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Chris Christie’s Absence In NJ 8th Congressional Race

Edited to include a link to johnleesandiego’s vivid 10/15 account of the Straten Town Hall meeting he mentions – and – wow, Bret Schundler appearing with Straten sounds like a big deal to me. – promoted by Rosi

With nary a fortnight until the critical midterm election the biggest man in Republican politics seems absent in the race for New Jersey’s 8th Congressional District. But Bret Schundler will be there.

The 8th congressional district spans portions of Passaic and Essex Counties and included communities a braod sprectrum of communities including Montclair, Wayne, Paterson, and Nutley. The district is currently represented by Democrat William Pascrell Jr who is seeking his eighth term in office. His Republican challenger is small business owner Roland Straten.

After attending an eye-opening Town Hall meeting sponsored by the Straten campaign (where same-sex marriage was viewed as a threat to national security and the false claim of illegal immigrants beheading people in Arizona was made) I attempted to find out more about Straten and came away with more questions that answers.

Later this week the Straten campaign is scheduled to hold an event with “special guest Bret Schundler”. Schundler as you may recall is the former education chieft who left his position after the Christie adminitration flushed $400 million of federal education funding down the crapper. Its a pretty fair assumption that Christie and Schundler are not going to exchange Christmas cards this year.

So my questions are, if Christie, whose popularity in the GOP is only dwarfed by dancing sensation Bristol Palin, is the biggest man in conservative politics, why do we see someone he fired stumping for Straten? Does Christie view the 8th District as unwinnable? Or is Christie aware of the racially charged views of other “special guests” of the Straten campaign? (Of course Christie may have made a statement somewhere along the way but with Bristol stealing all the headlines maybe I missed them)

NJ Congressional Candidate Roland Straten’s Nutley Townhall: It’s All About “Them”

Police detectives talking God and socialism and traditional marriage … firefighters talking Ground Zero Victory Mosque … “Sand Flea” talk from the audience   … Um Wow. – promoted by Rosi

Roland Straten held a Town Hall Meeting on homeland security in Nutley NJ Tuesday night October 12 in his campaign to unseat incumbent William Pascrell Junior as Congressman from New Jersey’s 8th Congressional District. The evening revealed more about his supporters than the candidate.

The candidate spoke briefly, touching on his background as a business owner and his belief that people are in a better position to make choices than government. Straten’s campaign uses the mantras of “Less Government” and “Lower Taxes” which seemed okay, but his choice of guest speakers provided irony to the evening. Both speakers have worked their entire lives on the public payroll.

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Democrats Putting Haledon First

Thanks for writing, Mayor. Promoted from the diaries by Rosi

Earlier this week I was proud to stand with Congressman Bill Pascrell to highlight more than $5 million dollars being spent in Haledon from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to modernize our sewers, improve our infrastructure, and make Haledon’s water supply cleaner.

The Manchester Utilities Authority began receiving monthly installments of a $3.7 million sub-grant from the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund. The fund is part of the federal stimulus package distributed through the state Department of Environmental Protection and will ensure the water quality is high in Haledon. It was a great day for Haledon and another great step forward for our community.  

As the Mayor of Haledon over the last 4 years we have seen many improvements.  We’ve taken an outside the box approach to solving problems, responsibly dealing with our budget, and an eye towards always putting the residents of Haledon first.  I am proud to announce the launching of my new campaign website – www.DomenickStampone.com – for the upcoming June Primary campaign.  This site will serve as a hub of information, resources, and updates from the campaign trail as we continue our goal of improving Haledon.      

So much for that “pledge”, eh, Rep. Pascrell?

It wasn’t too long ago that we asked the Blue Jersey community to thank Reps. Pascrell, Holt, Payne and Sires for taking a stand on the “non-negotiable” public option.

So it was both puzzling and disheartening to read this yesterday:

Amid fresh signs that the White House is preparing to back a scaled-down health care overhaul that would only include a public insurance option as a fallback plan, several House liberals told Roll Call that they could support such a bill depending on how it was structured.

The “trigger” approach has been considered a deal-killer by liberals on and off Capitol Hill, and the willingness of some Congressional Progressive Caucus members to entertain it reflects a recognition that a bruising August recess has imperiled prospects for reform and redrawn expectations for what is possible.

“This is a way to get a bill,” Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-N.J.) said. “I believe it’s worth listening to because I want legislation that is going to, in some shape or form, expand coverage and bring down the cost of health care.”

Let’s put it bluntly – single payer was taken off the table before negotiations even started.  And now, the public option, which is the damn compromise is now being compromised?  Before reconciliation even occurs?  A “trigger” will not work.  There will either be too low of a bar in order to avoid the “trigger”, too many millions will STILL be out of luck when it comes to coverage, and there is no reason to think that the “trigger” can’t be compromised away for some other crap like a “co-op”.  

Please call Rep. Pascrell’s office and ask for clarification as to why he was standing so strong for a REAL compromise bill a few short weeks ago but is now willing to back what will be a very costly failure in the name of “passing something”:

Here is the contact form on his House website, and his phone numbers are below:

Washington, DC (202) 225-5751

Paterson (Main District Office) (973) 523-5152

Bloomfield (973) 680-1361

Passaic (973) 472-4510

When we started the series on the Public Option Whip here at Blue Jersey, we stopped after Rep. Pallone since four out of the five Reps. that “took the pledge” represented districts that we didn’t get to yet.  But now, in looking back, maybe we should have – given that one of these four is already wavering.

Why would you keep taking things off the table before even getting to the table?

See Ya Martha

PoliticsNJ is reporting that State Senator Martha Bark will not seek re-election to her seat in the 8th Legislative District.  This decision comes as no suprise as she has faced a series of ethics charges and has been under investigation for a no-show job.

There has been speculation as to whether either of the current Assemblymen would get the seat, and PoliticsNJ says that possible candidates include Burlington GOP County Chairman Michael Warner and Medford Mayor Scott Rudder.

I’ll have more on the 8th later in the better know a district segment.