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Republican Congress, New Jersey Gets Screwed

The Tax Foundation issued its latest report [pdf] of how the states fare in sending tax dollars to the federal government and then getting that money back.  It turns out that under the Republican Congress New Jersey has been getting screwed.

  • In 1994, the last year of a Democratic Congress, New Jersey got 69 cents on the dollar from the federal government.  After ten years of almost unbroken Republican control of Congress, New Jersey is now getting 55 cents on the dollar.  That’s a 20 percent drop in relative funding.

    Oh, and the 55 cents on the dollar figure is the worst in the nation.

  • In 1994, the last year of a Democratic Congress, New Jerseyans paid 133 percent of the national per capita average in federal taxes.  Ten years of Republican control of Congress means we pay 144 percent.
  • Compounding the insult of forcing us to pay a larger share of federal taxes than most people in other states, the last ten years have seen a precipitous drop in our percentage of the federal budget coming to NJ.

    Back in 1994, the per capita spending on New Jersey’s residents was 91 percent of the national average.  After ten years of Republican control, we now get 78 percent of the national average.

It’s fair that New Jersey is a donor state, because we are wealthier than most.  We were a donor state under a Demcoratic Congress, and we are a donor state under a Republican Congress.  But under Republicans we are sending more and getting less than ever before!

Don’t let those Republicans tell you they are reducing our tax burden and helping us to keep more of our money in our pockets.

The fact is that when we used to send money to the federal government we got 20 percent more back than we do today, and that is thanks to a Republican Congress.  This results in New Jersey’s income and property taxes rising to pay for roads, schools, environmental controls, port security, etc.

Republicans talk a good game about how we should elect Tom Kean Jr. and Mike Ferguson and the like because they will cut taxes for us, but that is just a smokescreen.  We may save a few bucks in the long run, but the commensurate reduction in services is not worth the cost.

All We Want, Mr. Ferguson, Is An Up or Down Vote on Plan B

Congressman Ferguson’s office continues to refuse to answer questions regarding the over the counter sale of Plan B, the emergency contraceptive.  Now, instead of answering a different question they are saying they don’t comment unless issues come up before the house.  From kwilkinson:

No position forthcoming.  He’ll only say something if it comes up in front of the House, which it won’t, because it’s being held up indefinitely by the FDA politicos, according to Marcus.

This is pretty selective, and intended to avoid answering direct questions from his constituents.  It’s also based upon a pretty big falsehood.  See, contrary to what Marcus said there is a bill in front of the House regarding Plan B and the FDA.  Ferguson’s people just don’t want you to know it.

H. R. 4229 [pdf] is sponsored by Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY14) and has 61 cosponsors.  Here’s the summary:

To require the Commissioner of Food and Drugs to determine whether to allow the marketing of Plan B as a prescription drug for women 15 years of age or younger and a nonprescription drug for women 16 years of age or older, and for other purposes.

This bill, which goes directly to the question Ferguson’s staff refuses to asnwer, was referred on February 17, 2006 to the “Subcommittee on Health” which is part of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Congressman Mike Ferguson sits on the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Congressman Mike Ferguson sits on the House Subcommittee on Health.

One of two things happened in that call regarding Plan B: either Ferguson’s office intentionally lied to a constituent regarding bills and issues pending in front of a committee Ferguson sits on, or Ferguson’s office is unaware of the bills and issues pending in front of a committee Ferguson sits on.  They are lying or incompetent.

Wanna Know Why Republican’s Lose in NJ?

Here’s why, from Inside Edge:

Michael Vaccaro, the Bergen County Republican Organization webmaster, alleges that opponents of GOP County Chairman Guy Talarico have shut down the BCRO website, bergengop.org. Vaccaro says that the passwords have been changed so that the current party leadership can no longer update their website. The site is registered to Mark Vogel, a Republican operative who is supporting a slate of candidates running against the organization.

More on this circular firing squad from earlier this week.

Too Busy Crying to Move Forward

Believe it or not, I have friends (even family) who are Republican.  Yes, we tend to disagree on many thing, but we’ve learned over time to be respectful of each other and agree to disagree.  Because there is a level of respect to begin with, we are able to give and take on issues when we debate them.

Ah, the gentlemanly art of politics!

Unfortunately, contemporary politics have become more about slash-and-burn, take-no-prisoners, with-me-or-against-me whining.  If you can’t deal with someone’s stance on the issue, don’t bother trying to educate yourself and the public as to what is wrong with it, simply lob grenades at them.  If all else fails, run to the courts and cry foul.

That’s what is wrong with Democrats at the national level and Republicans at the state level.  Perhaps it comes with being a slight minority and not having the creativity to make up the slack. 

Republican Corruption, New Jersey Style

It always starts with the small things, and grows up to be Tom DeLay and Jack Abramoff:

The day Somerset County Sheriff Frank Provenzano was officially sworn in to serve his first term in January 2002, he stopped by a local dry cleaner and dropped off seven shirts, four pairs of pants and two suits.

The bill came to $34.85. County taxpayers picked up the tab.

Since then, Provenzano has racked up $3,981 in laundry bills at taxpayer expense by routinely submitting his dry cleaning receipts for reimbursement through the sheriff’s office petty cash account, according to an analysis by The Star-Ledger. …

Between the 2002 swearing-in ceremony and November, when expenses were last submitted, Provenzano had 797 shirts, 232 pairs of pants, 84 sweaters, 54 uniforms, 47 suits, 28 jackets, 27 pairs of jeans and five ties cleaned with taxpayer funds.

Provenzano also had a pair of socks cleaned at a cost of $1.95 as well as a few winter coats, scarves, a vest and a pair of shorts. Provenzano receives $106,740 a year as sheriff in addition to his monthly $5,750 pension from his June 2001 retirement after 33 years as a Bridgewater Police Department officer.

The guy makes $175,740 a year and is too cheap to pay for his own freaking dry-cleaning.  Welcome to the “ethical” New Jersey Republican Party.

NJGOP Is Chicken!

Todd Riffle is the Director of Communications for the New Jersey Republicans, and he is the guy who posts the NJGOP press releases on PoliticsNJ.com.  One of the options you have when you post releases is to turn on or off the ability of visitors to comment on your release.

On December 7, Mr. Riffle posted a release about a former Bob Menendez staffer who had been indicted after leaving his employ.  Riffle left the comments open, and so HobokenMidget decided to comment about Mr. Riffle’s past as an indicted political operative.

A Republican operative working for ex-Assembly Speaker Garabed “Chuck” Haytaian’s failed comeback bid earlier this year has been indicted on charges stemming from opposition research work he did during the campaign and could face jail time.

Todd A. Riffle, 32, a former aide to Gov. Christine Todd Whitman and a staffer on several statewide GOP campaigns, was indicted on October 2 and charged with unlawfully obtaining and/or disclosing personal information from a motor vehicle record and false-swearing.

Both charges are fourth degree offenses, meaning that Riffle faces up to eighteen months in prison and a maximum fine of $10,000 if he is convicted, according to John Haggerty, a spokesman for the Division of Criminal Justice.

It takes some pretty big chutzpah to blast a guy for having a former staffer who got indicted when you yourself were indicted in the past.  Plus, how can the Republicans seriously talk about cleaning up ethics in Trenton if they are hiring a guy like this for their spokesman?

But the kicker is he then posted releases on Dec. 15, Jan. 18 and Jan. 19 each of which had commenting turned off. After getting called out for his hypocricy in the comments, Riffle decided that his best course of action was to stop leaving the comments open when he posted press releases! 

How chicken can you get?