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Why Adam Gussen Says He Can Win the 5th

Democrat Teaneck Councilman and Deputy Mayor Adam Gussen running for Congress in the 5th CD exudes confidence, “We are excited. We have a compelling story and the ability to win.” He is on a full-time leave of absence from his corporate job. He has been criscrossing the large 5-county district, and doing a lot of walking as attested to by the soles of his shoes. Fundraising has been difficult, so he has not implemented expensive mailings, but has instead generated some 300,000 robo calls.

He has a tough race against incumbent Republican arch-conservative Scott Garrett who has been in office almost ten years and has held winning margins ranging from 55% to 65% in past elections. What is known as the Romney/Ryan Budget Plan, as Gussen points out, is really the Ryan/Garrett Plan. Garrett’s pandering to financial institutions is off the charts and his social views are antediluvian. Enough said. If you want to know more visit Retire Garrett.

Nonetheless Gussen is confident he is within striking distance because the race is more to the Democratic candidate’s advantage this year. Prior to last year’s redistricting the 5th CD was about 60% Republican and 40% Democrat, whereas now it is about 52% Republican and 48% Democrat, more favorable than most other Republican districts. He is running on the same ballot as President Obama and Senator Menendez who are popular and will assure more turn-out than in a non-presidential year. He also points to the Bergen County Republican party which is experiencing problems including those most recently of Assemblyman Robert Schroeder.

Gussen focuses on how the district has changed and how it advantages him:  

“After redistricting, the new 5th district has gained important democratic towns such as Hackensack, Fair Lawn and Teaneck making this a very competitive district. The Democratic turnout in the most Democratic towns in the district is between 80% and 90%. President Obama lost to Sen. McCain by 9,000 votes across the Sussex county portion of the new district. He also lost by 8,000 votes in the Warren County portion of the district. However, President Obama won the City of Hackensack (a new town in the district) by over 9,000 votes and he also won the town of Teaneck (also a new town in the district) by over 8,000, wiping out the difference in the western portion of the district.

Once we add all the votes for the congressional candidates in 2008 in the towns of the new district and we add new communities, Congressman Scott Garrett is only favored to win by as few as 8,000 votes. A far smaller margin than Congressman Garrett won in 2008 over Congressional Candidate Dennis Shulman.”


The key to the race is Bergen County where about 70% of the voters and 90% of the Democrats reside. The Democratic Committee of Bergen County, with much less money than it used to have, provides Gussen with office space and in-kind services.

See below the fold how Gussen analyzes Bergen County, his finances, issues, and an upcoming debate.


The Record Endorses Jason Castle in the 5th

The Bergen Record has come out and endorsed Jason Castle in the 5th Congressional District.  


They are basically stating that Castle would be a clean break from the BCDO machine, which Gussen represents. They said it a lot nicer than I would have, but the truth is – Gussen represents the old BCDO that most Bergen voters have had enough of.  Gussen was helped and installed as a candidate in a non-partisan town by the Ferriero-wing of the BCDO, which has a new trial or conviction, or sentencing or allegation practically every week – which the Record has had to cover for the past 7 years.

They did not accuse Gussen of wrongdoing, but like my Mom always told me – choose your friends wisely.  You may be judged by the company you keep – especially if they keep winding up in jail.

Calling Adam Gussen: Where Are You?

A funny thing happened on the way to the forum. Three candidates for Congress in the 5th CD agreed to participate in tonight’s event sponsored by Bergen Grassroots at Teaneck’s Ethical Culture Society: Marine veteran Jason Castle, Teaneck Deputy Mayor Adam Gussen, and LaRouche Democrat Diane Sare. Then yesterday Adam Gussen abruptly backed out of the forum. Two calls to his office asking why he will not attend have received no response.

NortherJersey.com reports, Gussen said he was notified last minute of a work meeting. Gussen said he had no choice. “I’m not ducking or dodging anyone.” Paul Eisenman, Chair of Bergen Grassroots, sponsor of the event, said this morning Gussen’s explanation “strains credulity.” Upon learning yesterday that Gussen said he would not attend, Eisenman sent him an email saying, “Since you are presenting this as an occasion that ‘would jeopardize my ability to provide for my family,’ I now conclude that your employment can make demands upon your time on a weekday at about 7:30pm and you only get to know about that demand 36 hours in advance of the occasion. I’ll report that to our audience tomorrow evening. Our many Teaneck members will undoubtedly not be surprised by this behavior.” And while providing for one’s family is all-important, one wonders whether seeking the office of Congressman would not be sufficient for being excused from one night’s work.  

