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Election Results

The AP’s compilation of  New Jersey results is here.  CNN has the same NJ data here.

At this moment (9:14PM), the Republicans lead in all three battleground districts. However, we only have Ocean County (NJ3) and Monmouth County (NJ6/NJ12) results plus a bit from Hunterdon (NJ12).  These are Republican strongholds and the results are consistent with the Monmouth University pre-election polls: Runyan eads 59-37 in the Ocean County votes and led 54-37 in the poll. Runyan looks likely to win, but it’s too soon to call.  DeStefano only got 2% in Ocean County so he’s not draining Runyan’s support.  I’m nervous about Holt but he was expected to do badly in Monmouth.  

Update: Holt (NJ12) and Pallone (NJ6) both win.  Right now they are 51%-48% and 55%-44% respectively but not all districts are in.

QoTD#2: Voter Anger

In this morning’s News Roundup, we had a link to a Press of Atlantic City piece about voter anger, speculating who might be the winners and losers of that 2010 cycle phenomenon.

So, today’s second Quote of the Day – and perspective – is from the NJ-6 incumbent, the only Dem staring down a well-financed Tea Party candidate in New Jersey today. Via politickernj:

There’s a lot of anger this year,” he said, although misdirected. “I just wish that the Tea Party anger would be directed at the special interests…that I think caused these problems.

                                  – Rep. Frank Pallone, in Red Bank today

Christie calls Pallone “the sponsor of Obamacare”

The Cook Report has shifted NJ-6 from Solid Democrat to Likely Democrat, as Frank Pallone’s lead on Tea Party approved Republican Anna Little dropped from 12 points to 7 with a week to go.

Now comes Chris Christie hard-charging for Pallone, calling him “the sponsor of Obamacare”. Obamacare being pure dogwhistle pitched to get people who may be without health care coverage themselves to agitate against what may be their own best interests. Yet another signal that Chris Christie’s take on New Jersey is temporary.

With this ad, Christie allies himself with the shriekers, screamers and name-callers of last summer’s Town Halls on health care reform. With this ad, he chooses a Tea Party candidate to pump, defusing some of the lingering resentment from the uber-right that Christie isn’t ‘conservative’ enough, that Steve Lonegan was better.

Most importantly, Christie becomes a huckster for the national stink bomb that is the far-right’s gross distortion of health care reform; not that it’s problematic because it doesn’t go far enough or fast enough, but for them that it dares to tie any responsibility or requirement at all to insurance companies making vast sums. Worse, with New Jersey having the 9th-largest number of uninsured people in America, quite a few of those 1.2 million living in Middlesex, Monmouth, Somerset & Union counties that comprise NJ’s 6th congressional district, we now have a Governor huckstering for the right-wing on their national issues – not his state issues – flying around the country doing favors for Republicans he can collect on later, and screwing up just about everything at home. Good plan!

Historic Health Care Reform

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It’s been a little over 24 hours since the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act went into effect.  Now, we have real reform that lowers costs, holds insurance companies accountable and guarantees more choice for consumers. Together, we fought against and beat back powerful special interests and partisan extremists to deliver real results and meaningful reform for Central Jersey’s middle-class families.  Not only were we able to ensure that this reform would be deficit neutral, it will even lower the debt by slowing the growth rate of health care costs.  And this was all done in an effort to bring about better, more-accessible, high-quality health care for all.

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All the Tea Party Ladies, All the Tea Party Ladies

CNN (see the Breaking News banner) has called the Delaware Senate Primary for Tea Party candidate Christine O’Donnell.

All the Tea Party Ladies – Sarah Palin of Alaska formerly of Alaska, who stumped for O’Donnell. O’Donnell from Delaware. Anna Little from New Jersey. And Sharron Angle from Nevada, riding into Jersey tomorrow to campaign for Little. ‘Tea Party-Approved’ Anna Little is the Highlands Mayor who won a primary against better-funded establishment candidate Diane Gooch. And that makes her the GOP nominee opposing long-time NJ-6 Congressman Frank Pallone, charging at him from the far-rightiest right.

And tomorrow – perfect Tea Party Lady timing –  Little has one of the biggest names in the Tea Party universe coming to campaign with her: Sharron Angle. You have to think Little and Angle are both going to have a contact high from O’Donnell’s Tea Party win  thisclose to NJ-6. And Little, way less famous than Harry Reid’s GOP challenger, will get her chance to stand next to the woman Rachel Maddow calls crazy lady Sharron Angle, the Nevada curiosity who famously runs from reporters at her own press conference.

Christie v. Palin – Also interesting, the stakes – now the losing stakes – for our own Gov. Chris Christie, who trucked his GOP wattage down to Delaware a few days ago in an early lending of his popularity to another state’s candidate (a rehearsal for Iowa). He chose the loser; the more moderate Rep. Mike Castle, who was seeking to move up to more rarified congressional air.

