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NJ Gaming: Moving the dinosaurs up north

North Jersey gambling fever is growing with Bergen, Hudson and Essex Counties eager to get in the game. Both Gov. Christie and Senate President Sweeney are now open to supporting a ballot issue in this year’s or next year’s general election. But does it make sense?

Promises…promises. Feverish adherents are coyly suggesting that it would bring many new jobs, lots of tax revenue, allocate plenty of financial support to Atlantic City, and draw players from across the Hudson. Maybe, but these are just aspirational goals that might never materialize. Assemblyman Ralph Caputo (D-Essex), Valerie Vainieri Huttle (D-Bergen) and Raj Mukherji (D-Hudson), are proposing resolution ACR300 that would allow a constitutional amendment authorizing the legislature to add up to three casinos in the north. It is not yet available for reading and may not mention the “devil in the details.”

What we do know is that the gaming market in our area is already saturated and declining. In this zero sum game a huge loser would be the already struggling Atlantic City which depends on northern and central Jersey for clients.

Ton-loads of money would be spent on promoting/lobbying gambling in the north, particularly by wealthy would-be owners of such properties, but there would be much less money to spend to oppose the measure. You might think that AC casinos would fight back, but most are owned by much larger conglomerates that might want a piece of the action up north. Certainly the city of AC has no money to oppose it.

One can hardly wait until developers demand grants, loans, tax incentives, etc. Why should our government invest in this game when tax revenues for casinos, internet gambling and the lottery are so disappointing? How about more worthwhile investments in our roads, environment and education?

Assemblyman Caputo said, “If you don’t adapt, you become extinct and you become a dinosaur.” Of course, with casinos already becoming dinosaurs, moving them up north is no solution.  

Joe DiVincenzo should be progressives’ #1 target in 2014

Blue Jersey – especially those from Essex – your thoughts? Promoted by Rosi

Some facts on Essex County:

1. It is the most Democratic County in the state, having delivered victories of 70%+ to every Democratic Presidential candidate in recent memory.

2. It is a minority-majority county, with more Black residents than non-Hispanic White residents.  Presumably, the legions of registered Democrats in the county are even more minority-heavy

3. Essex County has, perhaps, the most entrenched political class in the state, protected by ballot structures which prioritize the Democratic Party’s anointed nominees, and primary election turnout that would make any fan of democracy shed tears.

4.  Essex County is run, administratively and politically, by the cartoonishly corrupt, self-serving, double dipping pay-to-play king Joe DiVincenzo, a man who fancies himself a statewide kingmaker and old school political boss.

DiVinenzo is no liberal.  Nor is he a moderate, or conservative.  Nor is he a non-ideological do-gooder.  DiVincenzo’s ideology is green, green for the inside of his own wallet.  The power structure he oversees prevents legislators who I believe would be at least decent and honest from straying from his power-hungry needs.

Why is it that in a county with a minority-majority, and with multiple cities suffering under the strain of poverty, horrible schools and urban blight, Democratic primary voters continue to let this man run their county?  Corruption in urban areas is often blamed on racial bias by voters, but DiVincenzo is a minority in Essex County, so that ain’t it.

Today, a chance to shake up politics as usual in Essex

Some of the best people I know in NJ politics are running today for Democratic County Committee on the reformer’s line – Go, Line B! – promoted by Rosi

Today’s primary includes a lot of big name races that have garnered statewide attention. But beyond the Rothmans and the Pascrells, the Paynes and the Rices, there’s a campaign going on under the radar in Essex that has the potential to make a difference in how New Jersey politics works.

A slate of 100 reformers are running for Democratic County Committee in Essex this year under the slogan ‘Essex County Independent Democrats’ on Line B. It’s a diverse group from Newark to Millburn, and it includes union members, community leaders, and ordinary citizens. The New Jersey Working Families alliance has been helping coordinate this joint effort between labor unions like CWA, NJEA, and SEIU, local community organizations like the NAACP-Irvington and national progressive groups like MoveOn.org and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee since January.

NJ DraftObama: Dinerside Chats- Watching Obama’s Official Announcement

New Jersey’s Diners & Obama

Event:  Barack Obama’s Official Announcement
Date: Saturday February 10th
Time: 10:00AM EST
Locations: Listed Below

The NJ Draft Obama.org chapter is calling on all progressive supporters to rally behind Senator Barack Obama as he makes his official announcement this coming Saturday morning.  And where better to watch this historical event than a Jersey Diner?that’s right. 

The Diner represents the heart of NJ culture and therefore serves as the best venue for open discussion and a sense of community. These informal settings will allow us to discuss the Barack Obama candidacy, but more importantly organize for the FUTURE.  There will be several events occurring simultaneously across the state in what has been coined, “Dinerside Chats”. 

We hope to see you at one of them this Saturday.  And again, thank you for offering your time and showing your support. 

Dinerside Chat Locations:

State Line Diner
375 State RT 17
Mahwah, NJ 07430
(201) 529-3353

Nevada Diner
293 Broad St
Bloomfield, NJ
(973) 743-9393

VIP Diner
175 SIP Ave
Jersey City, NJ 07306
(201) 792-1400

Reo Diner
392 Amboy Ave
Woodbridge, NJ
(732) 634-9200

Band Wagon Diner
2500 Route 37 E
Toms River, NJ 08753
(732) 270-6400