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A Conversation with Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll

To be an effective advocate for progressive causes and social issues, it is important that you know your opponents. Understanding their positions, especially those coming from smart people with whom you may disagree, will help you hone your position and strengthen your arguments.

With that in mind, Joey Novick and I travelled to Morris Township earlier today to have a conversation with Republican Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll. Carroll is a libertarian in the Ron Paul mode, and while most of his views are outside of what we may consider the mainstream, he is firmly entrenched in his principals. Our discussion included slavery, marriage equality, the voting rights act, anti-bullying legislation, medical marijuana, and what to do about Camden’s crime and poverty. Some of Carroll’s thoughts may be surprising or even shocking.

Quote of the Day: There’s no logic

Fred Snowflack has this observation about the Mayor of Morristown, which just makes you scratch your head:

Despite the fact that Morristown wants to locate its public works garage in Morris Township, Morristown Mayor Donald Cresitello says he’s not interested in combining forces with the township to pick-up garbage.

There’s no logic in Cresitello’s position, other than him being stubborn.

Why would he do anything logical?  Cresitello was probably one of those kids who didn’t share their toys either.

50 State Canvass

This Saturday April 28, Democrats in 5 different locations in NJ will be going door to door to spread the Democratic message as part of the DNC 50 State Canvass.  In two of those places the walk is taking place just days before an important election. 

In Evesham, there is a slate of candidates for Mayor and Council against the Republicans who run the town and serve as a base of GOP power in Burlington County.  That non-partisan election is on May 8th.

In Morris Township, the walk will help support Democrat Jeff Grayzel in his quest to break the 30 year 5-0 Republican rule on town government.  That election is May 1st, just 3 days after the walk.

You can sign up for these walks at DNC 50 State Canvass.

I will be in Morris Township on Saturday and I greatly appreciate those on this board and at DFA who have committed to help in these special elections.  Hopefully local Democratic victories in these traditionally Republican areas will be a sign of good things to come for a Blue(r) Jersey.  If you’re interested in helping out on these two races outside of Saturday, please call the Democratic State Committee at 609-392-3367.

Close Morris Twp. vote gets May rerun

From the tuesday Star Ledger.

Close Morris Twp. vote gets May rerun
Cost: More than $50,000 to fill a $9,000 committee job

Tuesday, March 13, 2007
Star-Ledger Staff
With Morris Township’s contested election hinging on one vote, a call to a former resident living 8,658 miles away in Thailand seemed to be the way to resolve it.

Problem was, Alfred Lee yesterday couldn’t remember who he voted for. That left Judge Theodore Bozonelis with little choice: He’s sending voters back to the polls.

Alfred Lee was in Thailand and had used an absentee ballot. So its a tie 4217 to 4217.

Special election details below the fold….

Morris Township Special Election

Today a judge in Morris County ordered a Special Election for the contested seat on the Morris Township Committee in Morris Township NJ.  The Democrats have not won a seat in Morris Township, my hometown, in 35 years (Since Watergate)  A win here would be a serious blow to the Morris County GOP which has run Morris Township like a fiefdom for decades. 
  Democrat Jeff Grayzel, who is the Democratic candidate in the special election is a committed progressive, community organizer and activist.  He first ran for Morris Township committee 4 years ago, on opposition to a major development that would destroy a pristine part of the Township near his house.  He is committed to having Morris Township join the cool cities campaign and stopping overdevelopment here.  He has been running for 4 years straight, and has increased his numbers every year. 
  We are seriously outnumbered in Morris Township 5,500 Rs to only 2,500 Ds but 7,000 Us.  We need all the help we can get.  Stay tuned in the coming days for how you can help us.  The election will likely be on April 24th.

Chip Robinson, Morris County Dems and Morris area PDA/DFA


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