In fact, our friend Darryl R. Isherwood wisely pegged the Castle-O’Donnell matchup as really a contest of bigger names: Christie v. Palin. Tonight: good night for Palin. Christie, not so much. Weird day tomorrow in NJ-6.

Tomorrow: Little and Angle are both hot for more off-shore oil drilling (yes, really). They oppose a woman’s right to choose and want a full repeal of national health care. So, don’t be surprised if you’re driving by the Copper Canyon Restaurant in Atlantic Highlands, where Little & Angle will be tomorrow around 12:45pm and you see labor folks, environmentalists, health care folks, women’s rights advocates. You could stop your car and join them, actually.  

100 Days

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It’s been a busy 100 days for us in Congress.  From reining in Wall Street excesses with comprehensive financial regulation reform to protecting and creating American jobs, we are working hard to fulfill the mandate given to President Obama and Congressional Democrats back in November of 2008. But the next 100 days promise to be even busier.

In Congress, we have been fighting back against the constant obstructions of the Republican minority.  Instead of coming to the table with new ideas to get the American people to work, the GOP is still more interested in scoring cheap political points.  Whether it’s arguing for repeal of health care reform that will help protect America’s families, apologizing to BP for Democrats’ efforts to hold them accountable for their actions in the Gulf, or denying a crucial extension of unemployment benefits for nearly three million American workers, it’s clear that Republicans are more interested in fighting for corporate interests than the interests of the American people.  

Despite this obstructionism, we have made some important progress.  The most obvious example is the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.  The White House blog conveniently lays out ten parts of the financial regulation package you may not be aware of, such as prohibiting mortgage brokers from selling unaffordable mortgages simply to make higher commissions, providing consumers with free credit reports, and putting an end to the “too big to fail” mentality by preventing financial institutions from growing to such a point that their collapse would trigger much wider economic collapse.  

The financial regulation reform package will prevent the excesses of Wall Street and big banks that led to the financial meltdown in 2008 and protect consumers from confusing and deceitful financial service products.  We established an independent Consumer Financial Protection Bureau with a mission of protecting common people from excessive interest rate hikes, misleading financial products, and the leveraged risk of packaged securities that resulted in the loss of people’s savings.  

Pallone: This is Franklin Roosevelt vs. Herbert Hoover.

Frank Pallone & Jim Dean at DFA Training
Frank Pallone & DFA Chair Jim Dean

I had a call last night from Congressman Frank Pallone to talk about the concession by GOP NJ-6 candidate Diane Gooch to “Tea Party-approved” Highlands Mayor Anna Little. I had a few questions for him, and he had a few answers (emphasis is mine):

Question: Are you now running against the candidate you wanted to run against all along?

Frank Pallone: Doesn’t matter to me. Either way, the I have to run on my record and they’ll make me the issue. The main thing is that it’s going to be a clear divide on the issues. She’s certainly a right-winger and it will be the biggest divide. She (Anna Little) ran as the Tea Party candidate, with the Tea Party’s positions, on women’s right to choose, on guns. But it’s also about the role of the federal government.

Question: How do you see Little on the federal government?

Frank Pallone: Well, I want to talk a little about activist government vs. limited government. Government should not do everything. But when we’re in a recession – in tough times – that’s not when the government should sit back and do less. We need to help out.

This is Franklin Roosevelt versus Herbert Hoover. When you’ve got recession, it’s not the time for the federal government to say, Let’s let everything go. The Recovery Act, the stimulus, efforts to create jobs, creating safety nets for people; federal government can make a difference for people, but she’s against that. And people are going to know who they’re choosing based on those issues.

Question: Diane Gooch was the candidate the GOP establishment wanted, but she wasn’t the candidate who had support on the ground. How does this fact speak to you about the power of grassroots organizing?

Frank Pallone: You know, the right wing thinks they’ll get the the people out and do well. They think that they’re the ones who have the grassroots support. I think it’s important  for progressives to  to understand that it’s important right now to get involved – knock on doors, volunteer, talk to friends.

The Right is of the opinion that they’re organized. And they think that we’re not.

That’s a cautionary last statement, isn’t it? I want to add here that Rep. Pallone will be a Speaker & Mentor at the Democracy for America national Campaign Training next Saturday June 26. We put that Training in Ocean County because that is where Chris Christie slammed Jon Corzine, whose Campaign Chair was Rep. Pallone.(Full disclosure: Jeff Gardner & I are both organizers of that Training.)  

Tea Party victory in NJ-6

UPDATE: Diane Gooch has conceded. – Rosi

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Diane Gooch –  rich, connected, and blond –  was supposed to stroll easily to the GOP nomination for the chance to run against Frank Pallone in NJ-6. But Highlands Mayor Anna Little, “Tea Party-approved”, had other plans and her campaign had more life, more visible signage, and way more ferocity.

And now they might have their win. politickernj is reporting that Diane Gooch – after a provisional ballot count shows her 84 votes behind – is prepared to concede.