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NJ United for Marriage challenges John Tomicki to a debate

NJ United for Marriage wants to debate equality opponent John Tomicki. In public. Right out in front of everybody. Want to see that happen?

Longtime advocates are used to seeing Tomicki pop up everywhere where progress might be made on gay rights, to get in the way of it if at all possible.

At Blue Jersey, we used to call Tomicki Chicken Little. Because you know, if you let teh gays catch up with teh regulars, the earth shifts on its axis – and not in a good way – the skies fall and and marriages of God-fearing folks he thinks he reps will come to harm. (But not, it turns out, his marriage). It’s not just about getting hitched, Tomicki’s also pretty much the last person on Earth who still believes it’s a good idea to take gay kids and try humiliating and torturing the gay right out.

But, I digress. Tomicki has been around a long time. Who better to debate? Who knows the arguments better than him? President of the Black Robe Regiment of New Jersey (who must now “arise and awaken” to oppose separation of church and state), and the ED of the League of American Families (because putting Families in your name authorizes you to determine what’s normal). He’s a fixture of the other side and knows all the arguments. He’s made them for years.

So. Mike Premo (whose Q&A with Blue Jersey we’ll post Friday) is challenging John Tomicki to a debate. Moderator, and location, neutral. To fufill that requirement, Premo’s suggesting a debate hosted by NJTV, and moderated by journalist Michael Aron or Mike Schneider.

All joking aside, this should happen.  

Love Fest II

Last week, the Assembly Education Committee passed a tenure reform bill with all stakeholders lavishing praise on the legislators and on one another for coming up with a bill that was acceptable to all. Not to be outdone, today the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee heard from many of the same folks, and the love fest continued. Senator Teresa Ruiz, the author of the Senate version, was the target of most of the adoration.

As Republican Senator Kevin O’Toole noted, “To see John Tomicki [of the League of American Families] and the NJEA [simultaneously] praise this effort…speaks volumes.”

While the GOP abstained as a bloc in the Assembly, today’s vote was unanimous for the Senate bill (which Governor Christie said he will support). No one went away completely happy. The NJEA objected to the fact that taxpayer-funded charter schools are not subject to these reforms. The New Jersey Press Association testified that the process for tenure hearings will not be transparent. Some praised the fact that this was a first step in the goal of complete elimination of tenure.

Here’s the complete testimony. Let us know what you think. Is this kumbaya or is it a sell-out?

Right Wing: Passing Marriage Equality is Like Encouraging Obesity

It wouldn’t be Spring in New Jersey without three things: a struggling Yankees team, a budget crisis, and the local right wing showing just how crazy and irrational they are about gay people.

At a news conference earlier this week, wingers from far and wide gathered to attack same-sex families and disparage the overwhelming evidence that says civil unions hurt these families. Reporters from NJ 101.5 were on hand and reported on the conference.

NJCPPM says it is defending “traditional values” and is pushing for a ballot question in next year’s election asking voters if they would like the constitution to state in law that marriage is only between a man and a woman. Members say they’ll accept whatever the public decides. NJCPPM chief John Tomicki says he’s not asking for the ballot question this year because his group doesn’t want the issue to interfere with the gubernatorial election.”

Jim White with the Knights of Columbus is a NJCPPM associate. He says, “Never until now has anyone thought that marriage should be between the people of the same sex. Frankly, the government does not have the right to meddle with marriage.” He adds, “It’s also a well-know fact that the homosexual lifestyle or homosexual practice is very unhealthy. Government should discourage it and not elevate it to a level by calling it marriage. In an age where we worry about people being overweight and going after them and the government interfering in that, what is the government doing promoting a lifestyle that is inherently unhealthy?”

In other words, giving gay and lesbian families equal rights is like encouraging obesity, say the New Jersey anti-gay activists. One can only wonder if marriage equality would involve as many bags of Cheetos as obesity presumably does.

As laughable as that statement is, it also shows us something. The right wing’s ever-shifting arguments against marriage equality in New Jersey are becoming more and more desperate. The wingers know marriage equality will soon be the law of the land here in Jersey, and they’re afraid.

In the meantime, help yourself to some Cheetos (and take the poll below).

Anti-gay crusader admits the sky won’t fall

A common refrain from those who oppose equal rights for gay couples is that allowing gays to marry and raise families will somehow throw the earth off its axis and crumble the institution of marriage.

But yesterday at the Statehouse we were treated to some unexpected honesty from John “Chicken Little” Tomicki, president of the misnamed “New Jersey Coalition to Preserve and Protect Marriage.”

Chairman of Garden State Equality Steven Goldstein, who was married in Canada a few years ago, confronted Tomicki about his claims during a press conference.

Goldstein: “You’re still married after 50 years, right? So my marriage has not affected your marriage.”

Tomicki responded incredulously: “Why would it?”

And now with that smoke screen blown away, there’s not much left to hide the naked homophobia.

Click here for the audio (from civilunionsdontwork.com).

Tosser of the Day

It’s been a while since someone was dubbed the daily tosser, but I couldn’t let this one pass. John Tomicki, president of New Jersey Coalition to Preserve and Protect Marriage ®:

“We know certain people who are genetically predisposed when they have that first drink they can’t stop. But the good book [the Bible] tells us drunks will not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. So homosexuality may be a condition, but being gay or lesbian is a choice.”

I know certain people are predisposed to daily bouts of verbal diarrhea, but we don’t try to relegate them to second class status. We do, however, chuckle profusely in their general direction.