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Health Care Reform: Adler on Fox News Sunday sounds like a no vote

John Adler has posted his appearance on Fox News Sunday to discuss health care reform. He appeared today with another “no” vote on the House bill, Jason Altmire (D-PA), who despite representing a district McCain won by 11 points, sounded considerably more positive about the possibility of voting “yes” this time instead of voting to “do nothing.” Both Democrats say they’ve not made a final decision.

The highlights that in my opinion lead to a pretty clear conclusion:

Adler is again on Fox News.

Adler is still saying he needs to “read the bill first” which in this case, since the Senate bill has been available for months, means see the final deal for a reconciliation fix. But can any reconciliation deal truly be final before the House votes on the Senate bill?

Adler keeps talking about the needs of “my businesses” and cost containment, and not at all about the health needs of his residents. Indeed, if you visited from Mars, you would never imagine from the interview that he is elected by citizens rather than selected by business owners.  

He wants to change the fee-for-service system, and isn’t satisfied with the pilot projects in the bill. He wants to “mandate” that the “good pilot projects” (with good patient outcomes that save money) automatically go national. That’s fine, but does it fit in reconciliation, and does a more radical program lose votes with more cautious members? As Wallace says, this was talked about for a year but didn’t get traction. Also, usually reconciliation measures expire after ten years, so how could you wait to see how the pilot projects do and then mandate something for a year or two?

Adler is supposedly “pro-choice” but sits by silently as the “pro-lifers” openly hold the bill hostage. He’s enabling them. If he cared in the slightest, he would at least say something, much less cancel out Stupak’s switched vote personally.

Adler says he’s had good recent conversations with the President and the Speaker, but she is “looking elsewhere” for yes votes.

Do you agree that adds up to a no? It infuriates me but that’s what I see.  

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An abortion litmus test, unless they can self fund

It’s amazing to watch the Republicans twist and turn sometimes in order to get around the stands they take on issues. For the Burlington County GOP, it appears that abortion is only a litmus test when the candidate doesn’t have alot of money:

In case Ocean County does not field a candidate and Runyan becomes the establishment-backed favorite, Murphy thinks being pro-choice will bring the former Eagles tackle down.

“If the scenario unfolds where Jon Runyan faces Justin Murphy for the nomination, I can guarantee you I will be the nominee,” said Murphy.  “I’m not trying to be a trash talker on that. I can tell you why in one word: abortion.  If there is a choice between one pro-choice candidate and one pro-life candidate in this election, the base of the party will support me.”

Burlington County GOP Chairman Bill Layton argued that the abortion issue won’t be a deal breaker with Republican primary voters.

The conservatives aren’t going to like that answer. We’re going to have to remember that abortion isn’t a deal breaker on the right the next time they bring back the litmus test when the candidate isn’t bringing a brinks truck to the campaign. They’ll use life to incite and then try to selectively claim it’s a non issue when the candidate can pay for a few extra mailers. Those are some principles. Somewhere George Gilmore is throwing things right now as he continues to hear Layton make declarations about what the party does and doesn’t need.

Menendez defends woman’s reproductive rights

Senator Bob Menendez shines as he joins Frank Lautenberg and other senators in opposing and defeating Ben Nelson’s abortion amendment to the health care reform bill.

“This amendment would roll back the clock on a woman’s right to choose,” said Menendez. “It unfairly singles women out and takes away benefits they already have. It singles out our daughters and legislates limits on their reproductive health – their reproductive rights. If we were to do the same to men – if we were to single out men’s reproductive health in this legislation – imagine the outcry. Imagine if men were denied access to procedures. Imagine if they were denied access to prescription drugs. But that is exactly what we are doing to our daughters with this amendment – rolling back the hands of time. I personally find that offensive, as do women across this country. The language of this bill has been carefully negotiated to ensure that we are preserving a woman’s right to choose, but doing so without federal funding.  To claim otherwise is hypocritical and misleading.”

The roll call is here. Yea was effectively a vote to kill the amendment.  

Smith called a model of public service

The healthcare debate has allowed Congressman Chris Smith to get a good deal of attention and he now has a new distinction according to catholics.org along with Congressman Bart Stupak for getting their amendment included in the health bill that passed:

It is men and women like Bart Stupak and Chris Smith who are the models of public service for all Catholics and other Christians.

Smith has been pushing the abortion button relentlessly throughout the healthcare debate. For him, the healthcare bill itself has seemed more like an afterthought. Some people have said that the Stupak amendment is a poison pill in the Senate including Rachel Maddow talking about the bill on Meet the Press this past Sunday. There have since been 40 members of the house who have said they will not vote for any bill that contains the Stupak language in the final version:

By late Monday, Democratic Rep. Diana DeGette of Colorado had collected more than 40 signatures from fellow members who vowed they would not vote for a combined House-Senate health care bill if it contains language “that restricts women’s right to choose any further than current law.”

It really is pretty amazing that while Congressman Smith pushed for this during the years that his party held the White House and controlled Congress, it took the Democrats taking control to have him get the results. It still remains to be seen whether the language of the Stupak amendment survives a conference committee, but it has made it this far.