Jason  Castle responded to the sudden withdrawal, saying, “This primary is an opportunity for voters to meet the candidates, learn about the issues, and decide who will be the strongest candidate in November and the best advocate in Congress. To win this district, our nominee will need the dedication to spread the message, meet the voters and present a clear contrast with Scott Garrett when they debate.”  

While Jason Castle earned the Democratic Party Line in Sussex and Warren Counties, Adam Gussen won the uncontested Bergen County line which represents the majority of voters. Nonetheless, Adam Gussen’s candidacy has no official website nor active facebook page and has filed no financial report with the Federal Election Commission. Also with little apparent campaigning, Gussen is relying perhaps on the Democratic Committee of Bergen County’s endorsement and their efforts to carry the day for him.

Another funny thing happened on the way to the forum. Paul Eisenman when planning the event initially invited the two commonly known candidates – Jason Castle and Adam Gussen – and he was unaware of Diane Sare’s candidacy. Her LaRouche supporters vociferously demanded that Sare be included in forum. Eisenman said, “It’s a distraction to include her. How on earth can a person who believes President Obama is a clone of Adolph Hitler seek a position on the same ballot with Obama? Nonetheless, as a worshipper of Voltaire’s philosophy, I have no recourse but to welcome her as an equal to the forum.”

In a further comment Castle added, “I hope and expect there will be a time for Adam and I to stand next to each other and each present our case for the honor and responsibility of this nomination.”  Alas, such will not be the case tonight, where there will be an empty seat on the podium. For further information on the event go here, although it may not be updated to reflect the absence of candidate Gussen.  

5th CD Reality Check

Hello everyone! Now that I’ve finally come from under the awesome crap that had been thrust upon me by Congressional redistricting, I want to comment on posts made on Blue Jersey regarding the BCDC and Lou Stellato and their efforts to find a strong candidate in the 5th CD.

But first there are some points that everyone has to understand as to how I view things:

1. What has happened in Bergen and how it affects Democrats would be happening to the Republicans if we had a Democratic Governor.  But we don’t. So we’re left with a gigantic mess on our hands.  Also what’s happening in NJ is happening in every state that has had major shifts in population.

2. What’s occurred as a result of redistricting has caused a series of events to take place that one would expect to see only in horror movies.

3. I don’t know how many of you had a disdain for what the BCDC stood for before Stellato, (then known as the BCDO), but mine was out of this world as my town was deeply affected by the bull crap of Ferriero and the damage he caused.  Not to mention that I have a real problem with the unethical behaviors of leaders and had been trying to oust Joe long before I even became a member of his BCDO.  I am a Democrat who is a loose cannon, not a die-hard loyalist to the party and certainly didn’t want Joe at the head because he reminded me of Boss Tweed.

4. After Ferriero left, the then BCDO found out that he really wasn’t such a great leader nor a great fund raiser after all and had left the organization with hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt.

5. Then came Mike Kasparian who didn’t know what to do, and things went from bad to “you have got to kidding me, right?”  During that time, it appeared to me that the then BCDO was in a more confused state then when Mike first came on board.  To me it was “who let the inmates out and how did they get control of the institution?”   So I put my feet up and watched the lunacy, remaining the loose cannon and every now and then taking a cannon ball and throwing it when I felt the need.  I even let my displeasure show over the choice of candidates as they were nothing more than Ferriero puppets and let the powers that be know that I had a hard time endorsing most of them.  The most amusing aspect to all of this- was that I became known as a “TRAITOR” to the Democratic Party all the way down to Washington, DC!  Seriously, that’s what happens when you buck the party line: YOU are labeled a traitor!!!

6. Exit Mike and enter this new guy, Lou Stellato.  By then my reputation within the party was- “Laura Zucker is the biggest thorn in the side of the Bergen County Democrats and the Democratic Party.”  Maybe being labeled a traitor by some of the powers that be had something to do with it, but I was still here and Joe and Mike were gone!

7. My first impression of Lou was, “OK, we have another inmate who has stepped forward and got nominated to be the head of the inmates.”  Seriously that’s how I felt.  So I again put my feet up on my desk to sit back and watch the fun. However, I soon received a call from Lou- something no other Leader of the former BCDO now known as the BCDC had ever done -and an open dialogue occurred between us.

