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Snapshot: Bonnie Watson Coleman at SOTU

This imperfect snapshot of a perfect moment.

Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-NJ), sworn into office exactly two weeks ago, greeted by the President of the United States at the State of the Union. Not for nothing, but first black president and first black woman we ever sent to Congress from NJ. Thanks to BWC’s chief of staff James Gee for texting it just now.


For what BWC had to say about tonight’s SOTU, jump to the jump page.  

President Barack Obama 2011 State of the Union Address

The White House is trying something new. This is a live stream of President Obama’s State of the Union address, but the new wrinkle is charts, graphs and new info tied to whatever part of the speech he’s in. Pretty cool.

We’ll also have a live blog – join us, and let us know what’s on your mind. If you’re watching/reading the SoTU on this feed (and not tv) you might want to open the Live Blog in another tab.

Later tonight, 2 posts: State of the Union live stream and live blog

Who’s going to an SoTU watch party?  Let us know in comments where you’ll be, and what you’re anticipating for tonight. Then please join us just before 9 when two posts will go up:

Later tonight, just before President Obama strides into the joint session of Congress to deliver his State of the Union address, we’re going to put up two posts.

State of the Union Live Stream with “Enhanced” Bonus Info

The White House is doing something different this year, an “enhanced” live stream of the speech – more on this here – with charts, graphs and other info popping up to further illustrate what the president is saying at that moment.

Live-blogging the State of the Union

If you’re listening/watching the president’s speech in our live stream post, open a second tab to participate in our live blog, so the president’s words continue uninterrupted. We’d love to know what’s on your mind.  

Do Presidents love New Jersey or New York?

Thanks to this week’s Non-State of the Union address, I found the site Speechwars.com. It lets you count how often any word has been used in State of the Union addresses. Presidents have said “liberty” 322 times, “economy” 799 times. “War” beats out “peace” 2757 to 1851.  

Naturally I immediately compared New Jersey to New York, to see who gets more Presidential love:

SOTU: New Jersey vs. New York

We lose and it isn’t even close: 144-11. Woodrow Wilson (1919) was the last President to mention us, but every President after Kennedy went for New York.  Jersey was also acknowledged by Washington, Lincoln, Arthur, Cleveland, McKinley,and Taft too. But of course, New York has New York City too, so maybe we’d do better against Pennsylvania:

SOTU: New Jersey vs. Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania also crushed us, 40-11. But at least New Jersey must be more important than our last neighor. Delaware has never had a President or more than three electoral votes:

SOTU: Jersey vs. Delaware

Ouch: 25-11. No wonder so many New Jerseyans have a chip on their shoulder.  

Statements on Obama’s Speech

Bob Menendez:

“President Obama is exactly the kind of leader we need in the face of our nation’s significant challenges. What we heard tonight was a president who makes it his responsibility to talk straight with the American people and who has a vision for how we can renew the American Dream for the 21st Century.

“These are the toughest times many have ever faced, with millions of families in my home state of New Jersey and all across the country worried for their financial security. They want their government focused on solutions, not political theater. That is why, whether we agree or disagree on certain policies, it is our responsibility to work together to take action that makes a difference in people’s lives.

“President Obama has laid the foundation for a comprehensive response, addressing each of our current challenges and rebuilding a nation that can be stronger than ever. I stand ready to continue working with him to bring about badly-needed change in our economic situation and to create a 21st Century economy befitting of our great nation.”

Steve Rothman:

“This evening President Obama outlined his comprehensive plan to address both the economic and fiscal crises that are gripping our country. The President’s plans are clear and reasonable. He is determined to get our country moving again and in a much better direction. I share his confidence in the American people and our ability to overcome all the challenges that face us. America’s best days are ahead.”

Rush Holt is very specific in his statement:

“The President has demonstrated again – as he did during the debate over the economic recovery bill – that we cannot have long-term economic growth without investing in science research.

“The President also showed that he recognizes that we can’t fix our economy if we don’t fix the health care system.  As it is now, our health care system adds needless costs, inequality, and inefficiency that hobbles our economy.  My guest tonight in the House gallery – Dr. Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, President of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation – understands this as well as anyone, rightfully calling for comprehensive health reform to cover the uninsured, improve the quality of care, focus on prevention, and bring spending under control.”

Will update when I get more.  Wonder what the Republicans will say.