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Republican National Committee Fundraises With Statutory Rape Joke

So the Republican National Committee decided they were going to be funny for Valentine’s Day and put out pretend romantic cards with Democratic politicians’ faces on them.

One of these cards is with US Senator from NJ Bob Menendez, who faced anonymous and now discredited (twice) accusations of sleeping with underaged prostitutes.

So what does the GOP do?  This:

Always classy, the RNC decided to fundraise off statutory rape with a joke.  And they wonder why their influence is shrinking.

It also explains why they were so determined to block the Violence Against Women Act.

Soooo, What’s Your Prediction?

Pretty much everything that can be done to win has been done to win with the exception of GOTV.  If you can, you should be doing GOTV even if it’s just from your home.  Make a call.  And if a Romney or Kyrillos supporter is reading this post, you should be doing the same.  

But the other fun thing to do in the closing hours — we’ll probably know the outcome in the next 36 hours — is to throw out your predictions for the world to see.  Blue Jersey is offering a grand prize of 10,000 points for the person who comes closest to the POTUS popular and electoral votes, as well as the percentages for Bob Menendez and Joe Kyrillos.

Here’s a good tool you can use called 270 to Win to prove out your POTUS guesses.

You can also do down-ballot campaigns if you like.  

Here’s my official attempt at the 10,000 point award

Obama Popular: 51  percent

Romney Popular: 47 percent

Obama Electoral College: 300 (Obama takes 1 from NE)

Romney Electoral College: 238

Menendez: 56 percent

Kyrillos: 42 percent

Put yours in the comments.