Chris Smith continues having his own healthcare debate

Ah Congressman Chris Smith. He’s doing his best to make sure he stays on the all abortion, all the time message. It’s almost like he’s having his own debate about heatlhcare and it comes complete with his own facts, statistics and theories. Here’s the video and we’ll look at the highlights following:

Redtory thinks the Congressman’s comments and conspiracy theories put the GOP touted death panels in the rear view mirror:

Never mind Sarah Palin’s ridiculous “Death Panels” meme that was flogged to boredom by the mainstream media, sheesh, that’s so last month’s old news. The Democrats’ wimpy, industry prostituted healthcare reforms now grinding through the congressional sausage factory have been re branded as the “Abortion Industry Bailout Bill of 2009” – a heinous piece of legislation according to Congressman Smith that will “cause hundreds of thousands of additional abortions per year” – apparently through a wickedly clever combination of marketing, public subsidies and government funding of mysterious “new venues” (for abortions).

Oh, you may think Rep. Smith is a crackpot, but he confidently asserts he’s got “empirical evidence” on his side verifying that flaunting wads of cash in front of “vulnerable women” who feel they have absolutely “nowhere else to turn” has been proven to “tip the scales” in favour of incentivizing them to expeditiously liquidate their fetuses rather than turning to a local “pregnancy care center.”

Smith has been totally over the top with his rhetoric throughout this debate. This video was just a continuation of the attacks he has offered over the past few months, which he used at the conservative Values Voters Summit recently:

Smith predicted that abortions could rise by as much as one-third because of the massive abortion subsidies and mandates found in HR 3200 and the Kennedy and Baucus bills.

“Never have I been more concerned about the promotion of abortion coming out of the White House,” Smith said. “The unborn child and his or her mother are more at risk now than ever, since Roe v. Wade itself.”

He added that Obama and his administration have been “demonstrably false and extraordinarily misleading” in talking about abortion and the health care bills.

This is becoming common place for Smith to attack and distort the healthcare debate. Smith also said in his video comments that what the Republicans are doing is “healthy disagreement” and the President should stop labeling it as bickering. So using rhetoric like “death panels” and “abortion bailouts” are healthy disagreements? Come on. He made sure to also hit the media mentioning all stations but Fox for not “fairly” covering all sides of the debate as he put it.  

Smith gains more headlines for rhetoric attacking Obama

The Catholic News Service goes with this headline for their story about Congressman Smith:

Obama misled Pope on his abortion agenda, congressman charges

I’m sorry, I missed the introduction of that agenda by the President. Smith is actually talking about the current healthcare debate going on in Congress. We’ll let the headline go because the news service needed to get the remarks of Congressman Smith to give them the opportunity to come up with the headline.:

In remarks on the House floor last week, Congressman Chris Smith argued that President Obama purposely misled Pope Benedict XVI when he said that he “wants to reduce abortion” at their July 10 meeting.

Smith recalled the president’s statement to the Pope and pointed out that Obama has repeated it several times to different audiences.  And yet, Smith charged, Obama?s actions have not aligned with his words.  “He says one thing and does precisely the opposite.”

Smith is using the latest talking point for why we can’t have healthcare reform, that is actually meant to promote more abortions and he made sure that people were clear in what he means:

Rep. Smith concluded his remarks by encouraging his fellow congressmen to vote against the health care bill and insisting that “[t]here will be children who will die if this legislation becomes law simply because the subsidies are there to effectuate their deaths.”

And in their call for the Pro-Life movement to go to a Condition Red Alert, the National Right to Life communications blog cited the Congressman:

As Congressman Chris Smith has said regarding the stealth abortion agenda, “This is the big one!”

So by the Congressman’s logic, anyone who wants to get healthcare coverage to people is secretly trying to advance the “stealth abortion agenda.” I really thought we were trying to get people healthcare coverage. I’m so naive.  Thanks for educating me on that one Congressman Smith.  These latest comments are actually a continuation of Smith’s attacks on the President. But Smith still wasn’t done.  He sent this press release out the other day continuing the rhetoric and scare tactics warning against any compromise on healthcare at all:

“Just as Americans are beginning to more fully appreciate and more fully understand the colossal threat posed by Obamacare to the culture of life including a massive expansion of abortion and rationing for the sick and frail elderly, some in Congress are now trying to cobble together a phony “compromise” on abortion mandates, and abortion funding,” the congressman began. “While we have yet to see the language, please beware.”

See it doesn’t really matter whether the President talks about the economy, healthcare or stem cell research, Smith turns it into an attack over abortion to fit his own agenda.  

“Cherry Hill will be Christie Country!!!”

Promoted by Jason Springer: Chris Christie was in Cherry Hill today and Jay Lassiter, who dubbed himself the official welcome wagon head cheerleader was there to say hello.

Chris Christie and I crossed paths today at my local Jersey diner.  Thankfully the encounter did not happen in the men’s room.

P.S.  Kim Guadagno was there too.  She was pretty smooth with the crowd and and came off appealing.  (just saying……)

Smith continues to attack Obama over Abortion

Back in March when the President lifted the the federal ban on Embryonic stem cell research, Congressman Chris Smith appeared everywhere they would give him a microphone to talk about abortion. He’s moved on from the talk shows to the floor of the United States Congress where he delivered this masterpiece:

“Mr. Obama is on his way to becoming the abortion president. Virtually everything he’s done through executive order and through appointments and through other policies promote the killing of unborn children and the wounding of their mothers.”

And in case the words aren’t enough, here’s the video:

And this statement was after the murder of Dr. Tiller. How does this rhetoric promote their cause and advance the debate? So much for trying to find a common ground and reduce the number of unplanned pregnancies and abortions. Chris Smith would rather lob rhetorical bombs apparently. Maybe it’s just meant to stoke the flames of a certain segment of people. But if you’re so pro-life and need to use rhetoric, why not condemn people trying to take the life of others because they don’t agree with what they do, which is by the way legal under the law of the land.