more importantly, a gubernatorial primary involving Chris Christie and Rick Merkt, two county residents. Even Republicans fond of Cresitello may opt to vote in the Republican primary for governor. And then, there’s the fact the mayor can be a lightning rod for criticism.

As he admitted, “Some may change parties to vote against me.” Fair point.

Cresitello says he’s hoping to get 40 or 50 votes from old friends, but he has to see something in the numbers to go so public with this strategy of seeking opposition support. Now wouldn’t that be ironic if he got people to switch parties, only to have them vote for his opponent. The deadline to switch registration is Monday, so we’ll see if his plan works.

Quote of the Day: There’s no logic

Fred Snowflack has this observation about the Mayor of Morristown, which just makes you scratch your head:

Despite the fact that Morristown wants to locate its public works garage in Morris Township, Morristown Mayor Donald Cresitello says he’s not interested in combining forces with the township to pick-up garbage.

There’s no logic in Cresitello’s position, other than him being stubborn.

Why would he do anything logical?  Cresitello was probably one of those kids who didn’t share their toys either.