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Peter Barnes II, open seat in Middlesex

Peter Barnes III (can we call him junior?) is the lead candidate to fill the seat his father will vacate when confirmed for the state Parole Board.

From today’s Home News, Antonia ‘Toni’ Ricigliano considering challenging:

…Antonia Ricigliano, an Edison resident, retired teacher and grandmother of nine, said she is giving the notion of running some serious thought.

“A lot of this started when people approached me, asking me if I would ever consider it,” said Ricigliano, who is in her second year on the Township Council. “I’m listening to their reasons why they think I should run and seriously considering it, but for now, I’m talking to my family about it.

“I’m also putting feelers out there because people can say all they want to you, but whether they’ll really support you is a different story,” she said.

Ricigliano said if she ran, she’d do so because there is a need for more women in New Jersey’s government.

“Even nationally there is a need,” she said. “A woman brings a different perspective to government – I”m not saying it’s a better one than that of a man, but it’s different.”

A member of the Women’s Political Caucus, Ricigliano said a recent “Pelosi Party” held by the organization in honor of Nancy Pelosi, the country’s first female speaker of the House, gave her some inspiration.

“It was wonderful,” Ricigliano said. “There were so many female councilpersons there from several different areas of our state. We had a question and answer conference call with Rush Holt. It was great.”

Ricigliano said she will mull the possibilities over for the next few weeks, being that she has until March 4 to submit a letter of intent to Middlesex County Democratic Organization Chairman Joseph Spicuzzo.

A March 14 county convention will decide the party’s nominees…

I think she might have been on council before her recent term, so it’s her second year of her current term.