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Did Jersey’s Pre-1973 Abortion Ban Really Kill Women? The Research Says Yes, Absolutely.

New Jersey deaths by the only methods afforded women before legal abortion. Gruesome detail I almost wish I didn’t read. Promoted by Rosi. Cross Posted from Dan Kurz’s Jersey Globe Blog.

The debate over abortion is one of the central issues in American politics. Actually, abortion brings on a set of questions, one often feeding off another to shape opinions and passions. Is a person created at conception? If so, what rights does a fetus have? When, during the course of a pregnancy, is “personhood” reached or achieved? What is the proper role of the state in regulating abortions? If abortions were again banned, what would be the consequences for the women who would surely seek them?

Waiting/forgetting/not knowing which to do

Waiting is painful. Forgetting is painful. But not knowing which to do is the worse kind of suffering. Paulo Coelho

There is too much waiting, forgetting, or not knowing which to do nowadays:

  •  U. S. Senate Sandy legislation: Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid signaled yesterday afternoon that he would try to push ahead with a package to aid Superstorm Sandy victims even as debate continues on revisions to the Senate’s filibuster rules. However, it is not on today’s Senate schedule and may not be taken up until after the rules situation gets resolved. Come on Senators, people are hurting and need the funds.

  •  Undecided Democratic candidates for Governor: The primary is not until June 4, but time has about run out. For example, anyone seeking the Bergen County Democratic Party “line” must notify the committee in three weeks – by Feb 15. Bergen’s nominating convention is on March 5. Senator Barbara Buono has stepped out onto the stage. At this point any bashful candidates hiding behind the curtain should know it is beyond time to come out into the spotlight.

  •  Governor’s decision on raising the minimum wage bill: Christie must either sign, veto, or conditionally veto this legislation by early next week. He has said he opposes the indexing feature which automatically raises future rates based on the CPI. With a veto the legislature should move to put the matter on the ballot. Christie could have announced his decision earlier, but sadly we can expect a depressing press release some evening soon.

  •  Hurricane Sandy NJ Relief Fund: In spite of pledges of $31 million this group has yet to distribute any monies. $1 million has been allocated in its first round of grants, which may go out by mid- February to long-term regional recovery committees, which in turn will then make awards to local agencies. Slow as molasses.

  •  Halfway house reform: The NY Times broke its story about the correctional horrors (particularly at CEC) in June last year. The legislature rushed to hold hearings, and then to Christie’s delight dropped the ball. Whatsup?

  •  Roe v. Wade: This ruling has been trampled on in the last 40 years and awaits a rebirth with strong current popular support, while state legislatures simultaneously passed 135 laws restricting it in 2011 and 2012. The US Supreme Court, legislatures and Christie should take note and rejoin the 21st century.

  •  Federal climate change, immigration, energy and gun safety legislation: Little action so far but they are no-brainers.

    Whether it’s waiting, forgetting, or not knowing which to do, it’s painful.


  • What Do You Mean It’s Not Rape?

    Jeanette Friedman is journalist living in north Jersey. She’s never talked publicly about her rape. – promoted by Rosi

    Cross posted at newjerseynewsroom

    Soul or Pocketbook? You Decide.

    It doesn’t really matter that these men have removed the word “forcible” from this bill. It still changes the meaning of incest, still intimidates private health insurance companies, still pushes church over state and is designed to deprive women of their right to choose.

    Thirty-seven years ago, this very week, there was a snowstorm swirling outside my kitchen window, but my sixth floor apartment was so hot and dry I cracked the window facing the fire escape before I went to bed. It was about 3 a.m., and I had just fallen asleep when I woke up to find a man cutting the wires to the phone on my bedside table. Next thing I knew, I was blindfolded with my bathrobe, and could feel the point of a knife pushing into the top of my scalp. I kept thinking that what was happening couldn’t be happening, and remembered what my cop friends had taught me. “Don’t fight back, give them what they want or they won’t think twice about hurting or killing you.”

    So I did as I was told, and about half-an-hour later, wrapped in a blanket, I went pounding on my neighbors’ doors, begging them to call the cops.  One of my big kitchen knives was laying on the third step of the staircase.

    I was not bruised or battered physically, but I demanded to be taken to a hospital for a rape kit. (I was the editor of my college paper and had access to information most women didn’t have. It was 1973 and women were starting to learn how to take care of themselves because, generally, men proved unequal to the task. Mostly I wanted a massive dose of penicillin, just in case I’d caught something disgusting.)

    The first question these police officers asked me was what I had done to encourage my attacker.  I thought that only happened in movies! I was so furious, I shot back that at 3 a.m., as the snowstorm raged across the city, I had climbed out on the fire escape, and while swinging my panties in the air, had yelled

    Here ’tis, come and get it.


    Loretta Weinberg on Chris Christie: His anti-abortion speech is “crossing the line”

    This morning, Adam posted a dead-on appraisal of the real driving force behind Gov. Chris Christie’s participation in yesterday’s anti-abortion rally organized by NJ Right to Life on the state house steps on the Roe v. Wade anniversary. Senator Loretta Weinberg’s comes at this from a different direction; she’s been engaged weekly, for months, in sponsoring multiple bills  to restore women’s health funding in New Jersey – funding that Gov. Christie removed from the budget. And she now says the Governor has crossed a line with this speech. Here’s what the Senator had to say last night, after Christie’s speech on the state house steps:

    Governor Christie is entitled to his personal beliefs regarding a women’s right to choose.  However, when the Governor of the State of New Jersey espouses those personal beliefs in a public forum with an organization dedicated to overturning women’s health laws and the right to choose, he’s crossing the line from personal values to setting a foundation for public policy.

    The Governor has to recognize that words have consequences.  By taking a hard-right stance on a women’s right to choose, the Governor is putting federal women’s health funds in jeopardy.

    When the Governor vetoed legislation to restore women’s health funding, he said at the time that his motivation was based on fiscal caution.  However, we’ve seen a pattern emerge wherein his personal beliefs are the foundation for his public policy decisions.  The Governor’s participation in the New Jersey Right to Life rally today should eliminate any doubt that this Governor isn’t necessarily acting on fiscally conservative values, but more on socially conservative ones.

    Governor Christie’s conservative politics and values are inconsistent with mainstream New Jersey.  New Jersey taxpayers – particularly women – should send the Governor a message.  He’s entitled to his personal beliefs, but those beliefs shouldn’t jeopardize women’s access to quality health care.

    Thankfully, Roe v. Wade is the law of the land.  The Governor should instead focus on the many problems facing people here in this State, including the increased cost of Medicaid coverage for women who have no other means of accessing basic health care.

    McCain pandering again (?!)

    This just in from AOL News: 

    John McCain, campaigning in South Carolina, says  that Roe v. Wade should be overturned, and has  pledged to appoint Supreme Court judges who will do just that.  (Haven’t we got enough of them already?) 

    That should dash McCain’s hopes of winning the New Jersey primary–no matter which NJ pols are backing him–as long as the word gets out.  Fortunately these days it’s more difficult for politicians to say one thing in South Carolina and another in New Jersey.

    And this guy tries to portray himself as a “moderate”!