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Gloucester Township GOP Municipal Chair & Treasurer Switch Parties, Senate Candidate drops out

It’s been a rough day for the Republicans in Gloucester Township.  First, their Municipal Chairman and treasurer swtiched parties endorsing the complete Democratic Slate saying…

Simply put, it is no contest. On all kinds of  issues and initiatives, our Democratic representatives have championed the needs of the taxpayers, and they are dedicated to continue being their advocates,” said Mellace and Charles Klingberg, the GOP organization Treasurer, who is also switching parties. “By contrast, the county and local Republican parties and their candidates have been silent or ineffective – or both – on matters important to our hard-working residents That’s why the Republicans continue to lose elections.  They serve up candidates and  platforms that are short on ideas and the commitment to do the hard work required to meet the needs of the township and the region.”

And speaking of losing elections, it doesn’t look like the Republicans will have much hope of defeating Senator Fred Madden who represents Gloucester Township because Madden is now running unopposed after his opponent has apparently dropped out of the race…

Now, Madden is unopposed in his bid for re-election to a second term. His Republican opponent, former Gloucester Township GOP Chairman John Jankowski, dropped out of the race on June 24, and so far, no new challenger her emerged.

Jankowski sent his notice of withdrawal to Camden County Clerk James Beach, whose office confirms they received it on June 29. But technically, Jankowski remains on the ballot, since his letter should have gone to the state Division of Elections.

I’m sure the Republicans will spin it as they’re getting rid of the dead wood or something, but when your elected officials and party leaders switch while one of your remaining candidates drops out, it becomes difficult to claim victory.

Better Know a Legislative District: The Fightin Fourth

Kicking off the “Better know a Legislative District” series, I will take a look at the fightin fourth. 

New Jersey’s 4th Legislative District contains 10 towns across the counties of Camden and Gloucester including Clementon Borough, Franklin Township, Glassboro Borough, Gloucester Township, Laurel Springs Borough, Lindenwold Borough, Monroe Township, Newfield Borough, Pitman Borough and Washington Township.

As of last count, there were 188,830 voters registered in the 4th district with the majority, 56% as independents, 28.5% Democrat and 15.5% registered Republican.  There are Democratic mayors in 7 of 10 towns and the county has been trending Democratic even though it has historically been a very close swing district.  Gloucester Township elected its first Republican Mayor in decades last cycle and Newfield now has a Republican mayor; however Democrats took control in Franklin Township and now hold all seats on council in Washington Township.  Democrats hold many county offices in Camden and Gloucester counties, but this district has had historically close elections including the 2003 contest in which Senator Madden won his seat by 63 votes.  In 2005, Assemblymen Mayer and Moriarty faced Republicans Frank Winters and Corey Ahart defeating them handily 63% to 37%.  There are no clear challengers to any of the seats as of this time.

The clock is ticking on the Senate Majority Leader et al

Rather than give the Democratic majority 6 months to establish marriage equality, the progressive community should give them 6 weeks.  As far as I am concerned, the clock is ticking on Trenton Democrats.

If marriage equality has not been established by Wednesday, December 6, and/or our State Senators or State Assemblypersons have not at the very least stood up and been counted as supporters of marriage equality by then, progressives need to begin shopping around for alternative representation.

I don’t know when the filing deadline is for the 2007 legislative primaries, but I do know that April 25 is definitely too late to begin launching primary challenges.

Democrats Introduce Legislation to Halt Sale of Phone Records

Several websites have sprung up recently that will sell you the cell phone record of anyone you want, for a low, low price. All you need is their cell phone number. Two sites that have recently shut down are CellTolls.com and LocateCell.com, which let you buy records for $89.95 and $110. But new ones have popped up to take their place.

Fourth district Assemblymen Dave Mayer and Paul Moriarty introduced A-2539 – the Consumer Telephone Records Protection Act of 2006 – this afternoon, a bill that would end the sale of private phone records of New Jersey residents. Senator Fred Madden introduced an identical Act in the Senate today as well, noting that “with the ongoing threat of identity theft, this legislation is crucial for New Jersey to protect the privacy rights of its citizens.”

The bill would make obtaining someone else’s confidential phone records without their authorization a third degree crime. The bill also applies to phone company employees who knowingly give out confidential information.

The legislators also wrote a letter to the State’s Attorney General, Zulima Farber, asing for a temporary restraining order against these internet sites:

We would like to see the Attorney General’s office act to protect NJ Consumers by taking action to halt this invasive process.

I’m glad to see New Jersey’s legislators acting on this. Hopefully the legislature will act quickly to approve this important legislation.