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“A new day dawns on Bergen County”

Sen. Bob Menendez, who now lives in the county, stated the above at the swearing in ceremony of James J. Tedesco as County Executive. Joan Voss, incoming Freeholder Chairwoman, exclaimed, “What a wonderful way to begin 2015.” The ceremony started with the colors, bagpipes and drums with further remarks from Sen. Cory Booker, Rep. Bill Pascrell, re-elected Sheriff Michael Saudino (a Republican) and State Senate President Steve Sweeney. The Bergen Community College theater had an overflow audience including Sen. Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg and many other state legislators, local mayors, and councilmen (including Republicans) as well as John Currie state Democratic chair and Lou Stellato, county Democratic chair.

Jim Tedesco, a former councilman, mayor, freeholder and always a fireman set a high tone. Echoing Abraham Lincoln he said, “I have pledged to preside over a government of the people, by the people and for the people… It is my contract with the residents that good government will never yield to politics, that solutions will always trump ideology, and the voices of democracy will be heard… The doors of my administration are open to you.” The Oath of Office was administered by former governor and current State Senator Dick Codey who had performed the same task for Tedesco twice before.  

November 4, 2014: Looking Back & Recapping

In the U. S. elections last week Republicans took control of the U. S. Senate with 7 new seats and as of now have a lead of 52 to 46 with two undecided. In the House of Representatives Republicans, already in the majority, have gained 12 seats to lead 244 to 184 with 7 undecided. In gubernatorial races, where Christie spent so much time, Republicans gained net 3 seats with 2 still undecided.  

In New Jersey we note in congressional races low Democratic turn out, an exciting victory in CD 12, heartbreak in CD 3 and 5, the winners all being those who raised the most money, independent funders spending big in CD 3 but not so much elsewhere, the departure of a highly respected congressman in CD 12, mixed quality of public polls, all incumbents winning, and the congressional delegation balance remaining unchanged at six R’s and six D’s. Both Public Questions passed. Voting by mail has increased from 10,000 in 2003 to 139,000 in the most recent report for 2013.

Also worth noting is the resurgence of county Democrats in Bergen, which has the state’s largest number of registered voters and whose Dem. Party Chair Lou Stellato is being wooed by potential gubernatorial candidates. Jim Tedesco (D) defeated long-time politician Kathe Donovan (R) to become the B. C. Executive. Current Freeholder Board Chair David Ganz (D) was re-elected as was Joan Voss (D), allowing the Board to remain in control of Democrats.    

U. S. Senate

With a bulging bankroll and a win in the 2012 Special Election, no Dem (big or small) wanted to take on Cory Booker (D) in the Senate primary. A Republican called Jeff Bell, who loves the Gold Standard (ended in 1933) and had not resided in NJ the past 30 years, defeated someone called Richard Pezzullo by 5,000 votes to become the challenger. Bell has since returned to obscurity while Booker continues on as a celebrity. (997,000 to 763,000)

For brief comments on the 12 congressional races go below the fold.

Saturday Rally for Dems in Ridgewood

promoted by Rosi

Victory Rally

U.S. Senator Cory Booker

Roy Cho for Congress

Jim Tedesco for County Executive

David Ganz and Joan Voss for Freeholder

When: Saturday, November 1 at 4:00 pm

Where: Van Neste Square in Downtown Ridgewood

(East Ridgewood Avenue and Oak Street)*

Refreshments to Follow at

Roy Cho for Congress Headquarters

257 East Ridgewood Avenue, Rear

Ridgewood, NJ

Bring Your Friends and Family

Music and Refreshments

*In the event of rain, the rally will take place at

Roy Cho Headquarters.


It’s All About Cereal: Tedesco vs. Donovan (Cont’d)

Yesterday’s Blue Jersey “cereal” article pointed out that in the Bergen County race for County Executive Democrat James Tedesco brings change and strengths to the job with broad-based experience and support from key elected officials and unions. The incumbent Republican Kathleen Donovan, however, is no pushover. She is a fixture in Bergen politics and has heavy-hitter supporters. She has also created enemies and controversies which hound her. There are good reasons to vote for Tedesco as well as the two Democratic Freeholders running for re-election.  

Protect Collective Bargaining

Citing a strong belief in the principal of collective bargaining and protecting workers’ rights, Bergen County Assembly members Valerie Vainieri Huttle(D- 37), Gordon Johnson(D- 37), Joan Voss(D- 38) and Connie Wagner(D-38) released the following joint statement:

“We were dismayed to learn that this Monday the Assembly Budget Committee will be hearing a bill which will forever alter the way of life of NJ’s low-income and middle class workers.”

