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US Senate newspaper endorsements

So far, at least nine papers have published endorsements in the Democratic US Senate primary, and at least seven have endorsed in the Republican primary.

Paper Democratic Republican
Jersey Journal Andrews
Courier Post (Cherry Hill) Andrews Zimmer
New York Times Lautenberg Zimmer
Star Ledger Andrews Zimmer
Philadelphia Inquirer Andrews Zimmer
Gloucester County Times Andrews
Bergen Record Lautenberg Zimmer
Herald News (Passaic County) Lautenberg Zimmer
Daily Record (Morris County) Andrews Pennacchio

If you know of any endorsements that we’re missing, post them in the comments and we’ll add them to the table.

Who is Michael Wildes? Cid Wilson? Ken Zisa (Kenny won’t be difficult)

I will assume that for most readers of bluejersey very little need (needs to) be said about Ken Zisa. What follows is a basic introduction to Englewood Mayor Michael Wildes and Cid D. Wilson of Leonia.

To speak of Wildes I must talk about Englewood’s historical mayoral election this past November. I keep using the word historical a lot. But this is just the nature of the monumentally epic District 37. To his credit, I can say that Michael Wildes is not shy about his ambitions. He has his eyes on the New Jersey Legislature. These are all merely  stepping stones to his march (I guess) to Washington. Just take a look at the following website:

Michael Wildes for Congress

I guess one must respect Michael for fantasizing to be more than just the Mayor of Englewood. After all, he is no longer ‘boy wonder’ and must be painfully conscious of the looming and dreaded ‘has been’ status. He has goals and a vision for his future. We must all have goals and a vision for our future. For further reading I will include some memorable bits  that Englewoodians enjoyed during the Wildes v. Stern matchup.
To be fair, I must include a link to Dr. Stern’s website.

Bob Stern for Mayor 

For those of you looking for a multimedia experience, try the following links:

Meet the Real Michael Wildes 

Inside the Mind of Michael Wildes 

and one more…

Vote Against Scare Tactics 

As far as Mr. Wilson is concerned, I will have to confess that as a Latin American Democrat, I do not know what to make of Mr. Wilson and his decision to add his name to that of Kenny and Michael. I will provide some links with basic biographical information on Mr. Wilson. I do not know anything about his politics. But I will say that he has a most impressive resume. And were his name not attached to that of Zisa and Wildes, I would have to be very impressed by a Dominican-American Latin American success story. But the fact that he has lent his name to complete the Ferriero-crat Triumvirate tears me to pieces.