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It Takes an Assemblyman being Wronged to get Police Cameras Right

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Over the past few weeks I’ve tried to display some balance amidst the celebratory coverage of the Camden County Police Force. I hope it is possible to celebrate the drop in crime while also acknowledging the politics played with both the department and its numbers over the past few years. More importantly, I think it’s critical to highlight the voices of those, particularly racial minorities, who are having a different experience with the police force. Part of the reason that is critical is that the troubles of Ferguson were underpinned by a lack of voice for that same population. That’s why I found the recent rush to legislation over crime cameras to be such good news, but also indicative of the difficultly we have in listening to vulnerable communities.

Really? No culture of intimidation in Christie’s office?

Sometimes I’ve been critical of the DNC inserting itself too strenuously into the deepening Christie scandals. I don’t want to see them contribute (unwittingly) to the fictional claim by the GOP investigations going are anything but necessary due diligence of one branch examining what appears to be massive abuse of government power in the executive branch. And also I have to question where the hell the national Dems were when they had the chance to help power Buono’s campaign against him, back when he looked stronger.

Then they go and do something like this, hitting it dead-on. Today, Christina Genovese Renna, who worked under Bridget Kelly, testified for almost 6 hours. DNC pulled out one of the key moments in all that video. Christie, defiant bloviator to the core, just days ago dared everybody to prove he created a culture of intimidation in his office. The Ledger sure pins that on him.

And then there’s Renna’s testimony today. Asm Paul Moriarty asked her why she didn’t report immediately that her boss, Bridget Kelly, asked her to destroy evidence. Video is just over 1 minute.

Update on Asm Paul Moriarty DUI arrest

Some new details emerging today on yesterday’s arrest of Assemblyman Paul Moriarty (D-4) for driving while intoxicated and his reported refusal to submit to a Breathalyzer test.

The refusal to provide a breath sample is a challenge to understand. Was he advised by counsel to refuse? Is there a medical reason involved? Refusal is essentially

From State of New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission regulations on Driving Under the Influence:

Breathalyzer test

In New Jersey if you get arrested for a DUI, you must take a Breathalyzer test. When you get your license in New Jersey, you give consent for this test, known as “implied consent.” If you refuse to take a Breathalyzer test, you will be detained and brought to a hospital where hospital staff may draw blood.

If you refuse a Breathalyzer test, you will face the same loss of driving privileges as a DUI offense.

Was blood drawn from the Assemblyman? If not, why not? Results?

Info released in statement today from Washington Twp. PD: Moriarty was arrested at 3:53pm yesterday. He was alone in the car, on State Hwy 42 in Turnersville. Police statement confirms that he refused the Breathalyzer. He was charged the assemblyman with failure to maintain his lane, refusing the breath test and DUI. Pending a court date on Aug. 8, he was released.

Star-Ledger requested the full police report, and was told they would need to formally file a request

Asm Paul Moriarty arrested, disputes DWI charge

Assemblyman Paul Moriarty is disputing a charge of driving while intoxicated in his home town yesterday afternoon. He says his arrest yesterday was an “abuse of power” by a Washington Twp. police officer, in the town where he was mayor for 4 years. He says he wasn’t drunk, hadn’t had even a single alcoholic drink.

Gloucester Twp. Patch has him refusing to provide a breath sample via breathalyzer at the police station. He was given a field sobriety test, which Moriarty says he passed. But refusing to submit to a breathalyzer test is against the law in this state, and can result in the same loss of driving privileges as DWI.

Moriarty was mayor of Washington Twp, for 4 years 2004-2008, surviving an effort to recall him organized by a resident in 2006, the year after he was elected to the NJ Assembly. Prior to that, Moriarty was a reporter out of CBS-3 in Philly.

Moriarty sent this statement to press late last night:

This afternoon after spending over an hour at my local car dealership and heading to grab lunch, I was pulled over by a Washington Township Police Officer who claimed I had cut him off at an intersection.   I disputed his assertion which led him to order me from my car, submit me to a field sobriety test and issue a summons for DUI.   Let me be clear:  I had consumed no alcoholic beverages, and this entire episode was an abuse of power.  

The Officer that detained me, today, was previously fired from the Washington Township Police Department for allegedly being untruthful in an Internal Affairs Investigation.  A court subsequently ordered his reinstatement.  

My attorney intends to vigorously defend these allegations, which may include filing charges with Washington Township Police Department’s Internal Affairs.  

Moriarty serves LD-4 along with Sen. Fred Madden and Asw Gabriela Mosquera, representing Chesilhurst, Clementon, Gloucester Township, Laurel Springs, Lindenwold, Monroe (Gloucester), Pitman, Washington (Gloucester) and Winslow.