I still have a lot of grievances with the BCDC that I will make known when the time is appropriate- like when I want to drop a “bomb” at a meeting when I think it’s needed.  However, I really need to ask many of you: What in the name of sanity are all of you thinking when you attack Stellato about candidate selection in the 5th CD?

Good God, people, have you all lost your mind?  Look, the reality is that this has been one major screw up after another having nothing, NOTHING, to do with Stellato or the BCDC.

This has been a comedy of errors from the beginning, starting with Connie Wagner.  You couldn’t write a movie about this and think it would be believed because it’s just too ridiculous!

In my opinion, Wagner didn’t fit the profile of what we need in a candidate.  Whoopee, she’s a liberal, so big whoop! She didn’t stand a chance in a district with republican leanings like the new fifth.  Exit Wagner Stage Left who probably figured out the same thing. Then there was Harry Carson, who was running, and Jim McQueeny who was interested but didn’t want to run against Carson.  Then we had Terry Duffy, who didn’t want to run against Carson or McQueeny if they ran.  Then we have Adam Gussen and James Castle who are the young kids on the block, who just wanted to file for the Congressional run regardless of who else was running.

So someone tell me exactly where is Lou Stellato actually responsible for Carson’s brother dying and after a lot of soul searching, deciding to drop out, leaving McQueeny who announces he’s going to run, causing Duffy to withhold filing his papers (which one has to ask “what the hey?  Why would he do that?” But hey I didn’t write this screen play); thereby leaving Stellato with McQueeny, Gussen and Castle.

Then McQueeny all but gets the nails screwed into him by business complications and he has to withdraw leaving- OMG!  Gussen and Castle (the latter, who isn’t even in the Convention at this time).

You can’t make this stuff up! And all of this is Stellato’s fault?  What the heck are you people on?

If we look at this realistically, anyone wanting to run for Congress usually has a year to think about it. He/She looks at the ramifications for their family (especially their children if they are very young) and puts out feelers to secure funding so that they can begin to get a war chest established prior to announcing while at the same time putting together a really good campaign team.

But NONE of this happened.  We didn’t have a host of candidates preparing to run because no one knew how the redistricting would go, including STELLATO AND THE BCDC!

A liberal or a conservative candidate, in my opinion, and only in my opinion, won’t cut it in the new 5th CD.  A viable centrist with 3 million dollars actually has a chance of knocking Garrett out.  

So why don’t all of you spend your time and effort trying to find someone who YOU think is the best candidate to run and stop blaming a person and/or a group of people who have no control over life or death or circumstances just so that all of you have an outlet to project your own frustrations on by crowing about it on Blue Jersey.

Trust me, if Lou Stellato was responsible for this mess, I would have been one of the first to attack when the crap began to hit the wall – especially because I was one of the people whose lap some of the crap fell into.

Bottom line on this one:  Stellato is not to blame! Wrong Church!  Wrong Pew!  

New Jersey’s Power Rankings in Congress

See where your Congressman is in the hierarchy! I know we in the 5th and 7th CD can sleep well knowing that our Representatives might be doing something positive for us if they had the will and if they were able! (I would hope that Linda Stender and whoever challenges Garrett cites their current “impotence”.)

Ironically, Frank Lautenberg would be a lot higher in seniority had he not retired for 2 years. I would expect Senator Menendez to rise quickly in the next few years as long as the Senate Democrats maintain and increase the majority.


Name Rank in State Score Rank in Senate
Sen. Lautenberg (D-NJ) 1 23.06 31
Sen. Menendez (D-NJ) 2 13.75 72

Name Rank in State Score Rank in House
Rep. Pallone (D-NJ-6) 1 30.07 17
Rep. Andrews (D-NJ-1) 2 23.07 68
Rep. Holt (D-NJ-12) 3 21.02 91
Rep. Rothman (D-NJ-9) 4 20.02 107
Rep. Pascrell (D-NJ-8) 5 17.77 153
Rep. Payne (D-NJ-10) 6 14.03 218
Rep. Frelinghuysen (R-NJ-11) 7 13.53 231
Rep. Saxton (R-NJ-3) 8 12.57 245
Rep. Sires (D-NJ-13) 9 12.00 271
Rep. LoBiondo (R-NJ-2) 10 9.03 346
Rep. Smith (R-NJ-4) 11 8.53 367
Rep. Ferguson (R-NJ-7) 12 7.78 387
Rep. Garrett (R-NJ-5) 13 6.28 411