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Sequoia and Essex County – the outrage continues

Why did Essex County this week approve emergency funds to pay Sequoia Pacific an additional $120,000 to remedy a problem Sequoia itself caused by failing to meet contractual obligations?

This is a question Essex County’s adhoc Task Force on Voting has been asking itself all day. The Task Force began the struggle against the purchase of Sequoia Advantage DRE voting machines a full year ago.

After succeeding in delaying approval of the county’s contract with Sequoia from May 2005 through November (cynics may wish to note the contract was approved at the first Freeholder meeting after election day), the fight seemed lost.

Essex County, Brick Twp expected to pass Domestic Partner benefits

Essex County may soon becomes the ninth county to pass domestic partner benefits:

In a surprise policy directive during his annual State of the County address last night, Essex County Executive Joseph DiVincenzo Jr. proposed extending pension and health benefits to the domestic partners of county employees.

DiVincenzo’s proposal is not expected to face opposition in Essex, with several freeholders pledging their support for the resolution. Freeholder Vice President Patricia Sebold called it absolutely the correct thing to do.

Inspired by Laurel Hester, Brick Township will likely become the second municipality in Ocean County to grant the benefits:

“I don’t think anybody’s going to have a problem with it,” Township Council Vice President Stephen C. Acropolis said after Mayor Joseph C. Scarpelli proposed the resolution at the Jan. 24 council meeting. “It’s very good.”

“It appears the council will approve it,” Scarpelli said. “I think it’s going to make people’s lives better.”

The catalyst for this public policy change can be found in Point Pleasant resident Lt. Laurel Hester.