Not as Egregious as Bush v Gore, But Still a Wrong Court Decision

I’m no fan of Gabriela Mosquera. She’s got limited experience and is just not ready to assume the role as a New Jersey Assemblywoman. She’s a loyal soldier to the South Jersey Democratic machine, and would not be an independent voice in the Assembly.  If I lived in the district and were to ever vote for a Republican, Pat Fratticcoli, one of Mosquera’s opponents, would get my vote. But that’s not my call. Nineteen thousand voters in District 4 overwhelmingly selected Mosquera and her running mate Paul Moriarty over their opponents Fratticcioli and Shirley Lovett.

That’s why today’s Supreme Court decision is so troublesome. As the Gloucester County Times reported,

Minutes before the 215th Legislature – including the Fourth District’s Gabriela Mosquera – was set to be sworn into office today, a Supreme Court order issued a stay that keeps the Democrat Assemblywoman-elect from raising her right hand and taking her seat in the Assembly.

I’m no lawyer, and don’t have the insight of the testimony and evidence that the court heard, but for me as a citizen, their decision lacks common sense. Shirley Lovett, the top Republican vote getter, is contesting Mosquera’s victory based on an arcane residency requirement that was shot down by the Supreme Court a decade ago. And while the residency requirement is the law, it’s just plain wrong in my opinion.

The Democrats will continue their fight – after all, this is just a stay, not a disqualification. Let’s hope they prevail and the voices of the voters of the district are heard. And let’s hope that Gabby Mosquera grows into the job quickly and establishes herself as an independent advocate for Democratic ideals.

GOP Voter Suppression (Again!)

There are few Republicans that I would consider voting for. But if I see a member of the GOP who I think would bring the party back to becoming a viable loyal opposition instead of a bunch of extremist corporatists, I would consider voting for that candidate.

Shelley Lovett was such a candidate in the recent election, a Republican running for Assembly from the Fourth Legislative District in Gloucester County. While she lost to political neophyte Gabriela Mosquera, Lovett was the kind of Republican we need in Trenton. When I met with Lovett back in October, she said “public education is the most important thing we can give our children” – heresy in the Christie religion.  Lovett was open to the idea of giving voters a say in the establishment of charter schools and had concerns about the use of standardized tests in teacher evaluation as proposed by Governor Christie’s “reforms.” Lovett’s Assembly running mate, Pat Fratticcoli, is also a member of that dying breed of moderate Republicans, and had either one been elected, I would not have been disappointed.

I’m Not Sure I Can Hold My Nose This Time

Multiple attempts to reach out to state representatives without ever a response? What could possibly be your reasons, Senator Madden? Assemblyman Moriarty? Assemblywoman Mosquera seems to have a chance here to do better with this constituent than her colleagues. – promoted by Rosi

It seemed like a simple question to me. A question I posted on the Facebook page of the Democratic NJ State Legislature candidates for the 4th Legislative District.

Senator Fred Madden and Assemblyman Paul Moriarty are incumbents. Gabriela Mosquera is a newcomer, running for the seat formerly held by Republican Domenic DiCicco, who was redistricted out of LD-4 in April.

I have written to my state representatives numerous times on a variety of issues, both state and local. Never once have I ever received a response, not even a form letter or a robo-email, from Madden or Moriarty. Mr. DiCicco, the Republican, has personally responded to me, as has Governor Christie. I even got a phone call from a Christie staffer responding to one of my letters.

Madden and Moriarty are also among the “Christiecrats” who sold out the public unions on pension and benefit “reform” (why does that now sound like such a dirty word?).

An Open Letter to NJ Assemblyman Paul Moriarty – Has Governor Christie Violated Election Laws?

The Honorable Paul D. Moriarty
NJ State Assemblyman, Legislative District #4
129 Johnson Road
Suite 1
Turnersville, NJ 08012

Dear Mr. Moriarty:

As a citizen and taxpayer in the State of New Jersey, I applaud your recent remarks criticizing Governor Chris Christie for his partisan political rallies, masquerading as “Town Hall” meetings, at taxpayer expense. I am proud to be represented by such a dedicated public servant, looking out for the best interests of the citizens of New Jersey.

You stated:

These are taxpayer-funded events organized and promoted by the taxpayer-funded governor’s office. If the governor sticks to public policy, that’s fine. But if the governor wants to campaign, he must dip into his own wallet.