“Through our careers as elected officials we have stood up for those that cannot fight for themselves and for the constituents we represent.  This is one of those times where we will stand together to protect our low-income and middle class families from a burden that should not be placed on their backs.”


Fun with Redistricting Redux: Keeping Hawthorne in LD35

The Blue Jersey community was very excited to read this week that our very own, Jeff Gardner, has made his electoral intentions official and opened up a legislative campaign account.  Ever since John Girgenti voted against marriage equality and set in motion a process that was kicked into high gear when Jeff’s slate of County Committee candidates defeated Girgenti’s last June, enabling Jeff to become Hawthorne’s Municipal Chair, I have thought about how redistricting might impact Jeff’s chances of running for and winning a State Assembly or State Senate seat in 2011.

There has been a lot of talk about John Girgenti’s future with regards to redistricting, primarily because he was a loyalist of Governor/Senator Richard Codey’s when the Steve Adubato/George Norcross axis of corruption staged their takeover of the Democratic leadership in Trenton.  As a result, neither Jeff nor Girgenti have any advocates for keeping their otherwise Republican-leaning town of Hawthorne in the very Democratic (thanks to Paterson) 35th LD on the legislative redistricting commission.  I could be wrong, but I think that if there is anything that Jeff and Girgenti agree on, is that it is in their best electoral interest for Hawthorne to stay in LD35.

But without any advocates on the LRC, the only thing that might help them keep Hawthorne in LD35 is a compelling argument that serves the agendas of some of the commission’s members.  There are two members of the LRC in particular whose agendas have become quite clear over the last year.

District 38 Dems Fall in Line

It was unanimous! What a surprise. 

Joe Ferriero had a “private conversation” with Joan Voss on Saturday.  And once again, all became right with the world on Sunday, and the planets all lined up for Joe Ferriero.  Bergen County Committee members of the 38th LD unanimously coronated – I mean nominated  – Bob Gordon to run in place of Joe Coniglio and current Freeholder Connie Wagner to run for Gordon’s seat.

Joe Ferriero predicted which Dem would win, and gosh darnit, he’s like the Great Criswell, wouldn’t you know it – he picked correctly.  How DOES he do it?  It’s doggone AMAZING! Thank God those County Committee folks in the 38th didn’t have to worry their silly little heads over such a thing as a choice of candidates.  Uncle Joe made it easy for them – just like he always does.  Bless his heart!

And so, Uncle Joe protected the State Senate and Senatorial Courtesy from the clutches of another (dare I say it? – WOMAN).  Whew!  The Bergen Boys were getting pretty worried they were losing their touch.  Now all they have to do is wait till Ken Zisa’s bad karma rubs off and they’ll replace Connie with Ken.  Or, they’ll trot him out to replace another fallen male State Senator in the near future.  Why waste Ken on an Assembly seat?  Promises are promises.  And Joe (almost) always gets his man. 

Will Corruption Send Three More Democratic Women to the Legislature?

UPDATE: PoliticsNJ is reporting that indeed, a South Orange woman – Bd. of Ed. Member, Mila Jasey – has locked up the seat in the 27th District. 1 down; 2 to go.

UPDATE #2: My 35th District sources were right: Meet Assemblywoman Elease Evans. That’s 2 down; 1 to go.

When Democratic Committees in the 35th, 38th and 27th Districts meet this weekend and next week to choose replacements for the Assembly seats vacated by Alfred Steele and Mims Hackett, and a new candidate for the Senate race abandoned by Joe Coniglio, they’ll have the opportunity to increase the number of Democratic women in the New Jersey legislature by three, further narrowing the gender gap there, and further demonstrating the diversity of the NJ Democratic party compared to the Republicans.

Proving there can be a silver lining to any cloud, we’re already seeing both Sharpe James’s and Wayne Bryant’s seats about to go to women – the inspiring Senators-to-be Dana Redd and Teresa Ruiz. Maybe we’ve finally found the cure to women’s underrepresentation in New Jersey politics: indict the men.

My predictions, and other musings, on the flip…

38th – Better Know A District

The 38th district is one of 15 districts that are completely within one county.  Thirteen towns:  Fort Lee, Hasbrouck Heights, Ridgefield, Fair Lawn, Teterboro, Paramus, Lodi, Little Ferry, Saddle Brook, Cliffside Park, Edgewater, Elmwood Park and South Hackensack are all in Bergen County. 

Senator Joe Coniglio (Paramus), Assemblyman Bob Gordon (Fair Lawn) and Assemblywoman Joan Voss (Fort Lee) represent the district in Trenton.  These three legislators come from the three largest towns in the district.