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Confused Headline of the Day

In an article about the New Jersey state government reviewing the contracts for Abbott superintendents across the state, Gannet used this headline:

DEP to review contracts for Abbott district schools chiefs

Not sure why the Department of Environmental Protection is in on this one, but maybe the Department of Education just needs some help.

Smoking Ban Destroying New Jersey!

OK, now that this is public I am waiting for some winger to scream about how the indoor smoking ban is destroying the environment and ruining tourism to the state.

Spent cigarette butts are washing ashore in sharply greater numbers than ever, according to data collected from recent volunteer beach cleanups, and environmentalists believe it’s all because of the indoor smoking bans New Jersey and New York passed in recent years.

Pelosi Visits Princeton, Friday, February 29

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will be in Princeton on Friday, February 29. She’ll be speaking at a 12:30 pm fundraiser for Congressman Rush Holt at the Princeton Marriott Forrestal Hotel on College Road East, Plainsboro. Here is a copy of the flyer announcing her speech:

Pelosi Princeton Flyer

For more info, please contact: noodletalk@mindspring.com

I can’t stand it anymore, so I started NJ Draft GORE

AL Gore has positioned himself perfectly to run for the White House in 2008. In fact for all intensive purposes he has been running. The Democrtaic nomination is his for the taking.

Our/my goal is to restore Al Gore to the White House. As an unofficial, grassroots organization, we are creating a cadre of boots on the ground whose goal is to propel Al Gore unerringly to the White House.