I agree with you 100%


These so-called “Town Hall” meetings are, in fact, political rallies to benefit the Governor’s political agenda, characterized by:

  • The events are purportedly open to the public, but appear to be planned in stealth and supporters are notified in advance. Public notice is typically two days before the event.
  • It appears the non-supporters have been identified and purged from the Governor’s email list.
  • The events are always held during the day, on a weekday, making it difficult or impossible for working people to attend, and all but ensuring a homogenous pro-Christie crowd.
  • Governor Christie has in the past used the Q&A section of the events to rudely berate constituents who do not agree with him, for the benefit of his taxpayer funded YouTube channel. This practice has recently subsided in favor of Q&A involving what appear to be planted questioners lobbing softballs, again to be promoted on the Governor’s taxpayer-funded YouTube channel.
  • The Governor typically makes a show of referring at least one of the questioners to his Constituent Relations staffer to make the event appear to be non-political.
  • His most recent egregious partisan move at a “town hall” was to conscript a group of students from St. James School in Woodbridge to support passage of the Opportunity Scholarship Act, a proposed school voucher program. The students appeared wearing t-shirts supporting the Act.

In light of the above, and other examples not listed of which you are certainly aware, I respectfully request that you initiate in the Assembly, hearings and investigations of possible violations of the Campaign Contributions and Expenditures Reporting Act, N.J.S.A. 19:44A-1, the Personal Financial Disclosure Act, N.J.S.A. 19:44B-1, and the Legislative and Governmental Processes Activities Disclosure Act, N.J.S.A. 52:13C-18, for the purposes of filing a complaint with the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (“ELEC”) on behalf of the taxpayers of New Jersey.

Thank you for considering this request and your consistent excellent service to your constituents in the 4th Legislative District.

Respectfully Submitted,
Jeffrey R. Pickens

Have You Written to Your Elected Officials Lately?

Well, glad to see Gov. Christie's getting some mileage out of his self-serving videos at taxpayer expense. – promoted by Rosi

Have You Written to Your Elected Officials Lately? I have.

Recently I wrote to the triumvirate who represent my Legislative District, #4: Senator Fred Madden (D), Assemblyman Paul Moriarty (D), Assemblyman Domenick DiCicco Jr (R), along with Washington Twp Mayor Matthew Lyons (D). The subject was the growing number of once-thriving, now vacant, retail properties in the Township (which will be a topic for a future diary).

I received two responses: one from Mayor Lyons, who thanked me for my concerns and suggested that I attend the next planning meeting . The other was from Assemblyman DiCicco, the sole Republican Legislator in my District, who expressed that he shared my concerns, and included the usual Republican boilerplate about making NJ more business-friendly. I believe he was sincere. I am disappointed by the silence form the two Democrats who represent my District, especially Mr. Moriarty, who is a Township resident and former mayor. At least Mr. DiCicco had the decency to respond. Perhaps he is the only one who realizes that he is up for re-election this year, and re-election is not a given.

I also wrote to the Governors office, one sentence:

“When can we expect the Governor to unveil his 2012 budget proposal?”

his reply below

Moriarty does some property tax math

Assemblyman Paul Moriarty, who reps NJ’s Fourth District, posted a list linked to his facebook page with some budget math of the variety Chris Christie doesn’t much want you to focus on.

Moriarty pegs Christie with a $2.76 billion property tax increase falling mainly on middle class and poor folks, while the wealthiest living here get a break. And $2.8 B in lost property tax relief – $1.5B in school aid for this fiscal year and the next, $407 M in municipal aid next fiscal year and $848 M in direct property tax relief now. He calls out the governor on a “massive tax increase” Christie’s budget will cause, and predicts laid-off teachers, police & firefighters, more kids in each classroom and more taxes.

Moriarty breaks the numbers down like this:

  • 468,000 senior homeowners earning less than $100,000 received $1,295 in property tax relief in 2009, but will receive nothing this year under Christie’s plan.

  • 36,000 senior homeowners earning between $100,000 and $150,000 received $763 in 2009, but will receive nothing this year under Christie’s plan.

  • 278,000 non-senior homeowners with incomes below $50,000 received $892 in 2009, but will receive nothing this year under Christie’s plan.

  • 230,000 non-senior homeowners with incomes between $50,000 and $75,000 received $670 in 2009, but will receive nothing this year under Christie’s plan.

  • 108,000 senior tenants with incomes below $100,000 received about $700 in 2009, but will receive nothing this year under Christie’s plan.

    “Lost property tax relief” he calls it. Moriarty:

    Property taxes are the leading concern in our state, yet for working class New Jerseyans, the worst is yet to come under Gov. Christie.