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News Roundup

Haven’t done one of these in a while. Are they useful?

  • 60% of New Jerseyans give Bush two thumbs down. 37% haven’t been paying attention. Among women, his numbers get even worse: 28%-68%.
  • Dick Cheney was in Newark today for a fundraiser for Tom Kean, Jr. No word yet on whether Kean Jr survived. “This gives new meaning to a campaign shooting itself in the foot” – Brad Lawrence, Menendez consultant.
  • Why does NJ support a $1.6 billion plan to deepen the NY-NJ harbor but oppose a $500 million plan to do the same in the Delaware River? The official answer is environmental concerns. Hmmmm….
  • A memorial mass for Laurel Hester will be held at noon March 4 at St. Mary’s By the Sea Episcopal Church in Point Pleasant. (NY Times obituary)
  • Corzine won’t be raising the gasoline tax. “You can’t even say it’s on life support,” said one legislative official. Instead, he’ll borrow billions to refinance the debt. A short term fix, for sure.
  • You’ve got mail! And if you’re Corzine, you’ve got 13 people to read the 7,000 letters you’ve gotten in the past month.
  • Jersey City’s got a serious chromium problem: “On a field trip earlier this month to a known chromium waste site on Garfield Avenue – that was supposed to be covered with a protective liner – the researchers found chunks of chromium sitting on top of the liner, a block from homes.”
  • Check out our mini-podcast with Sen Menendez. Then, subscribe to the podcast.
  • Links of the day: Tom Wyka for Congress, running in the 11th district. Learn more about his opponent Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen at MeetRodney.com. NJ-11 and Blue 11th are keeping an eye on Frelinghuysen, too.
  • The Bus, the Constituents, and the Absentee Councilman

    Let’s say that you live in a neighborhood that is serviced by public transportation – say, a bus service.  Let’s say that bus takes you to the doctor’s office and pharmacy, connects you to fresh vegetable and fruit vendors, and lets you visit your family in the neighboring town.  It connects you to major transportation hubs where you can get to work in Manhattan in less than an hour.  It lets you take your kids and grandkids, maybe even your visiting relatives, to Liberty State Park.

    Now imagine finding out that the bus service was halted.  Not suspended.  Not a schedule change to save a bit of money.  It just quit running.  There you are, waiting for work or trying to get to the doctor, looking down the street like a moron looking for the bus that never comes.

    Now imagine calling your City Councilman only to find out that a football game was more important.

    Jersey City Tries to Help Poor – Hudson Republicans Scream in Protest

    A note from the Jersey Journal:

    The Jersey City Housing Authority is considering entering into a deal with Citgo, the oil company owned by the government of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

    Citgo recently announced it would sell heating oil at low cost to U.S. cities for use by low-income residents. Several cities — including Philadelphia and Boston — are taking advantage of it.

    But several conservative groups are calling on Americans to boycott Citgo products because of Chavez, a socialist and outspoken critic of the Bush administration.